Prepping 101: Time to Cash in Those Wooden Nickels

It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.
-Mark Twain

Yesterday I got a Snapple cap with an interesting fact on it. It said that the Mayans had no concept of money, even though they were at the time the most prosperous and powerful nation in South America. Many of you will instantly call bullshit on that, as I did, because we have all seen the ornate Mayan artifacts made out of gold. You don’t make statues, trinkets and jewelry out of gold, as opposed to lead or copper, unless it holds an uncommon value for you. The gold for those statues was traded for other things of value, or for labor at one point, and that means it was money. So since Glen Beck and all these other “smart” people are hocking gold and silver these days, I thought I’d divert to a prepping discussion about money, and about gold.

I’m sure that many of you will instantly stop there and scroll to the comments so that you can expound to us about all the great information you need to share about hyperinflation, purchasing power, and “real money,” but alas, I’m turning off comments for this article. Frankly I’m tired of the stupidity, and I don’t feel like answering them. I have a novel concept for those of you who are really miffed about it. Try looking back through some old articles here, and you’ll find Mike Maloney’s Greatest Scam in the History of Mankind documentary series. Little more needs to be said about the historical value of precious metals as monetary systems implode.

But just as important to watch, and one of the reasons for my “Wooden Nickel” title for this article, is the “Money Masters” documentary by Bill Still. Bill doesn’t sell gold like Maloney, and he looks back through history at the concept of money itself, and how the bankers have used money, and gold, to create and retain control of the financial system itself. Historically, anything can be money if the ruling class says that it is money and you can pay taxes with it. I also just happened to be reading a book series right now that actually introduced a giant wooden coin currency for the payment of a giant creature army, and it reminded me of the Still documentary, and how it should factor into a prepper’s plans in regard to utilizing and preserving the assets you have. When it comes right down to it, anything can be money if those in power say it is money, and in this era of financial history, gold and silver are not money. And even if them become money in the foreseeable future, there is no windfall waiting for the little guy. If you are allowed to keep and sell your metals, they will have to be turned into currency, and that currency will be taxed.

Currency, what we call “money” today, is needed in any society, but it is solely for convenience. I am a farmer and I just harvested a field of potatoes. I need to fix my daughters phone screen that she cracked. My wife is complaining that we need to get rid of DirectTV and go back to Comcast, and I could really use a Dunkachino at Dunkin Donuts right now. Unless all of those entities want potatoes right now, I either can’t get what I want, or I’m going to have to give them way more potatoes than I should for what I want.

Currency allows me to swap my potatoes for something that those people all value, cold hard cash. And because I can sell my potatoes to an entity that is set up find people or entities who need potatoes right now, I’m going to get the maximum swap value that I can for my harvest. I love currency. But does the actual paper with the dead president on it actually have any intrinsic value? No. There isn’t even a place on it to write, and it would be painful to use it as toilet paper. The actual currency has no value. The value comes from the controlling entity that says it is money.

Take a dollar out of your wallet and look at it. Now take out a silver or gold coin that 911 truth denier Glen Beck told you to buy. The gold has little intrinsic value in practical terms either. Pieces of gold and silver have been valued for thousands of years, but you can’t eat them, build a house out of them, or use them for any other practical purpose. They are really just currency that everyone has historically believed has value. Granted, blah blah blah, gold and silver (mostly silver) have important industrial commodity value, but that isn’t why that establishment whore told you to buy them. Go try and buy a Dunkachino with a US Mint Gold Eagle. It says $5 on it, and that is most likely all you will get for it, if you can even get that. The cashier will most likely take the coin and say “It’s $5.17 with tax.”

Even though that gold coin is worth more than what she makes in a month, she has no value for it other than the number printed on it by the government. Take a look in Youtube for the vidoes made by Mark Dice. He has tested this several time and it rarely fails.

The gold and silver bandwagon have gained a ton of traction in the conservative media world for one simple reason. Guys like Mike Maloney and Glen Beck have convinced us that precious metals are the currency that will never fail, based on the mystical “value” that the metals have always possessed. Kings want precious metals, and the next regime that rises from the ashes of this world as we know it will want them again. The argument is, if you are reasonably sure that a collapse is coming, buy gold and silver, rather than inexpensive #10 cans of storeable food, because whoever owns the food after the collapse will for sure swap you for your “real money.”

But when nobody with a field of potatoes, or even a #10 can of dry beans, will swap me my “real money” for his potatoes, it ceases to be money, at least at that time. The gold bugs insist that gold and silver have intrinsic value, because we all perceive them as “precious,” but after the collapse, I doubt that for a long long time anyone is going to swap things of value for any kind of currency, gold, silver, wood, or otherwise, unless food becomes again plentiful, which it may not.

The old argument for gold is that if you find are digging in your backyard and you find an old chest, what you really want to find in there is gold, silver, diamonds, etc., because there is no such thing as even a 200 year old paper currency that has any value today. But if you are starving, what you really hope is there is a few cans of Beefaroni.

