Prepping 101: Is This the END? – Brexit in Context

Since we haven’t devolved into Prepper theory for a while, I thought today would be a good day. As I write this, the markets have just closed Friday, after Great Britain voted to leave the European Union. You are probably reading this on Monday, after our weekly GunsAmerica Digest goes out. Probably the markets are crashing, but I’m not a prophet. Our financial and monetary system is so strung out, who knows if the end of the giant game of musical chairs is today. But more importantly, our question here is, if you haven’t done the work of preparing for the collapse, is it *today* too late?

The first thing I would say, especially to the “infotainment” readers of this column, is what if it was? What if the banks do collapse today (or more likely hadn’t even even opened today). All of your bank held savings are gone. Any paper investments you had are gone. The credit market is grinding to a halt today, which means that the supply chain is grinding to a halt. The TV is still on, as is the internet, but the supermarkets are mostly cleaned out by noon today. Most importantly, the EBT cards stopped working at some point today, when the pool of funds in the electronic account fell to zero.

Look around you. Today is the day that you have what you have, and you will not for a long time have anything else.

You have guns. Yes, if you are reading this digest, most likely you have guns, as well as the ammunition that you need for them, and you are probably a pretty good shot. But now that the end has come, maybe you will remember my warnings that your neighbors don’t have more than a week or so worth of food in their pantry either. Why did you think being armed was somehow going to feed you? Your family is looking to you for hope, but all you have to show them is the handful of gold or silver coins that Glen Beck convinced you to buy. Your wealth is secured…for those who find your bodies.

A Final Warning

Judging from the financial action in the markets, the media swing, and even the price of gold on Friday, I don’t think this is the end. As I’ll explain below, in the big picture, the real end is already here, and we have past the point of no return. But for now, there will be food in the supermarkets, and you still have time to cash in, and stock up.

The key to any “con” game is in the word “confidence,” which is where the term “con game” comes from. It is a game that relies on the confidence of the victim to play itself out. When the victim loses confidence, the game is over. If anything confidence in our financial system just grew among the masses on the Brexit vote, because Britain showed that the “will of the people” can still overthrow those nasty globalist bankers. Yes, we’ll have a bumpy few weeks I think, but I don’t think we are at the end of the con. Peter Schiff explains in this podcast how the system views the Brexit before and after, and he has some interesting stuff about Alan Greenspan coming clean:

The Rotten Core is Reckless Growth and Consumption

That doesn’t mean that we are not already knee deep in the collapse, the true collapse, that if Paul Harvey were still alive, would definitely qualify as “The Rest of the Story.” It would be great if this were just about money, and corrupt bankers and politicians. All that is fixable with a simple financial collapse scenario. Peter explains in the above video how Germany benefited from losing WWII, because they got to flush their government. We could all flush all of our governments, banks, and monetary systems, and it isn’t going to fix what may extinct all of us in short order. There are much more pressing reasons to be a prepper these days.

The rest of the story, as I have explained a few times in these pages, is that our planet is at the end point of its ability to sustain the unlimited growth on which our western society was founded. It has been a great ride, but the ride is over. And as you’ll notice, I shut of comments for this article, because I don’t care what you think, and it doesn’t matter what you think. At some point in the near future, there is going to be a “great reveal,” and all of humanity is going to fall into an end of the world pandemonium on the realization that we have been duped into destroying our planet.

This being GunsAmerica, we’re all a bunch of right wing freedom loving Americans, but we have been the biggest suckers. Our “conservative” leaders led us to believe that “global warming” was a hoax. Fox News, DrudgeReport, Breitbart, NewsMax, and even Rush Limbaugh himself are all part of the scam.

The truth, if you care to know it, is that the planet is rapidly cooking itself to death, and us along with it. The powers that be are using a science called geoengineering to hide it from us, especially those of us in the power centers on the East Coast.

Look up! How often do you see a day with blue skies all day? Do you see a dull haze cloud hanging in the sky? When the sun does shine, can you put your face up into it for more than 20 seconds without feeling icky and feeling like you should turn away?

Have you experienced a weird cold snap where you live, only to see it 30-50 degrees warmer the next day? Have you seen violent lighting where you live, but no rain? Tornadoes in the middle of winter? Hail when it’s 60 degrees outside? Skies full of grid pattern white lines? Clouds that look like waves in a lake, for days on end?

Here is a brief overview of what is really going on. For more information, visit

Click to make this bigger and you'll see the wave pattern in the clouds. You'll see this for weeks on end as the weather controllers use high voltage radar waves to flatten and direct the fake clouds.

Click to make this bigger and you’ll see the wave pattern in the clouds. You’ll see this for weeks on end as the weather controllers use high voltage radar waves to flatten and direct the fake clouds.

