McMillan MC3 Tradition Stock – Perfect Hunting Stock?

McMillan Fiberglass Stock with Remington .270 with Nightforce Scope

When you are going to build a new hunting rifle one of the first things you must decide on is a stock. You want something that is going to be comfortable, light, durable, stylish and the most important, it performs the way you want.

The Mc3 stock by Mcmillan should be a top choice for your next weapon build. The Tradition by Mc3 for Remington 700 BDL models is constructed of a glass filled proprietary polymer. Made to accommodate sporter/magnum barrel contours.

Specs as follows: average weight of 47 ounces, 30.75 length, length of pull 13.5 inches and forend width 1.75 inches.

Made from 100% Xenolite Composite material for unmatched rigidity and stiffness. It is available in OD green and tan, or a full spectrum of McMillan’s paint shop for an additional cost.

This stock is molded to fit Sporter/Magnum Barrel contours and is available in Short Action and Long Action. It is also designed to fit all Remington 700 footprint actions including Defiance, Bighorn, Seekins Precision, Kelby, Stiller, Lone Peak, and Tuebor.

To test this stock MC3 provided me with a .270 Remington action with the Nightforce NX8 2.5-20×50 F1. A Triggertech trigger was also on this gun. The trigger was very smooth and allowed clean consistent shots for minimal human error on the results.

The NX8 was very simple to use and dial in for sighting in the rifle in four shots. Pulling the gun out of the case and setting it on the sandbags the stock feels very comfortable. I have bigger hands which in most cases I have to watch how my finger falls on the trigger. This was not the case with this stock. I found myself having a comfortable, stable, and correct grip every time.

MC3 Grip

 On the forend of the stock, is a McMillan Picatinny rail (Upgrade) for easy bipod mounting if you so choose. It can be taken off and had a swivel attached for sling attachment. (figure 2) and (figure 3)

(figure 2) Picatinny Rail
(figure 3) Picatinny Rail

The barrel had no muzzle brake which allowed me to feel the full recoil and really assess the stock. The buttpad is rubber and was comfortable. If you shoot 21 rounds through any gun at the bench most of the time you can feel it in your shoulder. This was not the case . Yes, it’s a .270 but in all honesty, my shoulder was not sore at all. I feel very confident in giving this credit to the Mc3 Stock. It didn’t have any weird vibrations and allowed comfortable firm precise grips every single shot. (figure 4)

(figure 4) Rearview of Stock

First up was the Federal Premium 140grain Berger Hybrid. Shot a 3 round group at 100yards and it had a group of 1.091 MOA. (figure 5) Next was the Hornady Superformance 140grain SST. It had a 3 shot group of .775 MOA at 100 yards.(figure 6) The last was the Sig Sauer Elite Hunter Tipped 140grain Controlled Expansion tip which had the best group of .451 MOA at 100 yards. (figure 7)

(figure 5) Federal
(figure 6) Hornady
(figure 7) Sig Sauer

The MC3 Tradition is definitely is a top choice of mine when switching or building a gun. Finding a stock that is comfortable in many shooting positions and types of shooting is important and it fits those requirements well.

This stock fits in my saddle scabbard on my horse, for trips into the backcountry which is a big deal for me. Whatever your use give the MC3 Tradition by McMillan a look.

MSRP $269

Visit MC3 Stocks for more information.

About the author: Cody Johns is an avid outdoorsman, shooter, hunter, and backcountry snowmobiler.

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