A Non-NFA Short-Barreled Shotgun? The New 14” Mossberg Shockwave—SHOT Show 2017

To learn more, visit https://www.mossberg.com/product/590-shockwave-6-shot-50659/.

To purchase a Mossberg 590 variant on GunsAmerica.com, click this link: https://www.gunsamerica.com/Search.aspx?T=Mossberg%20590.

The 590 Shockwave from Mossberg offers civilian shooters a 14-inch-barreled shotgun with no NFA restrictions.


Have you always wanted to own a short-barreled shotgun but not wanted to deal with the NFA hassle? Well, now there is an easy and simple (and factory-direct) way to do it. The new 590 Shockwave from Mossberg is a 14-inch barreled shotgun that is classified and fully compliant by the BATFE, and does not require a tax stamp for transfers.

The Shockwave can hold five standard shells in the tubular magazine.


  • Chambering: 12 ga.
  • Barrel: 14 inches
  • OA Length: 26.37 inches
  • Weight: 5.25 pounds
  • Grip: Raptor
  • Sights: Bead front
  • Action: Pump
  • Finish: Matte blued
  • Capacity: 5+1
  • MSRP: $455


My first thought when I picked up the Shockwave was of the old “Witness Protection” shotguns. The key to the design is the overall length of more than 26 inches, that (despite the 14-inch barrel) makes it a regular firearm not requiring a tax stamp. The curved “Raptor” pistol grip and the hand-strap forend make for a good-feeling gun. I found out that while the standard shell capacity is 5+1, the Shockwave is adapted to also fire the Aguila Minishells for increased capacity and lower recoil.

The Shockwave reminded the author of the old “Witness Protection” shotguns and enjoyed trying it out on the range.

Price & Availability

The proposed price of $455 of this thing is great. That, combined with no NFA hassles, is likely going to make this gun a real hit. Keep an eye out in the coming months for availability as well as a full hands-on review.

To learn more, visit https://www.mossberg.com/product/590-shockwave-6-shot-50659/.

To purchase a Mossberg 590 variant on GunsAmerica.com, click this link: https://www.gunsamerica.com/Search.aspx?T=Mossberg%20590.

About the author: Clay Martin is a former Marine and Green Beret, retiring out of 3rd Special Forces Group. He is a multi-decade and -service sniper, as well as 3-Gun competitor and Master ranked shooter in USPSA Production. In addition to writing about guns, he is the author of “Last Son of The War God,” a novel about shooting people that deserve it. You can also follow him on twitter, @offthe_res or his website, Off-The-Reservation.com

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  • Jim March 11, 2017, 11:29 pm

    It seems that many of you don’t understand or have not read the BATF’s definition of a shotgun. (I had to read it several times before it all came together and made sense) You can make your own Raptor from a JIC, but because it started life as a shotgun you are required to get a $200.00 tax stamp to remanufacture it. Sold as a Raptor it does not meet the classification of shotgun. The BATF classified it as a firearm. It does not meet the classification of pistol, rifle or AOW either. Search Mossberg 500 Compact Cruiser AOW and enjoy the fact that even if you see no reason for any of this, at least someone (Mossberg) is testing the BATF and maybe pushing some buttons. The BATF was formed to deal with a problem that does not exist anymore, but somehow remains as a prime example of GOVERNMENT WASTE.

  • ES February 8, 2017, 4:10 pm

    I’m buying two one for me one for the little woman; great for inside the home defense of course they will be quite a bit of damage if missed but I’ll take new drywall and doors over a perp in the house any day.

  • Mig February 2, 2017, 5:49 pm

    Anyone that asks for legal advice on an online forum from anonymous contributors deserves to get arrested.

    It’s 2017. You can read the law online from credible sources. Or, consult a real attorney. Also, all attorneys are not created equal. If your brother in law handles real estate and probate law, don’t go to him asking for legal advice on federal gun laws or use or force.

  • Salmon Slayer February 2, 2017, 8:28 am

    Wow, u guys are making my Ground Hog Day! Seriously. Super comments here. And I was going to jump on buying one of these puppies. Now that I have properly been educated. I will move on, probably buy another Glock 19-C. I must admit though, if Kate Beckensale, in tight leather, was demonstrating this tool, I would have bought two! Just saying. Never know when you might run into a lychan…..

