MasterPiece Arms Giving the CZ 455 the Treatment with BA Chassis

The new MPA BA CZ-455 Chassis. (Photo: MPA)

MasterPeice Arms is now taking orders for their new MPA BA rifle chassis for CZ 455 rifles. The company teased the new chassis at this year’s SHOT Show and is following through in good time.

The CZ 455 is CZ’s popular and well-established bolt-action rimfire rifle series. The 455 is known for good out-of-the-box accuracy and the BA chassis takes it to the next level.

The BA CZ-455 Chassis is CNC-machined from 6061 alloy aluminum and adds an adjustable buttstock, recoil pad, cheek riser, pistol grip and monopod. The chassis is modular and accepts Picatinny rails on the forend.

The chassis includes an easy-to-see level to correct for rifle cant. (Photo: MPA)

MasterPiece Arms put the BA CZ-455 Chassis into development thanks to the outpour of customer demand.
“You called us, you emailed us, you wanted it and we listened,” said MasterPiece Arms president Phil Cashin. “We’re happy to say the MPA BA CZ-455 Chassis is here. We take pride in our handcrafted American built rifles and to us the CZ-455 chassis isn’t just another chassis, it’s a painstakingly created work of art. It’s a masterpiece.”

The complete chassis weighs just under 3 pounds making it a solid all-purpose upgrade for many CZ 455 shooters. Whether it’s for competition, bench-rest-shooting or small-scale long range shooting the MPA BA CZ-455 Chassis takes the humble rimfire CZ rifle to new heights.

MasterPiece Arms is taking orders for CZ-455 Chassis now. Each chassis is made to-order with delivery expected between six to 10 weeks. What will really surprise customers is the chassis’ low price. MasterPiece is pricing the BA CZ-455 Chassis at just $649.

The cheek riser is adjustable in addition to the stock and length of pull. The chassis adds a forward mount for night vision and other accessories and it provides a wide range of bipod mounting options. It also has multiple quick-detach sling points for use in the field.

The chassis with barreled action at this year’s SHOT Show. (Photo: MPA)

The chassis is tailor-made for different CZ barrel profiles. (Photo: MPA)

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Because the chassis are made to-order MasterPeice Arms also makes them to suit specific CZ profiles. CZ offers a variety of 455 rifles from light field rifles to heavy bench models.

The CZ 455 has been around for years but lately CZ has been producing it in a wide spectrum of patterns. The 455 is available in both left- and right-handed versions, in .22 Long Rifle,.22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire and .17 Hornady Magnum Rimfire.

The MPA CZ-455 Chassis is offered with a black, burnt bronze, flat dark earth, gunmetal, marine red or tungsten Cerakote finish. MasterPiece Arms also offers custom finishes for an extra $135.

This is a great move for MasterPiece Arms and win for CZ. Together shooters can build a low-cost, high-precision rimfire rifle with a solid feature set.

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