We Like Shooting Show: ‘That’s not in California?’

The We Like Shooting show is a hilarious panel discussion about safety, guns, gear and gadgets and the issues that affect responsible shooters everywhere.

Welcome to the We Like Shooting show, Episode 80 – Welcome to the We Like Shooting show, Episode 80 – This week we’ll talk about the redneck obliterator, walther ppx, big horn arms actions, smith & wesson shield, laser ammo and Iconic Industries.

Our guest this episode is New York based Matthew Mallory. Matt is an Army vet, NY peace officer, instructor, training counselor, RSO and NRA life member. He is running an even called Top Shots at Orange County Choppers. Check the show notes for more information. We speak with him about his history, instructing principles, shooting, Ney York’s crazy laws, the civil air patrol and bees.

Savage regales us with the story of the “Redneck Obliterator”. Which is a bunch of SKS’s hooked into a frame that spins and pulls the triggers, resulting in basically an SKS gatlin gun. Looks crazy!

Leaving no feathers unruffled, Aaron compares the look of the Walther PPX pistol to a hi-point and there is some lively debate. Author’s note, he’s right, it actually does. None of this actually speaks to the quality of the firearm though, it’s just a visual similarity as far as we know.

Lil clues in our listeners to Big Horn Arms rifle actions. They are high quality and used by many serious long range shooters. We were all wowed and awed until she mentioned that just the action is $1250!

There seems to be a bunch of love for the Smith & Wesson Shield in 9mm, so Shawn picked one up to see what the fuss was about. Having fired his friends Shields many times, he likes the gun, but has concerns about the trigger and the extended mag usability. The SSA Plan B might correct that though.

Matt talks about Laser Ammo and it’s effectiveness as a training aid. This is a small laser cartridge that fits in your gun regardless of which caliber. Cool stuff and Aaron has talked about them many times in the past.

In Lil’s Livefire Lounge, she brings up the sad news story of the 55 year old woman that was adjusting her bra holster, had a negligent discharge and died. Sad story and a reminder to always follow the 4 rules.

Savage takes us to crazy town when he talks about the ATF’s proposed ban of m855/green tip ammunition, cheaper than dirt’s continued dirty pricing practices, a National Reciprocity bill and the insanity in New Jersey that left a 72 year old school teacher behind bars for a flintlock pistol.

Join in on the fun and hear the whole thing and more at http://welikeshootingpodcast.com/080

About the author: S.H. Blannelberry is the News Editor of GunsAmerica.

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