Anything durable that doesn’t spoil can be currency, not just gold and silver. A pile of good refined steel is also currency, as is a truckload of firewood or a silo of corn. None of them spoil. What makes precious metals good currency, historically, is that you can carry the value of a lot of steel, firewood, corn, or my potato example, in one gold coin. Silver is a subset of the same thing, used to pay soldiers, and to conduct day to day commerce without having to rely on a piece of paper that can be easily faked.

The thing is, the kings who will for sure want your gold and silver don’t historically swap food and durable goods to acquire them. They just take the gold. In 1933, when the American empire was in danger of collapse, they just took the gold. And after this collapse, if there is anything left, they’ll just take it again. Then they will issue a new currency that is legal for paying taxes, and the game will begin anew. Or will it?

So What is Different This Time?

We have all fallen into a trap, and as the jaws close, nearly all of us still think we’re not in a trap at all. I’ve had long conversations with people about what is really going on in the world, trying to convince them to at least go through the motions to “prepare” for it, but often at the end of the conversation I’ll be asked “but how can I make money off of it?” At this I just shake my head, because when chips finally fall, and they will fall, money isn’t even going to exist, and it may never exist again.

Did you know that just last week soldiers opened fire on a crowd of protesting farmers in the Philippines? Did you know that in Venezuela the currency is now nearly worthless, and people are killing each other in the streets?

I didn’t think so. The truth is being hid from Western eyes as long as possible, so that the oligarchs can maintain a certain civility while they prepare their bunkers for decades of survival while we all kill each other for scraps. You have to dig if you want to find out what is really going on outside of our US bubble. And we aren’t the only ones. In China they can’t even get Youtube.

Most of my regular readers already know that I am friends with Dane Wigington from, and I actually got that Phillipines story from one of his recent articles. Only a handful of you will bother to read it, but when you do, the world picture is going to shock you. Click around on that website, watch some of long documentaries, listen to some radio shows that have been reproduced on Youtube. If there is one person speaking the truth about what is going on in the world, and that gravity of it, it is Dane Wigington. Below there is a video embedded of Dane on Greg Hunter’s show this week. He insists that we can stop this tide, and he is filing lawsuits worldwide toward that goal.

If you bother to do the actual research, you will conclude that the planet is dying, and that we have very little time before the general populace figures this out When they do, there will be end of the world pandemonium, worldwide, but because we have so many guns in the US, it will be the worst here.

This is also why this financial collapse isn’t going to be like the ones that have come before. There isn’t just going to be a stock market crash and a “new deal” or a war or new discovery that is going to save the planet and miraculously allow everyone to breed and consume indefinitely. If one of those things could possibly help, they would have tried it already. There may be new deals, and wars and new discoveries, but all of them will be preformulated to defer the eventual conclusion of all of this.

Geoengineering, which Dane has pretty much proven is the most pressing contributor to the collapse of our planet in our days, is just the most recent junk science invention that the G-dless, science worshipping fools think is going to save us. The core of the problem started with human nature, our nature that is to put short term benefits before long term consequences. The oligarchs running our world have hidden the ecological effects of fossil fuels and endless population and financial growth but we’re all in on it, at least in the West.

If anything could potentially save us, it would be cooperation, communication and common sense, but that just isn’t going to happen. I found a really good documentary called The Four Horsemen, and it is really a terrible title because it isn’t religious at all. They just explain how you can’t run a planet like this, with competing interests focused on endless growth from finite resources. According to the documentary, Royal Dutch Shell calculated that we would reach the end of the planet’s ability to sustain itself by 2075, and that we could either reach that the easy way or the hard way depending on the way the cookie crumbles. I will be surprised if we make it to 2020 without it crumbling, and all of the evidence points to the hard way at this point, starting now.

That is the real story, not just geoengineering. But Dane frames the larger issue within geoengineering, because come on, there are white lines in the skies above all of our heads. It is easy to point at the airplane trails and say look, whoever the hell is in charge of this mess is spraying us like bugs, thinking it is for our own good.

This isn’t an Illuminati plot, nor is it that we are warming the planet to make it more comfortable for the little green men who want to take over. We have merely allowed ourselves to be lulled to sleep by competing financial interests who each have their own selfish agendas without concern for what, overall, we are doing to our planet.

Do You Take Wooden Nickels?

That quote that started this article, above from Mark Twain, is really important because it explains the phenomenon that I call “push back.” Others would call it cognitive dissonance and some others things (blah blah blah), but for me, push back nails it.

Everyone has their things that they are willing to accept, up to a point, but after that point, you just simply push back.

