N8 Tactical Introduces the Magna-Clip Magazine Carrier

The Magna-Clip Magazine Carrier.

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SPRINGFIELD, MO N8 Tactical, an innovative holster company with a mission to provide quality products with superior comfort for all day, everyday carry, has developed another innovative solution for the armed-and-ready personal defense community. The company’s new Magna-Clip magazine carrier eliminates the bulk and printing issues of conventional magazine carriers with a design that securely and discretely stows a spare magazine inside your pants pocket.

The Magna-Clip is a minimalist magazine carrier that utilizes three exceptionally strong neodymium-grade magnets secured in a single-wing carrier body. The open, L-shaped body accommodates a wide range of metal or metal-lined magazine designs and sizes. Simply place the magazine against the carrier and the magnets maintain firm retention of the magazine until withdrawn by a firm pull.

Backing the Magna-Clip carrier is a strong, spring-steel pocket clip. Its minimalist size and subdued black oxide finish looks like a pocket knife clip, so no one knows you’re carrying a loaded magazine.

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To use, secure the Magna-Clip into your weak-side pocket. Orient the magazine with the bullets facing forward and slip the magazine into your pocket and against the Magna-Clip. In this position, the magazine can be easily grasped and withdrawn when needed.

The Magna-Clip is also ideal when making a tactical reload (removing a partially loaded magazine from the gun and inserting a full magazine). Just slip the partially loaded mag into your pocket and the Magna-Clip will draw it into place, ready for re-use if necessary.

Practically any pistol that uses all-metal or metal-lined magazines will work with the Magna-Clip. These include:

  • GLOCK 19
  • GLOCK 17
  • GLOCK 43
  • GLOCK 48
  • Springfield Hellcat
  • Sig P365
  • Sig P320
  • S&W Shield

To learn more about the Magna-Clip magazine carrier, N8 Tactical holsters, and other accessories for everyday carry, visit N8Tactical.com.

About N8 Tactical:

N8 Tactical is a holster company with a mission to provide quality products with superior comfort for all-day carry, every day. Driven by a community of new concealed carry owners, N8 Tactical offers some of the best holsters and concealed carry accessories for today’s modern pistols and revolvers. As of January of 2020, MTC Holsters, LLC., the parent company of CrossBreed Holsters, purchased N8 Tactical and moved the company to its headquarters in Springfield, MO. For more information about N8 Tactical products, please visit, https://n8tactical.com or call 888-732-5011. 

About MTC Holsters:

MTC Holsters was founded in January 2020, the parent company of CrossBreed Holsters, N8 Tactical, and Magna-Arm, with the goal of developing functional, dependable, and comfortable American-made products for the fast-paced concealed carry market. MTC Holsters guiding principles are to provide the best service to concealed carry consumers while supporting 2nd Amendment rights and firearms heritage. To learn more about MTC Holsters, please call 888-732-5011.

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  • Slim June 15, 2023, 11:10 pm

    So clip with a magnet, pure stupid! Like it’s never been thought of or made before! How many times a day would the mag hit the floor potentially dumping out every round instantly as I myself have dropped a full G20 10mm 15 round mag and it randomly hit base plate edge down and popped it right off for every round pretty much to fall out and my spring, follower, and bass plate insert was scattered all over in about a 15’ area. And remember people, stick a magnet to metal and you WILL magnetize it! This is an old trick handy men use to magnetize their tools that don’t come that way so bits and screws for example won’t fall off. So really nothing about this product is a positive.

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