ODIN Works’ New Suppressor Line: Tested

As suppressors are gaining popularity despite the time disparity between buying one and actually owning one, more and more companies are popping up producing these valuable shooting accessories. ODIN Works is making their way into this market with the launch of 4 different suppressors. These suppressors are loaded to the gills with features and quality components and are boasting an “affordable” market price; thus ODIN’s saying, “A can for every man.”

left to right: Baja, Moab, Brimstone QD, Badlands QD

How Are These Suppressors Different?

The above question is one that many of you may have, and it is one that I like to ask for most new products that are released. Put simply, ODIN Works’ cans are extremely high quality which means they are made with the best materials and machined to tight tolerances. ODIN spent several years doing R&D and believe that they are better than any other suppressor on the market in their size and volume class. Also, when you purchase one of these suppressors, you are buying a suppressor with an extremely reliable limited lifetime warranty from a dependable company that will be around for many years to come. And of course, the price on these suppressors is extremely reasonable. As it turns out, you do not always have to pay a premium price in order to get a premium product.

The two different mounting types launched with these suppressors is a QD system (left) and a direct thread system (right). Notice the detents on the QD suppressor mount which cause the suppressor to ratchet into place and lock securely.

About These Suppressors

I was able to make it to the range and use all of ODIN’s new suppressors, but before I give you my impression, I want to give some details about these cans. Basically, there are two different lines: the direct thread and QD version. All of these cans are coated with Cerakote H-series, so good luck burning the coating off. The direct thread line consists of the Baja 5.56 and Moab 7.62 suppressors which come with a spring washer which aids in securing them on your barrel without needing Lok-Tite or some other similar thread locker. The QD line of suppressors is made up of the Brimstone 5.56 and Badlands 7.62 suppressor which come with a muzzle brake and QD system. All of these suppressors are sealed and cannot be taken apart by the user for cleaning purposes… or any purpose really. This design choice makes them very rugged.

The Moab mounted on the rifle. As you can see, this direct thread can has a pinhole on the mount which can be used for pinning and welding the can to make it permanent and thus making a rifle barrel shorter than 16″ able to reach the required 16″ length to avoid an extra tax stamp requirement.

The Baja 5.56 suppressor is a direct thread can made from 17-4 stainless, with heat treated baffles which makes this suppressor able to withstand extreme heat and other normal wear and tear without sustaining damage. This can has a 1.5″ outer diameter (slightly larger than the QD 5.56 can), a length of 5.5″ (slightly shorter than the QD 5.56 can) and a 13-ounce weight. Because of these measurements, this suppressor weighs less and is shorter than the QD 5.56 suppressor but it also only has the equivalent of one less baffle worth of internal volume comparatively. The Baja 5.56 has 1/2×28″ threads for use on most all threaded 22 caliber rifles. The mount also features a pinhole which can be used to pin and weld the suppressor onto a barrel shorter than 16″ in order to bring the barrel to the legal length of 16″ (for a rifle). In order to design them to be rugged and withstand the abuse, these cans are sealed and not user serviceable. The MSRP on the Baja is $399.00 Oh, and of course, this suppressor is full-auto rated.

The Moab 7.62 suppressor is a direct thread can that utilizes a similar design to the Baja 5.56, but it is larger in almost every dimension. Again, the outer tube and baffles are 17-4 stainless with heat treated baffles which make this suppressor more rugged. Fitted with 5/8×24 threads, this suppressor will fit most threaded 30 caliber barrels. This can is rated for semi-auto fire, but it is also rated for magnum cartridges. The length of the Moab is 7″ with an outside diameter of 1.625″. (Which is slightly shorter and fatter than the QD Badlands 7.62.) This can weighs in at 17.5 ounces and has an MSRP of $449.

ODIN’s muzzle brake included with the QD design is ingenious with its radially drilled design which doesn’t need timed.

With every QD suppressor, ODIN Works is including one QD mount, known respectively as the OSM 5 and OSM 7.  The OSM design is ingenious with its radially drilled design which means it doesn’t need to be timed, and best of all, shims and crush washers are not needed.  Torque the OSM to 30-35 foot pounds and you are set.  You will notice the end of the OSM is cut to accept a 3/4” socket for use in torqueing it onto the gun barrel.  Also, there is a taper that matches a complementary one within the suppressor mount which is located in front of the threads.  This taper creates a seal that prevents carbon lock that many people so commonly experience after high volume shooting.  The OSM mounts are machined from solid stainless steel and then heat treated giving them a long service life.  One OSM mount is included with each suppressor, but additional mounts can be purchased separately. 