  • You saw a documentary at one time that explained the story of Building 7 on 911, and you know that there was something fishy about 911, but you don’t believe that our own government would bring down a building on its own people.
  • You knew that the interviews with the parents after Sandy Hook looked staged and fake, and you couldn’t understand how a parent a day later wouldn’t be collapsing in tears, but you just don’t want to believe that the whole thing could have been a staged event.
  • You know that a real airplane condensation trail (contrail) evaporates pretty quick, but when you see the white Solar Radiation Management trails (otherwise called chemtrails) last all afternoon, you just can’t accept that the government is spraying us all with aluminum in a program to block out the sun.
  • You know it is warmer out than it ever was in past memory, strikingly so. You can feel the UV-B radiation burn into your face and your eyes, when the sun is not blocked by a chemical haze. You see these crazy temperature fluctuations from day to day, like minus 5 in Southern Maine to 70 degrees the next day. You can’t imagine why tornadoes would spin up in the middle of winter in Florida and Texas, but you absolutely refuse to click around at to learn what is really going on. You want to cling to your burning hatred of Al Gore and those POS liberals who use Global Warming as an excuse for taking away your freedoms.
  • You know that the collapse is coming. We are in a bubble started with subprime, and inflated even more since 2009 by zero percent interest rates. You know that, as Mike Maloney so valiantly explains, our currency is going to first become valuable because worldwide debts are going to default, and then it is going to hyperinflate to zero value. You are willing to take at least part of your savings out of paper and put it into precious metals. But you absolutely will not use all available resources to buy survival food, water collection devices, and a means to cook and communicate off the grid.

Push back is that point where your brain and your emotions agree that enough is enough. And to tell you the truth, I don’t know why my brain and emotions have been able to keep digging and keep digging. The misinformation out there is staggering, and I can guarantee you that there are whole office buildings in New York City that are staffed with people whose only job is to go into Youtube, Facebook and blogger comments to obfuscate the truth with easily digestible arguments as to why the truth can’t be the truth. I see it everyday.

The wooden nickel we have been given is what I would call the currency of confidence. We want to believe that though things may get bad, they won’t get all the way bad. I myself have even written articles about buying collectible guitars to store wealth, but I don’t think any of that is about to matter anymore. It is going to get all the way bad, and though I hope they can put it off, I suspect that it is going to happen soon. I suggested in my Jade Helm article last May that they may pop Yellostone next to try to blacken the sky, and the seismic sensors at Yellowstone were just taken offline last week and all historical reference was removed when they came back on.

So yes, the financial collapse is definitely coming. It has already started, but instead of the unemployed standing in lines for food we use EBT cards to hide it from the mainstream conscience. As this depression unfolds, it is going to be much worse than the 1930s. The financial collapse is just the top of the iceberg though. They have wound the financial system this far out because they had to keep the minor powers in play, and the only way you do that is by paying them off. The investment bankers and local politicians stuffing their pockets are going to starve to death just as quickly as everyone else who believed things were just going to keep going the way they have been.

It is Time to Stop Pushing Back, Cash in Your Wooden Nickels, and Buy Some Food

If you are going to even have a remote chance of making it after they kill off most of the people, you are going to have to take steps now that you have pushed back from in the past. This is really happening, and has nothing to do with right, left, liberal conservative, Trump, Cruz, Hillary, or any of the other useless distractions.

Use your own head and do your own research. Those POS liberals trying to take away our guns and make us drive electric cars are just being used as a convenient opposition, the same as you. They have no idea that the planet is warming much faster than they are being told, and that we are probably at the end of the game by this summer or perhaps next. Dane has confronted some of the most famous environmentalists in the world, and every one of them has pushed back at him. You and I already knew that the liberal mind is lazy and perverse, and can justify anything. They are a party to this insanity.

If we even make it to this summer don’t be surprised if the “new normal” becomes the Arctic ice cap melting all the way, and a new phenomenon of impassible melted roads in the Southwest with cars stuck in them. This March was the warmest on record, and the rate at which the records are being broken is also increasing. Al Gore’s hockey stick was a lie. It wasn’t steep enough or quick enough. That is the Global Warming hoax. We have much less time.

I know most of you as well as I know myself, and I’d like to see as many as possible of you at least try to make it through to whatever is coming next. I’m sure my regular readers have grown tired of this, but I have done everything in my power to wake up my peeps as to what is really going on, and I have encouraged you all to prepare accordingly. If you haven’t read my article on getting the most food for your buck, please do so, and then go buy some #10 cans of cheap food from the Mormons. I’m an orthodox Jew and they haven’t tried to recruit me yet, so I think you’re pretty safe. Also make sure you have access to water and that you can cook. I have a lot of good research here on my experiences with those things.

As worldwide food riots begin to explode, and climate refugees continue to invade the reality of the Western world, I don’t see how they hide this much longer. But just like the California gas leak, the water in Flint, and the fact that fracking causes earthquakes, and every other catastrophe that was kept out of the public eye until they could no longer keep it out, they are going to hide the truth about our world right up until the last second that they can’t. Do you want to gamble your wooden nickel on seeing that coming in time? I don’t. Ten years early is better than one minute late.

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