New Hotline for Tactical Horndogs: 1-900-TAC-TALK

Apparently, there is a new hotline for the tactically starved, the tactically curious, the tactically bi-curious and, of course, the tactically adventurous. Known as ‘1-900-TAC-TALK,’ it promises to be the destination for those of you who need to get your tactical rocks off.  Real, battle-tested operators await your call and are prepared to discuss your deepest, darkest tactical desires.

More from the website:

Need to talk tactical? Call 1-900-TAC-TALK to start a tactical conversation with combat hardened operators right now, one on one. Want to talk about Beretta CX4 Storms, .40 S&W or maybe you’d just like to discuss 5.11 pants and shemaghs? No problem. We have 67 full time operators standing by waiting to discuss “what is MIL SPEC?” right now!!! We’re real and we can’t wait to listen to you describe every weapon you’ve ever held! Don’t wait, call now!

About the author: S.H. Blannelberry is the News Editor of GunsAmerica.

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