Parody video of Everytown’s Domestic Violence PSA

It was only a matter of time before someone parodied Everytown for Gun Safety’s PSA on domestic violence and gun ownership.

Everytown wants to expand background checks to cover all private sales, including those made over the Internet and at gun shows, in the hope that it will stop domestic abusers and other prohibited persons from obtaining firearms.

Yet, the reality is, laws don’t stop crazy people from doing crazy things.

What will stop crazy people? A community that is armed, trained and willing to eliminate the threat.

About the author: S.H. Blannelberry is the News Editor of GunsAmerica.

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  • Linebaughker August 2, 2014, 12:46 pm

    This is much more comforting to view than the original scare tactics version. Realistic solution and affordable. I wonder if Mossberg or Remington will ever market a 20 gauge model to women as a home defender. That would be great for my father as well (82 years old).

    I am happy to know the fear based and helplessness portrayed in the original version turned off many people. And the three out of four tv hosts on the female designed “The View” show were talking about this and said they would like to have a handgun if ever in similar situation. Each of these women had previous history with either a stalker or threat of violence so were not naive.

    Most people who say guns are not a good choice are completely ignorant and unfamiliar with firearms. And tend to belittle crime stats and say it will never happen to them. I now show them video clips of Police a Chief James Craig and Sheriff David Clarke and also encourage them to go to the range. Also to visit And on top of this, ask them give me an answer to why so many states allow LTC permits, read up on the history of the recent rulings in Washington, D.C., and then ask to go over perception versus reality after being educated on the topic. Another great resource is the film (now on DVD and Hulu) “Infringed” to initiate a new perspective.

    I have not given up. Never give up, right!?! But have changed from getting angry debating oblivious folk and turned to these other resources. Most just have no idea about any truth in guns and crime. And are scared. So they take an easy position to dismiss responsibility. And fall for the Bumble-berg type Ad Homenim attacks on gun owners. I do understand why, and try to be more understanding of the source of their ignorance. But I won’t let them get away with cheap shots or turning the conversion into a joke (why don’t you use machine gun for deer, buy a nuclear sub, add next ridiculous statement).

    I grew up in CA, Bay Area, Sunnyvale. Home of the ten round mandated policy (which the NRA is currently countering). Low to no crime. High brow intellectuals supposedly. The Trader Joes/Whole Foods shopper demographic. Many have no clue on the history of anything firearm related, let alone the history of the USA and why we have the 2nd in the first place. They often parrot the “it’s outdated” line and have no idea of the definition of militia and well regulated. In fact, I have been presented with more logical fallacies and critical thinking errors on this topic than all other “hot topics” combined. And have seen people get very angry or even cry. It is bizarre. And these are people who generally have it together mentally and financially. And logical and considerate regarding most things in life. But as soon as their hoplophobia surfaces, all logic goes out the window.

    • James March 12, 2018, 3:58 pm

      Mossberg has made a 20 gauge model 500 pump shotgun for years. I got one with both the 18″ and 26″ barrels, 50178. Here is some info on building a custom gun to fit your needs.

    • James March 12, 2018, 4:16 pm

      Another source of information you can show your hoplophobic friends is a video documentary named “Assaulted: Civil Rights Under Fire” that you watch for free if you’re an Amazon Prime member. One of the contributors being interviewed is a friend who knows what he’s talking about.

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