OSS Suppressors New HX-QD 556 Ti Now Shipping, Updated 556 and 556k Too

OSS Suppressors is offering a new titanium 5.56 suppressor. (Photo: OSS)

The innovators at OSS Suppressors have just released an improved titanium version of their flagship suppressor, the HX-QD 556 Ti. The new suppressor is available now and shipping through dealers.

OSS Suppressors are unlike other products on the market. Instead of using conventional baffles to create expansion chambers, their suppressors have overlapping helical channels that allow gasses to flow back and forth through the suppressor and out the front.

These channels effectively create a long path for the gasses to expand in and lose pressure so that by the time they leave the suppressor they are at much lower, safer pressure levels.

A side benefit of the design is that there is almost no back-pressure using their suppressors. They don’t produce the “gas to the face” effect common to most suppressors on the market today.

The 556 Ti has a new flash cap design that’s being back-ported to other models. (Photo: OSS)

“Only OSS’s unique flow-through design directs expanding gas away from the bore line, routing it forward, through coils and deflectors, and then out the muzzle,” said OSS Director Jake VanAllen. “Sound levels are effectively suppressed at the shooter’s ear, toxic gas blowback, rifle recoil and flash are mitigated and weapon performance is improved. It’s a difference you can feel.”

Because of this, OSS Suppressor products have been a big hit since their introduction. And their newest product is a hard-use suppressor meant for serious users and high round counts.

The HX-QD 556 Ti uses the same flow-through technology and Torque-Lock mounting system with a suppressor body built using grade 5 and grade 9 titanium with 17-4 stainless steel core. It has a redesigned flash cap that greatly reduces muzzle flash as well.

The combination of a steel core with titanium channels gives the HX-QD 556 Ti a very long service life of 40,000 rounds or more, depending on its use. It’s considerably more durable than all-titanium suppressors and will outlast multiple barrels.

It’s also lightweight at just over 13 ounces compared to almost 18 ounces for the all-steel HX-QD 556. It measures in at 6.7 inches long and has a 1.6-inch outer diameter.

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“We’re excited to add OSS’s new 556Ti to our line at Silencer Shop,” said Marketing Chief Elliot Aquila. “Their Flow-Through suppressors have become increasingly popular for us. The HX-QD 556Ti–with its combination of light weight, full-auto rating, superior accuracy and repeatability, will prove to be a strong addition to our 556 offerings.”

The improved flash cap design is being carried over to other OSS Suppressors. OSS is adding the new flash cap to their HX-QD 556 and 556k models, too.

With a suggested retail price of $1,199 the HX-QD 556 Ti isn’t much more expensive than other higher-end suppressors while offering a substantially longer service life along with the other performance benefits of the flow-through system.

The MSRPs for the HX-QD 556 and 556k are $899 and $879, respectively. All are available and shipping now.

Learn more at OssSuppressors.com.

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