Next Gen. Ear Protection: Walker’s Razor XV — SHOT Show 2017

Ready for some next generation ear protection? Check out the Razor XV earbud headset.


The Razor XV is a great new piece of ear protection that has been too long in the making. It is a neck-worn device that features retractable digital ear buds. The “behind the neck” design has ZERO interference with you or shooting.

These remarkable buds not only protect your hearing but allow you to enhance your natural hearing up to nine times your natural hearing ability. However, when the gun goes off they use a Sound Activated Compression circuit (SAC) to protect your ears from harmful noises. They reduce overall sound output by an impressive 31dB (31dB NRR).

Mini Bluetooth recharging port.

The headset.

The Hi Gain omnidirectional microphones capture and provide clear sound enhancement for enjoyable conversations on the range. The HD digital speakers produce a wide range audio quality that sounds great.

The Razor-XV is powered by a rechargeable battery that has a 10-hours of run time. A micro USB charger and cable are included for charging the Razor XV. Moreover, there are three sets of buds to fit any sized ear and they come with a nice carrying bag.

A fine looking headset, pricing starts at 159.00


  • 10 Hour run time
  • Retractable Digital Ear buds
  • 31dB NRR
  • Rechargeable LIPO battery 250mAH.
  • Hi Gain omnidirectional microphones.
  • HD speakers in the ear buds.
  • Includes 3 pairs of 12mm foam tips (S/M/L)
  • Auto-Shut Off after 4 to 6 hours. Wakes after any button is pressed.
  • Integrated Micro USB port.
  • AC wall adapter with USB port and 1 meter micro USB cord included.
  • Storage case Included
  • Retail $159.99


My favorite part about the buds is their Bluetooth capabilities which allows you to stream your favorite music, or even take a phone call all while protecting your ears from muzzle blast.  The Razor XV also features independent volume control between the microphone and Bluetooth feed. This allows you to stream your music quietly so that you can still hear range commands from the R.O. When hunting, you can listen to music, or the game, or take a phone call and not miss out on any of the action!

Look to see how the buds extend.

Ear Buds extended.

I am planning on wearing the Razor XV on the plane home. Instead of listening to that annoying whirring in the plane cabin, I’ll be listening to episodes of AMC’s “The Walking Dead.”  The Razor XV model is a serious piece of gear that I am excited to use.

Price and Availability

The Razor XZ sells for $159.99. You can shop for them by visiting GSM Outdoors.

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  • Daniel January 17, 2017, 9:42 am

    What happens if the battery dies while still shooting? Does the 32dbb NRR still hold up without active noise cancelling?

  • BOhio January 17, 2017, 7:26 am

    This was a “review”? Not a word about how it fits, whether it works as advertised, is it water resistant, durable, blah blah. I’ll look elsewhere for such info, but appreciate the heads up.

    • Paul Helinski January 17, 2017, 9:57 am

      The email explained that these aren’t reviews.

  • Walt January 17, 2017, 7:15 am

    What’s the difference in the Razor XV and the Razor X except Bluetooth?

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