Prepping 101: $20 Augason Farms 4 Person/48hr Supply at Walmart – Ultimate Survival Food Deal?

This week I am returning to a topic that I don’t think I can cover too much. It is that most “survival food” is a complete scam. And sadly, most of the survival and prepping sites make most of their money from ads for these horrendously bad deals. The Auguson bucket I cover here that I found in my local Walmart is 2x to 3x better in calories per dollar than most of the stuff out there, so that is why I figured it might be a good candidate to compare to what I can really get for the same money, right on the same shelves at Walmart. The bucket and food, at $19.99, work out to 545 calories per dollar. My example bucket comes to 2,000 calories per dollar, and my bucket includes some ready to eat food, not that I would consider this the best mix of your money.

What I didn’t include in this bucket are a number of foods I mentioned, like nonfat dry milk and potato flakes, but I didn’t mention oats, which are in the Auguson bucket, and oils, which can take some extra care in storing.

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