Modernizing Your Lever Action with Ranger Point Precision and Form Stocks

Top: Henry X decked out with Ranger Point Precision Handguard, Modlite Weapon Light, and Leupold LCO. The Marlin Dark (bottom) is using a Form Adjustable Stock, a bunch of Ranger Point Precision Accessories, and the new Leupold Patrol 6HD 1-6 scope.

In close quarters and with capable hands,  a lever-action rifle can be nearly as fast as a semi-auto. It’s one of the reasons that many Alaskan guides love lever actions as backups for Grizzly and Brown bears. 

While urban predators don’t have the teeth or the raw strength of Alaskan predators, they can be cunning and come in larger numbers. The ability to engage multiple targets quickly or one target multiple times with effective firepower could be the difference between life and death.

Most people don’t think of lever actions when they consider modern self-defense rifles mostly because they were the military, law enforcement, and civilian choice of the late 1800s. The libtards aren’t as threatened by them and you can still own them in places like New York.  By design, they weren’t originally made to mount optics, lights, lasers, or suppressors. Turns out that, with a few modifications, they work fantastic for all of that.

This article will focus on modernizing Henry and Marlin lever-action rifles using parts from Ranger Point Precision (RPP). Certainly, the purists will be offended by some of what is done, which is precisely the reason that we’re using a Marlin Dark in 45-70 and a Henry X .357 Magnum. I personally couldn’t do this to a walnut-stocked original rifle. Please remember that for this article we’re focused on utilitarian usefulness rather than nostalgia. 

The Henry X to be fair is pretty darn good right out of the box and could be used for much of this the way it ships. It even has a small Picatinny rail and an MLOK slot in the polymer forend for accessories. The Henry X ships with a 17.5-inch barrel, which is literally my only criticism of the gun. I wish it were 16 inches or just barely longer than the tubular magazine, but that’s my opinion. Velocity isn’t my main concern if shooting a .357 rifle and the 25 fps you gain isn’t worth the extra inch and a half of overall length, especially if you’re wanting to suppress it. 

Henry X is shown with the original plastic handguard below it.

While the 1895 Marlin Dark is no longer in production due to Remington’s bankruptcy, there are still thousands of 1895 Marlin’s or similar models on the used market. Also, keep in mind that Ruger bought Marlin and just recently announced the new 1895 Marlin in 45-70. I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before you can purchase one of Marlin’s most iconic firearms new again. 

Ranger Point Precision is a family-owned company from Texas that specializes in aftermarket accessories for lever-action rifles. They also make accessories for Rossi.

Accessory #1: The Ranger Point Precision Aluminum M-LOK Handguard.

Available for both the Henry and the Marlin, the MLOK handguard allows you to place M-LOK accessories or Picatinny anywhere on the handguard so that you can easily mount lights, lasers, bipods, hand stops, or other accessories on the handguard.

The Ranger Point Precision handguard. Green on top and gray on the bottom.

It’s lightweight, well machined, and attractive. The aluminum handguard is available in black, gray, and green.

There are QD sling swivel holes on the sides and bottom.
Mounting a flashlight, bipod, or hand stop is as easy as it is on an AR-15.
There are M-LOK on the sides and bottom.

There are videos and instructions online showing how to install, but it’s not difficult. Do a Google search and you’ll find lots of install videos.

The Handguard Rail MSRP is $169.

Click HERE for the Marlin M-LOK Ranger Point Precision Handguard

Click HERE for the Henry M-LOK Ranger Point Precision Handguard

Accessory # 2: The Form Adjustable Cheekpiece buttstock.

Available for the Marlin or the Henry, this buttstock is a work of art. The adjustable cheekpiece adjusts simply by pushing the button on the side of the stock. The cheekpiece adjusts super smoothly and it’s one of the best adjustable cheekpieces I’ve ever seen on any type of rifle. I should mention that for me the cheekpiece, even for irons, needs to be up ⅜ of an inch. 

Toolless adjustment. Just push the button and you can micro-adjust your cheek weld to be perfect for any iron sights or optic.
It’s very stable and sturdy even in the highest position.
It comes with a nice kick pad installed that helps with recoil.

The stock is made in England by Form Riflestocks and is hand-finished. To be clear, this is a laminate wood stock. There are a number of beautiful colors available and a few different shapes. Matching forends are also available. My impressions are that it is a quality stock. I love how it looks, but more importantly, it gives me a perfect cheek weld.

MSRP is around $300 depending on the exchange rate.

Click HERE to visit Form Rifle Stocks

Accessory #3: Rangerpoint Precision Quick Lever Takedown Screw.

This accessory has lots of options at Ranger Point (colors and styles). It replaces your lever screw so that you can remove the lever by hand without tools. If you’ve ever had a lever-action malfunction, you know that you basically have to break it down. This allows you to remove the lever and bolt without any tools for cleaning, maintenance, or a dreaded lever malfunction.

The screw has an O ring to prevent it from backing out.

MSRP $29

Click HERE to see the Henry Lever Quick Takedown Screw

Click HERE to see the Marlin Lever Quick Takedown Screw

Accessory #4: Marlin safety delete.

