Heavy-Gauge Protection, Light Price: Liberty’s New Gun Cabinets – SHOT Show 2020

Liberty’s new gun cabinets are made from heavy 14-gauge steel.

Liberty Safe is well-known for their gun safes, which offer theft protection as well as fire protection. The thing is, safes aren’t the right choice for everyone. Maybe you move house frequently, or maybe safes are beyond your price range. Liberty’s new heavy-gauge gun cabinets may be the right choice.

The top shelves are steel (not plastic) and can be set at any height.

There are many gun cabinets out there, but most are fabricated from lightweight steel, something like 18-gauge steel or thinner. Lightweight sounds good when you’re loading the moving van, but it’s not so great when someone wants to break into it.

These locks are beefy.

Liberty is using much heavier 14-gauge steel for their new cabinets. It’s much harder to pry open and will keep your guns safer. There’s also a beam reinforcing the middle of the door.

There’s a beam reinforcing the center of the door from top to bottom.

The lock also uses a cruciform key with four sheer lines. This sort of lock is much harder to pick than a simple key with one set of teeth. Turning the lock drops a bar behind the lock and also slides two bars at the top and bottom of the door.

Cruciform keys are tougher to pick.

The heavier steel is nice, but Liberty’s cabinets stand out from other cabinets in their amenities as well. The barrel rests are upholstered and flat on top (unlike some that slope and can’t hold anything). The cabinets include a steel shelf, as opposed to some that are plastic. Both the shelf and the barrel rests can be set at any height, which is also not usual.

The lock bars are also 14-gauge steel.

Gun cabinets are good for helping you stay organized, keep guns out of the reach of children, and helps keep them secure against theft. They are far better storage than keeping your guns in soft cases where rust can fester. They don’t protect against fire damage, but the price may be just right.

The barrel rests are upholstered and can be set at any height.

Liberty’s 14-gauge steel gun cabinets will be available in May 2020. They come in 8, 12, and 16-gun sizes. Liberty couldn’t give us a price but it should be substantially less than a traditional safe. Keep an eye on LibertySafe.com for upcoming details.

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