A closer look at the QD system of the Brimstone and Badlands.

The Brimstone 5.56 QD suppressor features a 17-4 stainless steel blast chamber with a titanium outer tube and heat treated 17-4 stainless baffles. This suppressor comes with a radially drilled style muzzle brake (also heat treated and non-coated) which does not need timed with shims or machine work. The weight is modest at 16 ounces and it is short, boasting a length of 7″ with a diameter of 1.5″. This suppressor ratchets onto the muzzle brake with positive clicks and locks into place. The Brimstone 5.56 QD has an MSRP of $550.

These suppressors feature a sealed design which adds to the ruggedness and reliability of these cans.

The Badlands 7.62 QD suppressor also has a 17-4 stainless steel blast chamber, titanium outer tube, and heat treated 17-4 stainless baffles. It comes with a radially drilled style muzzle brake, just like the Brimstone. This can is 18.25″ long with a diameter of 1.5″ and a weight of 19 ounces. This can uses the same mounting system as the Brimstone, which means it ratchets into place over the brake and has audible clicks as you tighten it. Again, this suppressor is rated for semi-auto fire and magnum cartridges. The MSRP of the Badlands 7.62 QD is $600.

The Badlands QD mounted to the rifle.

Range Impressions

As mentioned before, I had the opportunity to shoot all of these suppressors side by side for a direct comparison. We were hoping to get some sound metering done at the range, but sadly as Murphy’s law would have predicted, the batteries in the meter were dead.

Right off the bat, as science would have it; the shorter, lower volume direct thread cans were slightly louder than the larger, higher volume QD suppressors. That said, the sound suppression ability of these small direct thread cans was impressive to say the least. They both brought the sound levels well into hearing safe ranges and had moderately low tonicity which made it easier on the ears than some of the sharper sounding cans that are out there.

The higher volume QD cans were amazing, and in my opinion, well worth the added weight. These cans had a noticeably greater sound suppression ability which justifies the slightly larger price tag. They had low tonicity which made the gunshots easy on the ears due to their higher internal volume than the direct thread version. These cans ratcheted onto the muzzle-brake and locked securely in place. Removal was equally as easy, requiring a quick twist of the wrist to break the seal followed by 5 rotations.

The QD attachment of the Brimstone and Badlands suppressors worked extremely well. These ratchet into place over the suppressor with 5 rotations and seal against two mating tapers in front of the threads, aiding in-bore alignment and preventing carbon locking.

Final Verdict and Specs

After using ODIN Works’ new suppressors, I am thoroughly impressed. These cans are well priced, made from the highest quality materials, designed well and boast great sound suppression ability. I will be looking into getting one of these cans to add to my own collection in the future and would definitely recommend these to someone as a viable option of their own.

bottom to top: Baja, Moab, Brimstone, Badlands


  • caliber: 5.56
  • length 5.5″
  • diameter: 1.5″
  • weight: 13 oz
  • material: 17-4 stainless
  • direct thread mount
  • full auto rating
  • limited liability warranty
  • $399 MSRP


  • caliber: 7.62
  • length: 7″
  • diameter: 1.625″
  • weight: 17.5 oz
  • material: 17-4 stainless
  • direct thread mount
  • semi-auto fire rating
  • limited liability warranty
  • $449 MSRP

Brimstone QD:

  • caliber: 5.56
  • length: 7″
  • diameter: 1.5″
  • weight: 16 oz
  • material: titanium and 17-4 stainless
  • Quick connect mount
  • brake included (1/2×28 TPI)
  • semi-auto fire rating
  • limited liability warranty
  • $550 MSRP

Badlands QD:

  • caliber: 7.62
  • length: 8.25″
  • diameter: 1.5″
  • weight: 19 oz
  • material: titanium and 17-4 stainless
  • quick connect mount
  • brake included (5/8×24 TPI)
  • semi-auto fire rating
  • limited liability warranty
  • $600 MSRP

For more information visit ODIN Works website.

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About the author: Riley Baxter is an avid and experienced hunter, shooter, outdoorsman, and he’s worked in the backcountry guiding for an outfitter. He also get’s a lot of enjoyment out of building or customizing his firearms and equipment. Check out Riley’s Instagram @Shooter300

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  • Tom June 4, 2019, 10:48 pm

    Will the badlands fit on my m14

  • Will Drider June 1, 2019, 1:39 pm

    Cans get very dirty and loose db performance. I assume user cleaning is solvent soak in ultrasonic vib tank and flushing is about all you can do?

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