  • The trails behind the planes above your head are not “contrails.” – The trails are an admitted and patented science called “Solar Radiation Management.” When you see the lines spread out and create long lasting clouds, obviously this is not made of “condensation,” which is what the “con” in comes from in contrails (funny how that word gets around huh). Go breath outside in winter. Does your breath last all afternoon, just hanging there? Clearly the jets are spraying something, and at this point, whether you use the correct scientific names for it, or you insist on calling them “chemtrails,” only a fool would still think that there is no purpose behind grids of white lines in the sky, made by planes that don’t show up on any airplane tracking software or phone apps.
  • These manufactured clouds are an attempt to reflect the sun back into space. – It sure makes sense right? If the sun’s rays are baking the planet, why not block the sun with a shiny cloud and prevent the sunlight from warming the ground?
  • Well, because it isn’t working, and it is making things worse. – It goes back to how did we get into this in the first place. The industrialist and banker oligarchs have known since at least the 1950s that we were destroying the ozone layer and creating a glasslike layer of gas around the planet, and that eventually this would warm the planet unnaturally. Patents for aerosol spraying go all the way back to the 60s, when arctic ice began to decline.
  • Aluminum breath mint anyone? – They have been spraying the planet, and us, with an aluminum nanoparticle compound for a generation now, and the clouds have only served to warm the planet quicker, while poisoning us all.
  • Wildfires, Autism, Alzheimers, and all those crazy dead fish and mammals washing up on shore are all because of geoengineering. – Spraying a planet with aluminum has consequences, and since I am linking out to, I’m not going to get into them. Listen to some of Dane Wigington’s radio show podcasts. He is pretty thorough.
  • Most of our weather these days is manufactured. – Part of geoengineering is a technology that started out with an experimental station in Alaska called HAARP, which is essentially a high voltage radar array that is used to superheat the atmosphere. If you look at your local clouds, usually the ones created by SRM trails, they will have wave patterns in them, as if they were sliced up. This is used to flatten the clouds out to create more light reflective surface area.
  • When you see headline driving cool down events, they are manufactured through aerosol chemical “cold packs” – If you ever sprained your knee at a track meet, you know that cold can be created by chemical means. The weather engineers have been using a technology called ice nucleation to convince people that we are headed for global cooling, not global warming.

    This is one of many scenes from fake cool downs.  This past winter they killed 30,000 cows in Texas with an overdone ice nucleation event.

    This is one of many scenes from fake cool downs. This past winter they killed 30,000 cows in Texas with an overdone ice nucleation event.

  • The roads are melting in India – Global temperatures are completely off the chain, far worse than we are being told. Look at even your local weather report, and check your outside thermometer. Most likely you’ll see a variation of a few degrees. This may seem like nothing, but this is going on worldwide. Now, despite the manufactured cooldowns, everyone seems to be talking about how much hotter it is. The roads in the US Southwest may melt as well this summer. Already sustained heat over 110 has been recorded several times this summer.

    Temperature maps like this are becoming way too common to keep a lid on this mess much longer. And these temps are with reckless solar radiation management spraying. Imagine how hot it would be without the fake clouds?

    Temperature maps like this are becoming way too common to keep a lid on this mess much longer. And these temps are with reckless solar radiation management spraying. Imagine how hot it would be without the fake clouds?

  • The Arctic is about to melt all the way. – My long time readers will remember my article on Jade Helm back in May of last year. In that I warned that the Arctic might melt all the way, and I speculated that the military exercise might be a preparation for the pandemonium that will ensue once people in right wing strongholds figure out that they have been tricked into being global warming deniers. We are all being set up as the opposition, and the Arctic melting all the way may be the final catalyst for the great reveal. It may even be why they allowed the EU vote to go through, to muddy the waters and get people focused on averting a financial collapse.

    Let this run all the way to the end and you'll see it jump to this time 2015. Then watch it again, as you see the ice break up last July.  We are much thinner this year going into July.

    Let this run all the way to the end and you’ll see it jump to this time 2015. Then watch it again, as you see the ice break up last July. We are much thinner this year going into July.

  • When the Arctic melts, we are totally screwed. – Not that we aren’t totally screwed anyway. But when the Arctic melts, the currently frozen shelf off of Siberia will release billions of tons of frozen methane. Nobody knows really how much is trapped there, but when it finally unleashes, it is going to be game over. Here is a video of Russian kids popping methane bubbles frozen in the lakes. If you have never heard what a nightmare this will turn into, just do a little research. Don’t be mentally lazy.

Ok, that’s enough for now. I’ve covered this several times at this point, and again, all you really have to do is put your face into the sun. The sunlight making it through the fake clouds is increasingly made up of UV-B, and you should stay out of it. There is now some UV-C, and according to the government and the weathermen, it is supposed to be all UV-A. People who used to be able to lie out in the sun for hours here in South Florida get dangerous sunburns in under an hour now. Sunscreen doesn’t work on some people at all.

Where would we be without the trails? Would it be worse? I don’t think that is the actual question. If decades ago the industrialists knew that we couldn’t support an ever growing industrialized world, why didn’t they tell anyone? Why all the disinformation? What planet do they think they will run to? Aren’t we all in this together, when the rubber meets the road (and melts)?

Dane Wigington, the founder of, believes that if enough of us spread the word, we can reverse course and let the planet heal itself. Out of respect for him I will continue to revisit the subjects above, and try to do just that. I don’t see it happening, especially among us right wingers. It is really difficult for a freedom loving American to accept that some of our freedom may have been misplaced. We have been driven to consume and consume and consume, without anything thought to the consequences, or to what we are individually giving back to the world. I personally am embarrassed for what I used to believe. But I don’t expect that more than a handful of you will reorganize your perspective of our brief history as a nation. Since the widespread use of fossil fuels, Americans have been manipulated into a reckless commitment to never ending economic growth. Now we are at the point where we have raped and pillaged the planet, in the name of freedom, and the entire world is going to pay the piper.

My perspective for Prepping 101 has been that on learning all of the above, it is prudent to prepare for a good couple years of very hard times. The oligarchs, the media, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh all know what is going on, and they have a plan. It is also well documented that giant bunkers in the Ozarks, bunkers under the Denver airport, and stories of bunkers in many other locations nationwide in the US hold hope for someone, and those bunkers have been well stocked. Survival may be possible. It may be impossible. But nobody is going to convince me that you should not at least try to survive, and take the steps required to do that in the real world. Spread the word, yes, but also keep your powder dry and your pantry full. Ultimately I pray that our Merciful Creator bails us out and sends the complete Redemption for all of the world. Meanwhile, I’ll keep filling my buckets.

This is a good documentary that has over 4.5 million plays on Youtube:

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