MGM’s ‘Hexalloy’ Target System Takes a Beating and Keeps on Dinging

Law enforcement and competitors alike have trusted MGM for reliable, rugged target systems.

MGM is the largest portable target maker in the world for a reason: they pay attention to the little things and, as their company slogan says, “leave nothing to chance.”

Their dedication to detail over the last 25 years has earned the trust of law enforcement professionals and competitive shooters alike, and it’s easy to see why after checking out their “hexalloy” target system at this year’s NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits.

The target’s distinctive hexagon shape offers up to 13 percent more target area than a round plate of the same size, and each target is made from premium AR500 steel. But that’s not what separates MGM from its competitors.

This design, the TAC BCCZ target face with armor plate post and tube base, can be used for both close and long-range practice.

We spoke with the company’s marketing director, Jeff Hoskinson, who explained that the combination of “movement and down angles” allows MGM targets to withstand high-caliber beatings while maintaining shooter safety.

MGM engineers design their targets with lots of movement, both in the base and where the plate connects to the stand. This ensures that the entire system absorbs the bullet’s energy rather than the plate alone.

Neither the base nor the plate attachment is a flush fit.

Which allows the system to “give” and absorb the bullet’s energy.

“People ask me, ‘Why isn’t it flush?’” Hoskinson told us, referring to the wobble in the base. “The give keeps the kinetic energy from transferring into the target.”

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The display target marked two hits from 80 yards, one from a 338 Lapua and the other from a 22-250. Neither had inflicted any discernable damage, and the plate’s down-angle had kept shooters safe even within what some consider an unsafe distance for rifle rounds.

Neither bullet pocked the steel at all, even from close range.

Hoskinson also told us that the display plate had sustained continuous fire from a machine gun, which had pocked the target slightly, but only because the automatic fire had pinned the plate to the stand. This kept the target from moving and absorbing the rifle rounds, but the plate still appeared to be more than useable.

Along with their man-sized targets, MGM also offers their hexagon targets in a variety of sizes, which can be attached to their TAC post and base.

MGM offers a variety of target sizes for a variety of training and recreational purposes.

Check out their full line of recreation, competition, and law enforcement targets

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