    • Mig February 2, 2017, 5:23 pm

      +1, I’d buy one from her too

  • Dennis bonya February 1, 2017, 10:16 pm

    rather have an old Ithaca ds police with the interuptor or a winchester 97 or model 12 riot gun .

  • fritz bousigschouer February 1, 2017, 9:39 pm

    that confusing, non logical messup ruling alone scream ban the atf.

  • TJ Reeder February 1, 2017, 4:48 pm

    I think I got old, thirty or so years back and this thing would have give me a woodie now I just smile and shake my head, I’ve never in my life been in any situation where I needed something like this. And yes I’ve been in situations. My 1911 45 acp did just fine as did my S&W 66. So yea, I got old. I’d be more interested if a beautiful redhead was showing it off, preferable naked, no offense Clay, I mean I like ya dude but where redheads are involved..well you get it.

    • LJ February 1, 2017, 7:39 pm

      Damn I thought it was just me! What does lopping off that 2″ of barrel do for you?

      The coolest thing I ever saw was a double barreled rabbit ear 12 gauge shotgun that a retired cop in Michigan had once confiscated from a bank robber that had been shorted to 6 inch barrels with a pistol grip. Yes I said 6 inches! The ‘ol retired cop used to use it to clean out his fireplace. He’d shove in a couple of low brass bird shot shells and stick it up the flue and fire both barrels at the same time. Funnest thing I ever seen – and did a magnificent job of cleaning the soot from the fireplace! Now THAT is a sawed-off shotgun!

      • Jon April 14, 2017, 10:20 pm

        It’s more than 2″. Shotguns normally have to be over 18 to be legal in any form per NFA regulations

  • Cornbread Fred February 1, 2017, 4:34 pm

    ‘ell Golly

  • Beachhawk February 1, 2017, 1:09 pm

    This is another expensive solution in search of a problem. I have a Mossberg Cruiser with a vertical fore end and even with the accessory fore end it was less than $250.

  • Tommy Barrios February 1, 2017, 12:12 pm

    I’ll take my Ithaca Stakeout over any cheap junk made by Mossberg!
    In fact I’ll take ANY of my Ithaca Model 37 shotguns over ANY OTHER!

    • Alex brooks February 1, 2017, 2:10 pm

      Your an Idiot. Ithaca 37 jam O Matic that nobody uses anymore.

      • cloudswimmer February 1, 2017, 7:53 pm

        I agree, and my M590A1 has been the most reliable SG I’ve ever owned in 55 years!

    • GungaDean February 2, 2017, 7:18 am

      Name calling is a form of slang and usually indicative of ones education, or lack there of. When it comes down to the task at hand, the Mossberg 500 is the only pump gun to ever pass the military field tests. In 22 years of servive , i carried it into urban and jungle environments and have owned several as a civilian (retired now). My little brother has the 37 you brag on and it has served him well. I prefer the flexability of my 3 bbl combo’s and synthetic or wood options, not to mention the plethora of after market options. Remember, Mossberg pulled Remingtons fat out of the fire on every one of their 870 bbl recalls.

  • John Bibb February 1, 2017, 11:58 am

    Why not go with the modern clone of the WW2 era .30 cal M1 Carbine with the folding paratrooper stock instead? With the 16 inch barrel and good Hornady expanding bullet ammo? Far more accurate, about the same weight, and far longer range if needed. No horror recoil problems either.

    • Jeffrey Jonila February 11, 2017, 10:35 pm

      Because they’re $1600

  • Abe lincoln February 1, 2017, 10:48 am

    It is still illegal by laws written years ago.

  • matthew martinez February 1, 2017, 10:42 am

    how is this new or 500 bucks? i already have one hanging by the door under a jacket. 200 dollar mossberg cruiser with a cut down barrel flush with the mag and raptor grip off amazon. same. thing. overall length still clears pgo length by i think 3 inches.