This is a Marlin-only accessory that is quite easy to do. RangerPoint sends you everything you need to remove and replace the ugly and useless cross-bolt safety. No more running the risk of having it accidentally be on when you are in an emergency situation. It also looks way better without it. The Henry doesn’t need it because it doesn’t come with a safety from the factory.

The Marlin factory cross-bolt safety.
Deleted cross-bolt safety.

MSRP $24

Click HERE to see the Marlin Safety Delete

Accessory #5: Quick Detach Butt Stock Takedown Scews.

It’s a screw that replaces the factory screw holding your stock on. It’s well knurled and has a slot that should fit any coin. You remove it and your stock slips right off for transport, storage, concealment, etc. It takes me less than 30 seconds to remove the stock or replace it. There’s no disadvantage to doing it. I don’t notice the screw in my hand when I grip the rifle like I thought I would. The rifles zero also shouldn’t be affected by this takedown method.

The Marlin 45-70 taken down with the Quick Detach Takedown screw and ready to go into a backpack, suitcase, saddlebag, etc.

MSRP $40

Click HERE to see the Henry Quick Takedown Screw

Click HERE to see the Marlin Quick Takedown Screw

Accessory #6: M-LOK 45-70 Cartridge Quiver.

This ammo quiver will attach to any M-LOK attachment point. It’s deburred and well-machined aluminum without any sharp points. It will hold your ammo in place, even with substantial recoil. It uses proprietary O-ring retention to keep the cartridges in place.

RPP M-LOK Quiver’s are available for most cartridges chambered in lever actions.

MSRP $60

Click HERE to see the 45-70 Cartridge Quiver

Accessory #7: Marlin Loading Gate

The first time I tried pushing cartridges into the tubular magazine on the stock Marlin, a large shaving of brass peeled off each cartridge. It was overly tight, had sharp edges, and was difficult to load. The RPP Loading gate made a huge difference in the effort required to load it. It has substantially less spring tension and superior geometry. It’s not difficult to install and makes loading smoother, faster, easier, and doesn’t beat up your cartridges as badly. It comes in green, gold, silver (pictured), and black.

MSRP $40

Click HERE to see the Marlin Loading Gate

Accessory #8: Hammer Spur Extension

RPP makes this for both the Marlin and the Henry. If you’re going to run a scope, there’s a good chance it will hang over the hammer and make the hammer difficult to access. RPP’s Hammer Spur Extension is attractive, low profile, and provides enough texture to safely manipulate your hammer.

MSRP $25

Click HERE to see the Marlin Hammer Spur Extension

Click HERE to see the Henry Hammer Spur Extension

Accessory #9: Marlin Trigger.

My Marlin’s factory trigger was heavy, gritty, and long. I dropped in an RPP trigger and it still isn’t match rifle awesome, but it’s substantially better. The RPP Marlin trigger is wider and flatter. I prefer how it feels. It also dropped the trigger pull weight by several pounds and is now just under 4 pounds and smoother. It’s definitely an improvement. If your Marlin trigger has the famous flop, it will also eliminate that. It’s still not quite as good as the stock Henry trigger, but it’s close.

MSRP $99

Click HERE to see the RPP Marlin Trigger

Ranger Point Precision has more accessories not mentioned here in this article, including sights, scope mounts, levers, and they have parts and accessories for more makes and models than we covered here. I’ve been very impressed with everything I’ve seen that they make and look forward to testing new products as they develop them.

Tell us in the comments if you would ever run a “modern” lever gun. What about if you were behind enemy lines in Commifornia or New York?

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About the author: True Pearce is the Managing Editor at GunsAmerica. He’s a competitive shooter, hunter, instructor & attorney. You can see and follow his adventures on Instagram. @true1911

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  • Big Al 45 February 20, 2022, 4:54 pm

    I’ve STILL looking for a Henry X in .45 L.C.!!! 8 months!!!!!!!

  • Grumpy 49 February 18, 2022, 12:38 pm

    HENRY “X” in .357, with a Linear Compensator (Flash Suppressor) and a Laser, is my new “Black Rifle”. Only takes a few seconds to remove them, and it is no longer a “nasty Black Rifle” in the eyes in most people. Hammer Spur Extension can stay, as most folks don’t associate that feature with a “Black Rifle”. Used a GROV TEC extension, but may consider the RPP as an upgrade. As to the M-LOC, that may be a step too far for a D.A. out to make an example out of someone.

  • Phil February 14, 2022, 10:42 am

    I love that companies are making these types of products for leverguns. I am curious why aftermarket stocks, and the factory black ones, are just wood painted black. Why not do a fiberglass or carbon fiber composite I wonder?

  • KEN February 14, 2022, 9:32 am

    I have just installed all the above, except for the stock and trigger spur (my sbl came with 1)! The trigger was a pita, but did reduce pull weight from 5.25# down to 3# by just replacing the trigger on a 1895 45-70. If you have never removed the trigger on a M1895 pay very close attention to the video!!! Removing the lever loop safety makes the installation easier to get the trigger pin back in! The load gate was also a good investment! Good products!

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