NRA, NSSF Statements on ATF’s Pistol Brace Attack

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NSSF Statement on Pistol Braces:

We need your input to make sure our comment letter reflects the questions, concerns and voice of the firearm and ammunition industry. The rule includes what ATF calls, “the objective factors it considers when evaluating firearms with an attached stabilizing brace to determine whether they are considered firearms under the National Firearms Act (“NFA”) and/or the Gun Control Act (“GCA”).”  The notice also previews “ATF’s and the Department of Justice’s plan to subsequently implement a separate process for current possessors of stabilizer-equipped firearms to choose to register such firearms in compliance with the NFA, including an expedited application process and the retroactive exemption of such firearms from the collection of NFA taxes.”

The proposed rule is available online here. 

Help ensure your voice is heard.

  • What does this rule mean to your company?
  • How much do arm braces contribute to your annual sales?
  • What questions do you have regarding the objective factors?
  • How could the objective factors be made specific and concrete to help remove subjectivity in the classification process?
  • What are your concerns with mandating the registration of stabilizing braces under the NFA?

Please send your responses to Elizabeth McGuigan at

NSSF strongly encourages you to provide professional, constructive comments. The portal for online comments is here.


NRA Statement on Pistol Braces:

By completely changing course on earlier decisions, BATFE has signaled that it is ready and eager to collaborate with Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and other gun control extremists to infringe on our Second Amendment rights. The NRA will fight these aggressive anti-gun actions on pistol stabilizing braces and Polymer80. Gun owners know elections have consequences. This is why we must all fight to protect the pro-gun Senate majority in the run-off races in Georgia.

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