    • Captain Bob February 2, 2017, 7:47 pm

      Umm, Mathew, will all due respect I believe that you have created an NFA weapon that will require a $200 tax stamp and approval from the BATF OR, a short (10 year) stint in jail with a $20K fine). If that barrel, cut to the mag tube, is a fraction of an inch less than 18″ you are up the creek if caught with it. If it is short, take that barrel off and remove it to at least the next county and throw it into a convenient creek….
      This new gun “gets away with this” because it was not manufactured with a shoulder stock.

      • Doug Hickman February 3, 2017, 11:27 pm

        I beg to differ. If it comes from the factory PGO and marked on the factory box w/matching ser# all you have to maintain is the overall length of 26″ or better. You may change to the raptor grip for a longer handle and chop the barrel off accordingly to maintain the 26+” OAL.

  • Pete February 1, 2017, 10:19 am

    Well it would be considered concealed as soon as you take in a vehicle in the state of NH. I Would not think this would be any different than the Judge or the governor. If it was able to be fired from a concealing device, than it would be an aow as with any other firearm. I’m sure someone is working on a folding arm brace for this as I write.

    • Doug Hickman February 3, 2017, 11:31 pm

      Ah but the only difference is that the Judge and Governor have a rifled barrel, not smooth bore. That is the one attribute that still makes it a pistol, even tho it can fire the .410 shotshell.

  • Robert E February 1, 2017, 10:15 am

    Right on Goober….notice the strap on the slide? it’s so it doesn’t jump up and knock out your teefs….I am protected by a regimen of bar fights and bad hygiene ( thought that was a greeting….) but you other guys may want to watch out…

  • Dave Williams February 1, 2017, 9:46 am

    Unless there is some rifling at the end of the bbl (like a Holland & Holland Paradox), I can not see for the life of me how this does not fall into the AOW category.

    • Pete February 1, 2017, 10:20 am

      I think this is rifled.

    • jrkmt1 February 1, 2017, 12:14 pm

      The firearm, as it is called, comes from the factory with the Raptor grip. The receiver never had a shoulder stock attached, so, by ATF definition, it is not a shotgun. This Mossberg comes from the factory with two letters from BATFE stating that it is a legal firearm.
      Put a standard shoulder stock on this receiver and you have just changed its classification to a Short Barreled Shotgun, which requires a $200 tax stamp.

  • Mark Are February 1, 2017, 9:09 am

    It is insane isn’t it? That the length of a shot gun needs to be registered if under this and that blah blah blah. That if you want a nice compact rifle you have to act like a poodle at a circus and jump through hoops and pay a tax stamp and say MASSA may I please have this SBR? Can I massa? Look at the new bull pup designs and with a 16″ barrel they are actually shorter then most SBR’s. Unless you want a really really short one, which makes about no sense to have in the first place. And I don’t know about you…but I feel so much safer knowing that someone has an SBR or FA and has paid for the tax stamp and is not going to hurt us. (sarcasm) I mean really, why not make laws that deal with crimes that have VICTIMS. I don’t know anyone that was ever shot up with a machine gun because machine guns don’t shoot people. Neither do short barrel rifles or whatever. Funny how the ATF can call a pistol with a vertical grip an “any other weapon” and yet allow a wrist brace as if that was the normal design of a pistol. It is arbitrary moral relativism made to treat we the people like slaves. ATF needs to go away. So does the NFA act. So do million of victimless crime “laws’ that make felons out of people for bull crap. WE THE PEOPLE NEED TO READ THE 2ND AMENDMENT CLOSELY. Realize it doesn’t say SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED EXCEPT _________________________________ fill in the blank. IT SAYS SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. Now man up…land of the free my rear.

    • gary February 1, 2017, 9:22 am

      Totally agree on all that insanity, but we need to wait until the supreme court is packed with a few more judges that would rule in our favor. I can wait one to three more years if it means greater chances of having NFA and ATF be abolished.

