Nightforce Optics: New ATACR Scope and New F1 Reticle – SHOT Show 2019

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Nightforce Optics because time and time again they have proven themselves to be the choice of professionals. For a long time customers were dissatisfied with some of their reticle offerings though and begged Nightforce for an enhanced reticle that offered additional holds below zero. Nightforce listened and just prior to SHOT Show a new mil-based reticle was unveiled, called the Mil-XT.

The MIL-XT is just about perfect for long-range competitive shooters.

The MIL-XT takes the best features from the Mil-C reticle such as the floating center dot and .2 mil breakdowns and added in a mil-based grid system for windage and elevation holds at distance. From my perspective, the reticle is just about perfect for those that will have to transition quickly from target to target, especially if they are wildly varying distances. Bold dots mark out where you hit full mil values and numbers towards the outboard side of the reticle help you determine exactly how much you’re holding over. This will likely become the reticle to have in your NightForce ATACR and while the 7-35X56 ATACR F1 is available now with the Mil-XT, the 5-25 and 4-16 ATACR F1 will be rolling out by April.

Also this year, Nightforce is offering a 7-35X56 ATACR with a second focal plane reticle that is geared towards extreme long-range shooters looking to push the absolute limits of their equipment. The second focal plane 7-35 will offer thinner reticles so less of the target is obscured at longer distances. Right now only two reticles are being offered in this model, an SFP MOAR-T and SFP Mil-C reticle. Realizing that not every shot is going to be taken at 35X, Nightforce has calibrated and marked the reticle and magnification ring for use at 17.5X.

The dot on the magnification ring is a reference point to use when setting the power to use the reticle at 17.5X.

This allows the shooter to gain some additional elevation or deal with mirage by utilizing a lower power setting but still keeping the reticle useable. The scope still has 100 MOA of internal elevation adjustment and their proven zero stop set up to make sure that no matter how much you crank the knob you’ll know where zero is.

This particular 7-35 scope also has a parallax range of 10 yards to infinity, which would make it an excellent choice for a top of the line rimfire rifle.


MSRP for the 7-35X56 F2 is $3,100.

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About the author: Ian Kenney Ian is a lifelong firearms enthusiast and veteran of the Global War on Terror. For over a decade, he has been actively competing in precision rifle and action shooting competitions. Ian has also contributed to multiple online publications, covering general firearms topics, precision rifles, and helping to improve the skills of shooters.

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