New York Gun-Group Suing County Over Mother-May-I CCW Permits

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A pro-2A group is going to sue Rockland County over its “Mother-May-I” concealed-carry standard. 

The organization, known as 2ANYS, is hoping the lawsuit will put a stop to the arbitrary way in which judges issue permits to residents. 

As many of you know, New York is a may-issue state.  Meaning, one cannot exercise one’s Constitutionally-protected right to bear arms without the consent of bureaucratic overlords.  

In many counties, a “reason” is needed to obtain a carry permit.  And if that judge (or sheriff) doesn’t like one’s “reason,” one may be denied — even if that individual is a law-abiding citizen with no criminal history.  

“I regard them as tyrannical,” Erik Melanson, of 2ANYS Rockland County, told “It’s just a way for people up top to have control over the people below them, and that really just drives me crazy.”

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Members of the local Orthodox Jewish community have voiced support for the lawsuit, particularly in the wake of a recent knife attack during Hanukkah at a home in Monsey last year.  

“People come to realize their ultimate solution for self-defense is the Second Amendment,” Tzvi Waldman told

Rockland officials responded to the litigation, saying, “Other than the processing of applications of this type by the county clerk’s office, the matter of conceal carry permits rests entirely with the judiciary, not the county administration.”

Like with no-issue CCW laws that are now extinct, may-issue laws need to go the way of the dinosaurs.  Government infringement on fundamental rights is unconstitutional!  Period. End of Story.

Check out for more information on their Rockland County lawsuit or watch the video below. We wish these guys the best!

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  • Michael J February 25, 2020, 8:29 pm

    I’ll bet Bloomberg’s guys don’t have a problem getting a concealed permit. Some people are more equal that others.

  • RDH February 23, 2020, 4:20 pm

    Wasn’t the Constitution written for all Americans? It makes no sense that certain states can get away with this. The Supreme Court has got to step in and hear some of the 2A cases out there and give these constitutional protections to everyone

  • Michael February 22, 2020, 9:56 am

    It is imperative that every single pro-Constitution American citizen vote this year and every year for qualified, God-fearing, Constitution loving, conservative candidates, no matter what the political office Is. From the President of the local PTA to the President of the United States, the “bad guys” get in and begin to exert their control. With more and more urban and suburban communities controlling our states (ex. New York City), it makes it even more imperative that we vote. Even here in Texas where I live, it is a continual fight to keep our state red. Fortunately, even with the amount of outside money and outside influence like Mini-Mike Bloomberg (oh right – he’s from New York City isn’t he!) and his gazillion dollars, we have been able to stop most of the dimorats’ shenanigans here. But keep voting, keep talking, keep pressuring our “elected” officials to follow the Constitution.

  • Michael Hamilton February 21, 2020, 10:26 pm

    I live in Tompkins county and I can’t even conceal carry my handgun they only issue restricted licenses and if you put “for self defense” down as a reason they deny you right away.

  • JimN February 21, 2020, 10:28 am

    A point that you and most other NY Gun Advocates miss, is, in NY you must have a carry permit just to own. Now re read the article and replace carry with own and you will see the unconstitutionality of the 100 year old scheme.

    • B. February 21, 2020, 1:59 pm

      Wow, that really adds something to the discussion. Thank you.

    • Mark February 22, 2020, 7:54 am

      Jim yes thanks for pointing that out. I live in nys and I had to wait 14 months to get my CCW. Then I had to pay another $150 to take a class to get my CCW upgraded to a full carry permit. It’s ridiculous honestly.
      Also I’d like to point out you do need a permit to even hold or shoot a pistol or revolver in NYS. A pistol over 50oz is an assault weapon if semi auto, magazines over 10 rounds is banned, some areas still enforce that you can only load 7 rounds in your 10 round magazine, your pistol license is not accepted in NYC, and it says it’s revocable at anytime for any reason. So yes NYS is a tyrannical government and we have to beg to keep our pistol license.
      In my area of Erie and niagara county if a police officer is called to your home for any domestic reason and the police even admit no crime was committed and no one arrested they remove your guns and you need to ha e a hearing at the Supreme Court of NYS level to get your guns back. A neighbor could hear you yelling at your kids or wife and bam your guns are gone. I heard this straight from the horses mouth and that’s two cops that are in my family. They defended it so it wasn’t a pleasant conversation at my family’s dinner.

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