New Apex Tactical Triggers for Beretta, FN, S&W and Sig – NRA 2017

Apex Tactical has a long tradition of make great guns even better with their triggers and kits, and its new products on show at the 2017 NRA Annual Meetings continued that theme.

Apex Tactical had a great flat-faced trigger on display for the new FN 509 pistol (it is backwards compatible with earlier FNS series pistols as well).

Apex also had a trigger on display for the polymer-framed Beretta APX pistol.

Some of the company’s Sig Sauer P320 products were also on display.

We had a chance to swing by the Apex Tactical booth at the show and go hands on with their triggers installed the Beretta APX, the new FN 509, the Smith & Wesson M&P2.0 and the ever-popular Sig Sauer P320. We learned that the FN 509 trigger is backwards compatible with the FNS series, and had a chance to try out some of their P320 systems as well.

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