Magpul Waterproof Carry Bags Rock – SHOT Show 2016

In addition to expanding their core line of magazines, adding new stocks, handguards and other firearm accessories, plus taking on the challenge of setting up shop in Texas and Wyoming, Magpul has been growing their lifestyle product line. Magpul, as part of their new “Core” brand, which now includes a fresh line of T-shirts, leather goods and tactical gloves, has added the new DAKA series of tactical…pouches.

A great pouch.

Magpul’s DAKA pouch.  

The Daka series of pouches is creating a lot buzz around the SHOT Show floor.  Offered in three sizes (small, medium and large) the pouches are made of reinforced polymer fabric with permanent, impenetrable seals. They use genuine YKK AquaGuard zippers to keep water out or stop leaking contents from making a mess. They are 100 percent water resistant and completely submersible.

The zippers are fit with 550 paracord lanyards wrapped in heat shrink tubing for an enhanced grip. The surface is smooth to the touch yet made of a non-slip polymer. All DAKA pouches come with carabiner attachment points for flexibility and portability.

They are durable all-purpose pouches that Magpul put into production because they needed pouches at their shops — so now they’re in the pouch business, too. These pouches can be used to store anything from guns and ammo to tools and even electronics. Prices are $16 for the small pouch, $23 for the medium and $26.95 for the large pouch. They will be available in mid-February.

While the bags are mostly plain on the outside, tan with Magpul debossed on the side, they sport a series of dot matrix marker spots for people to label their DAKA pouches however they like, The small pouch measures 6 inches by 9 inches, the medium 7 inches by 12 inches and the large is 9 inches by 13 inches and are available directly from Magpul now.

magpul gloves

Core gloves range from lightweight range gloves to hard-use hand protection.

magpul gloves (2)

Leather Ranch and Fight gloves are also available.

The tactical gloves are durable and high quality designed for a wide range of needs. For the shooter who prefers to wear gloves when at the range, the lightweight Technical gloves will get the job done. For extreme situations, the Core FR Breach gloves are the most protective hard-use gloves in the Magpul lineup.

Currently there are six different styles of gloves ranging from $39 to $119. Synthetic gloves are all available now and the leather Ranch gloves will follow shortly. Magpul plans to offer the gloves with a wide range of color options later this year.

magpul tee shirts

Magpul tees are now part of the Core lineup.

Magpul has also updated its apparel lineup with new t-shirts up. The t-shirts are available now and are priced based on fabric weight. Fine cotton shirts are $23, megablend cotton is $25 and superweight cotton is $27.

Judging by what Magpul unveiled this week, it is safe to say that there will be more exciting and innovative new products coming from them for years to come.

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  • Jack Webre February 21, 2016, 8:28 pm

    Magpul new carry bags are ridiculously overpriced. You can do the same with Glade freezer bags or vacuum seal bags.

  • Lucas January 21, 2016, 9:34 am

    Soooo….are the pouches submersible, or not? The article says, “They are 100 percent water resistant and completely submersible,” yet, the Magpul man says, “as close to waterproof as possible, not really submersible…” These pouches seem pretty neat! The price points are reasonable, I guess..

    • buh January 21, 2016, 2:51 pm

      I am a whitewater kayaker and use dry bags from NRS ( Northwest river supply)
      they roll up easily and 100% dry and durable. and come in all different sizes. I have one I put my AR in when on multiday Recreational kayaking trips, works great
      I would not trust a zipper to be waterproof, they never are. maybe ok when out in rain, but I wouldnt submerse it.

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