Odin Works Modular Navigator .22-Caliber Suppressor Now Available

The Nav 22 is a tubeless modular design with a serialized blast baffle. (Photo: Odin)

Earlier this year Odin Works unveiled their Nav 22, or Navigator suppressor for small-caliber and rimfire firearms. Completely modular, the Nav 22 can be assembled as a tiny can with just three components or as a full-size suppressor with all eight parts.

The eight parts of the Nav 22 are the thread adapter, the blast baffle, five expansion baffles, and an end cap. The thread adapter, expansion baffle and end cap are 7075-T6 alloy aluminum while the blast baffle is stainless steel.

All of the components screw directly together so the Nav 22 doesn’t have, or need, a body tube. Users can decide how much suppressor they need or don’t, depending on the task.

The mount and expansion baffles are lightweight aircraft aluminum. (Photo: Odin)

The Nav 22 is multi-caliber rated and is suitable for use with .22 Long Rifle, .22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire, .17 Hornady Magnum Rimfire and .17 Hornet hosts.

It measures in at 1.05 inches wide, 6.5 inches long with all the components included, and weighs just 4 ounces. It uses a direct-thread mount for muzzles threaded with 1/2-28 threads.

A big advantage of the modular design is the price. With an MSRP of just $349, the Odin Works Nav 22 is very affordable.

Odin is offering the Nav 22 in two styles, one with a black anodized finish and the other with a light sand color. Both use a copper-colored blast baffle that is also the serialized component.

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Odin’s not the first company to develop a suppressor along these lines. SilencerCo has their Switchback and Q has the Erector, but even at full price, the Nav 22 is more affordable.

Performance, reliability, and ease-of-maintenance testing will be sure to follow, but for now, the Nav 22 looks interesting. On paper the Navigator should be a solid performer, with decibel ratings under 120 for pistols and 113 for rifles.

Even if real-world noise reduction isn’t quite as good, the modular design and low cost make the Nav 22 appealing. Every Odin Works Nav 22 ships with a stitched carry pouch and two tools for assembly and disassembly.

For more info about the Nav 22 and the rest of Odin Works’ lineup, visit the company’s website.

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  • andy July 21, 2020, 11:45 am

    Rebel is.17-30 cal.

  • Brian July 19, 2020, 3:03 pm

    Does it have 1/2-28 threads?

  • Marc Kappel May 1, 2020, 10:24 am

    Do they configure to a Taurus 992 4″ barrel?

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