Nighthawk and Korth Debut Limited Edition Mongoose Silver

For those looking for the best of the best, meet the Korth Mongoose Silver. (Photo: Nighthawk)

Nighthawk Custom and Korth Waffen are rolling out a new ultra-premium and hard-use revolver for the American market with the Mongoose Silver. The newest Mongoose is a full-size, six-shot handgun chambered for .357 S&W Magnum.

This beautiful silvered model is also a limited edition that will only be produced in small numbers. The Mongoose Silver maintains the classic lines of the original Korth design and will be offered in 4- and 6-inch models.

Like a number of other Korth revolvers, the Mongoose Silver is offered with an optional cylinder chambered for 9mm Luger, so these revolvers can shoot .357 Magnum, .38 Special and 9mm. The 9mm cylinder is “clipless” and doesn’t require moon clips.

After polishing each surface the Mongoose Silver is finished with a semi-gloss silver diamond-like coating. These DLC coatings are extremely durable and go a long way to preventing wear and corrosion.

It is available with an optional “clipless” 9mm conversion cylinder. (Photo: Nighthawk)

The Mongoose Silver has a full-length serrated topstrap, full-length rounded underlug and fully adjustable target sights with a gold bead front sight. At just under 34 ounces, the Mongoose Silver is fairly light for its size but not so light to make shooting full-power .357 loads uncomfortable.

The Silver also has a standard left-side cylinder release, as opposed to the rear cylinder release on some Korth models. Overall the Mongoose Silver measures in at 11.5 inches long with the 6-inch barrel and is just over 6 inches tall with its high-grade Turkish walnut grips.

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One thing that’s true for Nighthawk and Korth alike is that their guns are top-tier and command a price premium. These are highly functional status pieces for people who won’t settle for anything less, and the sticker reflects that.

The price for one Mongoose Silver is $5,549, not including the conversion cylinder. Dealer pricing can vary, though, but since these are limited edition revolvers, don’t expect to see a huge break in pricing.

Of course, for those looking to save a little and skip the high-polish finish, standard Mongoose revolvers aren’t limited edition guns and they start at $3,699. They are also offered with conversion cylinders and available with 3-, 4-, 5.25- or 6-inch barrels.

For more information about these premium handguns, visit Nighthawk Custom.

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