      • Mark Are February 1, 2017, 9:52 am

        I hope you’re right. But for some reason I doubt it. Maybe because it has been in effect since 1934? Maybe because of the 1968 GCA that made it even worse? Maybe because Reagan the “conservative’ made newly made machine guns unavailable to the public driving the prices of the ones in circulation into the stratosphere? Maybe because politicians and judges are all psychos in the first place? Maybe? Maybe? I’m not holding my breath. As for this shotgun…great. I’ll use my 870 with the side folding stock. Or who knows? Maybe that will arbitrarily be declared a who knows what by the psychos in control. Just look at what is happening in some states in the name of “safety” No magazines over a certain size, no removable magazines…unless you carry a bullet button. I bet those real honest gang bangers in CA and other places follow all those laws. Don’t you? Most of these “Laws” are meant for slaves. Except for a crime that is committed where there is a victim. And honest law abiding people don’t violate laws that would harm another person or their property. HOWEVER, honest LAW ABIDING PEOPLE just MIGHT violate a “law” that violates their conscience or rights, because that “law” isn’t a LAW in the first place. It is just some arbitrary elitist edict that means NOTHING to a free people.

        • Don February 1, 2017, 3:01 pm

          You got it!! Ronald Reagan did more damage than the Democrats ever did by outlawing new machine guns!! If he didn’t do that you could buy a m16 for $1000. Instead, they are up to $25k!!!

      • Rob February 1, 2017, 6:31 pm

        Why should we have to wait on SCOTUS? I, for one, do not believe in judicial activism (i.e., legislating from the bench — U.S. Supreme Court or other courts). Look around, The Republicans control the U.S. House, the U.S. Senate, and the White House. If they wanted to repeal these infringements tomorrow, they could do so. However, the truth is that many senators and “representatives” with R’s behind their names are RINO-statists dressed up in conservative and libertarian drag. That is why the infringements are never undone. President Trump ran on a pro-2A platform. How really pro-2A is it? Does it amount to “conserving” the status quo? If so, that’s wrong. With Republicans in control of the legislative and executive branches of the federal government, we should now be pushing for/expecting outright repeal of this nonsense. Where are the gun rights groups’ efforts to get this message across to legislators and to the new president? After all, it is gun rights advocates who put most of these officials in office. There should be ultimatums flying from the gun lobby. Either you people get on board and restore our freedoms, or we will run candidates against you in the mid-term elections who will. I, for one, have had enough of our rights being trampled by a bunch of nincompoops (Republican and Democrat).

      • Joe February 3, 2017, 12:23 pm

        Don’t need a supreme Court for our Congress to pass a law or for them to defend the ATF. I’m not too knowledgeable on these things but I’m pretty sure we can pass any law we want if the establishment stays the hell out of the way..

    • JOEL WS February 1, 2017, 9:58 am

      I could not agree more. For years I have been telling people to just stop voting for modern era progressive/leftists and see how good things will become. The government school monopoly is simply an almost unsurmountable barrier to the truth about the 2nd Amendment and every other aspect of a free Republic governed by Constitutionally informed and engaged citizens. Times may be a changing, but it’s still a matter of the price of freedom being eternal vigilance.

    • Rob February 1, 2017, 6:06 pm

      Agree 100%.

      In a truly free nation, there would be no infringement whatsoever. America is not, and for a very long time has not been a truly free nation.

      Anyone who believes slavery ended in 1865 is a blithering idiot, but I digress.

      These arbitrary “laws” are dangerous in many ways. They make firearms less safe to use. For example, if one does not want to go through the SBS or SRS hassle, one will probably be using longer firearms in a home defense scenario. Longer means more easily grabbed by an assailant. If one does no want to go through the hassle and expense of acquiring a suppressor, one’s hearing and the hearing of one’s loved ones is more jeopardized in a home defense scenario. Shorter firearms — i.e., standard length shotguns with a pistol grips that if one is not careful in handling can lead to one’s teeth being knocked out, or pistols which are really rifles, but are pistols because they have no stock, or foregrip, or pistol grip — are made more dangerous by asinine “laws” because they are made less controllable (i.e., decreases in accuracy, more unwieldy, and more likely to put a shot where one does not intend a shot to go). These asinine “laws” are outright infringements on our unalienable right to keep and bear arms and endanger all of us.

      A local radio personality, Jim Quinn, came up with a list of laws. Quinn’s First Law is as follows: “Liberalism always generates the exact opposite of its stated intent.” No saying could be more accurate. Liberal gun control laws meant to “make us safe” (yeah, right) always generate the exact opposite of their stated intent and make us less safe. They also unconstitutionally infringe upon our inherent, natural rights which predate government and which we hold as free men.

