Newest Rock River Arms LAR is in .450 Bushmaster

Thinking about .450 Bushmaster? Rock River may have the rifle for you. (Photo: RRA)

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Rock River Arms is continuing to expand its lineup of hunting-minded sporting rifles with a new LAR chambered for .450 Bushmaster. The LAR series is made of AR-pattern rifles that combine must-have modern features with some basic essentials to keep things priced right.

Chambered for .450 Bushmaster the newest LAR is intended for hunting larger game, though the straight-walled .45-caliber cartridge is a flexible load suitable for a lot of uses ranging between serious work and just plain shooting fun. Depending on the load .450 Bushmaster is considered by many to be effective out to 200 to 250 yards where it starts to drop off.

And even though it’s a big bore rifle Rock River Arms promises match-grade accuracy and sub-MOA groups at 100 yards with precision target and hunting ammo. The cryo-treated, mid-length16-inch stainless steel barrel contributes to that along with a free-floating handguard and a match two-stage trigger.

Other features include a beefy RRA Operator muzzle brake, an oversized winter trigger guard for use with gloves and an adjustable RRA Operator carbine stock and overmolded A2 pistol grip. The 13-inch handguard is modular with M-Lok slots on the sides and bottom with a full-length Picatinny rail on top for iron sights and other accessories.

Overall the LAR in .450 Bushmaster measures in at just over 37 inches fully extended and weighs 6.8 pounds unloaded. With ammo, a sling, bipod and an optic the rifle can still weigh under 10 pounds in a lot of cases and is one reason why a lot of hunters are taking AR-based rifles like these into fields across the country.

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Rock River Arms is using forged upper and lower receivers with a multi-caliber-marked lower and a .450 Bushmaster-marked A4-style upper. Each rifle ships with a case and a polymer 5-round .450 Bushmaster magazine.

The magazine is a nice touch since some hunting regulations require hunters to use no larger than 5-round magazines. Many .450 Bushmaster users use 10-, 20- or 30-round 5.56 NATO magazines which may get those hunters in hot water even if they only hold a small number of .450 rounds.

Plenty of custom finishes are available for this and other Rock River rifles. (Photo: RRA)

With all that the suggested retail price for the LAR in .450 Bushmaster is $1,100, which likely works out to less than $1,000 retail, online or in-store. Buyers will have to add on sights or an optic but with the relatively short range of .450 Bushmaster a low-powered or red dot optic will work well for most shooters.

The LAR by Rock River is a nice package for anyone looking to hunt with or just have fun shooting .450 Bushmaster without having to assemble one from parts or a kit and know that the rifle will just work out of the box.

Rock River will offer the LAR in .450 Bushmaster in black as-is or on special order with a variety of finish options in different colors and camouflage for a little extra. For more information visit

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  • DOUGLAS SMITH March 13, 2020, 7:21 am

    How about R&D doing the LEFTY for the 20% of the rest of us hunters, who don’t want to be hit in the face…

  • don mccollough March 13, 2020, 7:11 am

    With a magazine holding no more than 5 rounds it is a waste of money , you can buy a lever action rifle that holds that many a heck of a lot cheaper that will work just as well. As far as I am concerned a low round count magazine defeats the purpose of this type of rifle. I use my rifle’s for more than just hunting. no thank you!

    • Phil March 13, 2020, 8:28 pm

      Uhhhhh….you just buy a larger capacity magazine. It aint rocket science.

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