Magpul Announcing Dovetail Adapters for Tripod Mounts

Magpul is announcing a new target product that is going to make a lot of hunters and long-range shooters happy, the Dovetail Adapter set. These are a trio of tripod adapters for M-Lok handguards and forends. The adapter plates are compatible with RRS- and ARCA-pattern interfaces.

Magpul’s adapters come in 2-slot, 4-slot and full-length options, all with a black finish. The mounts are machined and hard-anodized aluminum with beveled edges to reduce snag and improve comfort.

The plate slides on and locks in place. It’s dehorned for comfort outside of shooting from a tripod. (Photo: Magpul)

The adapter plates have integral recoil lugs that ensure a tight and reliable lockup between the gun and the tripod that won’t shoot loose even with light rifles and hot, long-range cartridges.

The plates come in small, medium and large. (Photo: Magpul)

Also, the 4-slot and full-length rail Dovetail Adapters are optimized for use with Magpul’s Pro 700 chassis, and have a slot for the front action screw for the stock and receiver. That makes these adapters and Magpul’s stock a perfect pairing for tripod shooters.

By using heavy-duty bipods and tripods shooters can extend their range, especially over rough terrain. With these adapters shooters can secure a direct, consistent and repeatable mount that doesn’t add weight or complexity to their setup.

The Dovetail Adapters range from $44 to $74 at MSRP. In-store and online pricing is sure to be less. With these adapters Magpul is showing that not only are they innovative and dedicated to every type of shooter, they’re also leading the pack when it comes to the M-Lok accessory ecosystem.

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Magpul introduced M-Lok a few years ago in an increasingly busy market. The negative space mounting system had a lot of competition, especially from the open-source KeyMod system. Military testing proved it to offer real advantages over other systems, particularly when it came to mounting optics and other precision accessories, and like that, it became the most popular system on the market.

M-Lok handguards are almost standard when it comes to AR-pattern rifles and bolt-action shooters are adopting them just as fast. That’s partially due to Magpul’s direct support in making Remington 700 and Ruger American chassis which of course accept M-Lok accessories.

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