      Until these infringements are done away with, one cannot say that America is free.

      • Rob February 1, 2017, 6:07 pm

        SRS should be SBR.

      • Mark Are February 1, 2017, 11:03 pm

        I suggest that everyone here read what this writer just posted and realize he is RIGHT in every respect. Remember, it will be the ENFORCERS of these bs laws that will shoot your 15 year old boy in the back, your wife in the head and burn your church down on top of your children. It isn’t the “law makers” it’s the men and women willing to sell their souls and violate their oaths for a pension and paycheck that are the worse violators of our rights. We the people need to understand the nullification process of the JURY and refuse to convict ANYONE of a “crime” where there is no victim that can be proven. Don’t expect the NRA or some other “gun rights” organization to mention that, even though I do know for a fact Gun Owners of America has on numerous occasions. SRB’s are nothing but long barrel pistols with a stock to make them more steady. These AR “pistols” are a joke. Try shooting one accurately even with those so called braces. They are kidding right? ANY law that violates your rights to defend yourself by WHATEVER means necessary needs to be nullified by the states and by the local juries if an when someone is charged with violating one.

    • cloudswimmer February 1, 2017, 7:57 pm

      Amen Brother 🔫✝🇺🇸👍

  • GF Collector February 1, 2017, 9:01 am

    Check your state and local laws before you buy one. I did a form 1 SBS to have mine. In the end for me it was easier to go out of my way to be legal than to have an uneducated officer or DA run my life to save a couple of hundred dollars.

    • Paul Helinski February 1, 2017, 9:04 am

      Yea insert head in ass and invite another government invasion of privacy and currency.

    • Rouge1 February 1, 2017, 11:36 am

      Spoken like a good obedient slave.

  • Luke February 1, 2017, 8:57 am

    I bought a Mossberg JIC a few years ago in desert camo. I wish I’d have gotten another pistol grip Remington 870 in 20 gauge instead. Double-00 buck through a twelve gauge that short packs a huge recoil to your wrist and hand. They are not fun to shoot and still require practice to become familiar with the unexpected recoil. Hang on tight!!

    • Billybob February 1, 2017, 9:06 am

      Knoxx The BreachersGrip is the perfect recoil-reducing stock for one-handed operation in close-quarter combat or home defense. It makes firing breaching rounds or heavy-hitting shotgun loads virtually painless.

  • James Harrison February 1, 2017, 8:56 am

    They are a “loophole” FIREARM. A FIREARM that utilizes shotgun ammunition. If you conceal it, it automatically becomes a AOW, and a $5 tax stamp is required. Maybe one of the links goes to somewhere explaining that. Completely legal……for now. When the ATF takes an interest in it, things might change.

    • Paul Helinski February 1, 2017, 9:00 am

      Because the ATF doesn’t notice what Mossberg features at SHOT Show lmao?

  • EAB February 1, 2017, 8:35 am

    What are the mini shells they are referring to?

    • Paul Helinski February 1, 2017, 9:01 am

      Aguila. The ballistics on them suck.

      • srsquidizen February 1, 2017, 9:32 am

        A 385-grain slug at 1250fps? I think that might get the job done at close ranges this thing is obviously intended for–unless Aguila is grossly overstating velocity. OTOH if you’re talking about accuracy at more than a few yards, both a different ammo AND gun would be a good idea.

        • Paul Helinski February 1, 2017, 9:43 am

          I’ve only used the buckshot. If you are going to use slugs you might as well just carry a couple 45s lol for the same weight lol.

          • srsquidizen February 1, 2017, 3:50 pm

            Agree, and whipping out a .45 in both hands Old West gunslinger style would probably scare off a perp just as fast as this midget 12-gauge would. Especially if you learn how to twirl them lol!

  • John February 1, 2017, 8:09 am

    So I can buy a Mossberg 500, cut down the stock and the barrel, and as long as it’s 26″ or less, I’m legal? Cool!

    • Soylent Green February 1, 2017, 9:08 am

      I don’t think so. A Mossy 500 was born a shotgun, so shortening things makes it fall into the SBS category.
      This thinger we are looking at here was born a firearm, not a shotgun, so the rules are different. Stupid, but different.

    • Billybob February 1, 2017, 9:10 am

      only if you have an approved form 1

    • Cary February 1, 2017, 9:19 am

      NO ! The Firearm HAS to leave the Factory as a Firearm, Not a Shotgun. If it ever had a buttstock or pistol grip on it, Then it was BORN a Shotgun. You CANNOT alter the Shotgun that you already own. It is a Gray area, but it works. I just bought Sunday the Asylum Weaponry Gatekeeper , which is the Mossberg 14″ barrel. Raptor grip . Have not picked it up yet from FFL. From what I’ve read, This Firearm can never be concealed , period . Always has to be visible.

      • Mark Are February 1, 2017, 10:24 am

        More moral relativism. It’s destroying the world. This firearm can never be concealed, period. Ok, so what do I do if I want to take it to the range. Put it on the hood of my car? Can I put it in a case for protection or is that “concealed”? If I carry it to my car on my right side and someone cannot see it from my left side, is it concealed? If I drive to the range and it’s in my trunk is that concealed? Do any of us see the ABSURDITY of all this gooblety gook? (not real words because we can’t be dealing with reality here can we?) This has GOT to go away. SOMEHOW, either by votes, either by jury nullification, either by blood running in the streets…It has GO TO GO AWAY. Putting people in cages for this kind of nonsense or worse yet, shooting their kids in the back and their wives in the head has GOT to stop. Oh wait, what is worse then shooting a kid in the back and a woman in the head for some sawed off shotgun bs law? I remember, burning a church down around 17 little children over supposed NFA POSSIBLE violations. You remember…WACO TEXAS where the WACKO’S in charge at the time thought the way you deal with non violent “crimes” is to attack a church full of people and use tanks and tear gas to roust them. And while the church is burning down psychos with machine guns shoot them trying to flee? Welcome to the insane asylum called the USA. And remember..you’re FREE… LOL!

    • Art C. February 2, 2017, 4:18 pm

      NO!!!!!!!! You’re NOT LEGAL & You’re NOT COOL…………….You just became a Felon! Be careful John, once you cut off the stock & barrel you are making a Short Barreled Shotgun. The Loop-hole here is that because the original gun NEVER had a stock ATF does not define it as a shotgun (I know it’s kind of crazy, but it is a technicality). You can’t simply cut down your old gun to under an 18″ barrel, if it at ANYTIME had a stock on it .

    • Captain Bob February 2, 2017, 7:51 pm

      Um no. Mossberg can BUILD them like that but YOU can’t MAKE them like that.

  • AK February 1, 2017, 7:45 am

    Interesting…the way I read NFA was, it required BOTH 26″ OAL and an 18″ bbl for shotguns…16″ for rifles….

    • Joe February 3, 2017, 12:36 pm

      This is neither a shotgun or a rifle.. under their rules it is considered a “firearm”.

  • srsquidizen February 1, 2017, 7:44 am

    You’ll still have to be on a waiting list for awhile. It’s well over $100 more than a pistol-grip Persuader which looks similar and does the same thing and holds more rounds. Neither is small enough to be comfortable on-person but either can be easily carried in a vehicle or grabbed quickly from under the bed. The Shockwave might fit a little better if you drive a Fiat 500 or a Mini Cooper. Otherwise pass unless you want one just cuz it looks straight-out-of-the-movies cool. Which is why Mossberg will sell a bunch of them!

  • Mitch Spence February 1, 2017, 7:14 am

    I’m sure glad it has a bead front sight for accuracy.

  • Billybob January 31, 2017, 7:52 am

    I feel SICK that I paid a hundred dollars more plus waited 9 months and paid $5 ATF TAX when I COULD HAVE BOUGHT AN IDENTICAL GUN for less and took it home the same day !

    • Skeeter February 1, 2017, 7:33 am

      That’s what BillyBob’s Do!

      • Goober February 1, 2017, 9:04 am

        You tell’em Skeeter

        • Captain Bob February 2, 2017, 7:52 pm

          Are you guys brothers?

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