Prepping 101: Buying/Mining Bitcoin vs. Gold & Silver

[To my regular readers/watchers: Sorry I haven’t had time to work on prepping projects lately. Mostly my plans for this year are to dig deeper into topics I’ve already covered, which those of you who matter already have done, once I sent you down the rabbit hole. So if you haven’t bought a lot of 5,000 calorie per dollar Walmart flour, bought some drain tarps and/or pitcher pump, bought a real HF Ham radio, bought both a high and medium level geiger, bought a basic solar system, bought voltage converters for 5v, diesel & gasoline cookers, a rocket stove, a family sized tent, an RTL-SDR, etc., go do those things.]

The theory of Bitcoin, and blockchain currency in general, is that nobody has an advantage to getting it as it is released, and it is earned, not borrowed into existence, via hashblocks that have to be cracked by a computer. Because it takes time to crack them, even with the fastest computers, this is considered “proof of work.” In theory it’s great, but in practice it has put most Bitcoins into the hands of big players with deep pockets who can buy up the expensive specialty chips quicker than everyone else, and it is why ultimately Bitcoin is a joke as a new world currency. But that doesn’t mean it won’t break a million US dollars this year lol.

The biggest question I get these days is “should I buy some Bitcoin?” My answer is always the same.

That depends on what you think is going to happen.

So for those of you who just skim because this is all infotainment, you can skip down to the value of the cryptos. But for those of us who are paying attention, this is a serious topic, because no matter what you believe will happen, it isn’t happening today, or at least probably not. The easiest and most accurate thing anyone can predict is that today will be just like yesterday, and tomorrow will be just like today. The girl or guy who contradicts that, and says no, something is gravely wrong here, and this whole thing is going to collapse, is going to be wrong today, and most likely wrong tomorrow and the day after that and the day after and the day after that.

Until they aren’t wrong anymore. But when that happens, nobody is going to think to go back to the guys who used to be always right and say “hey, you were wrong!” Because everyone who believed them will be dead, or in a shelter somewhere in a line waiting for something to eat.

When people first come upon some obvious fake history, like the official story of 911, often we think that a worldwide revelation and collapse is imminent. For me that has not proven to be the case. The Leaning Tower of Pisa make look like it’s about to come down, but it’s been leaning since it was built in 1173.

I got wise to the fact that something is gravely wrong back in 2009, when I figured out that the official story on 911 is impossible when you factor in the laws of physics. To this day I don’t claim to have any broad knowledge of what really happened that day, or on the days of the hoaxes that have occurred before or since. But I can tell you that when I found that my assumptions about 911 were false, it gave me what I call “Leaning Tower of Pisa” perspective.

Imagine that you had never heard of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and just happened upon it one day. In the shadow of this enormous building, leaning and looking like it is going to collapse, thousands of people had gathered for selfies, just waiting to be squished. Would you not run at them screaming “Get out of the way it’s coming down!” ??

That’s how I felt about the collapse for a long time. By all all rights, the financial system should have collapsed in 2008, and perhaps even back to 1971 when Nixon was forced to de-peg the dollar from gold. Likewise the planet, which I’ll get into. With the heat and UV indexes around the globe, crop failures and massive die-offs, there should not be enough food for us to still live in gluttony, but somehow they still pull it off.

So over the last few years I’ve learned that this is not an exercise in randomness, where you add things up that are seemingly unrelated and say wow I’m smarter than everyone else and I figured it all out. There are forces in play who know exactly what is going on, and they most likely know the date when it’s all scheduled to come down. I’ll never be one of those people. For me, I know it’s coming. It is easier to assume that it won’t be today or tomorrow, or when I’m supposed to take my kids to Busch Gardens, but at some point it is coming.

Alt-Currencies and the Financial Collapse

The financial guys will have you believe that the freight train that is headed for us is purely financial. We have been printing money like there is no tomorrow since the 70s. Then since the 2008 financial crash, where the big banks were just simply given free money as a bailout, and hence forth allowed to borrow at 0% or close to it, our financial system has become a game, pure and simple. There are no true supply and demand markets. There are no humans anymore on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. Computers hedge percentages of percentages of percentage points against each other, driving the fake markets ever higher. I will not take this space to get into specifics. Search Youtube for some of the financial guys that Greg Hunter at USA Watchdog interviews if this is all foreign to you. Peter Schiff also has a pretty clear perspective of what is going on, and he’s totally mainstream, interviewed on MSNBC.

Just a look at the overall money supply since 1971 will show you where the real estate, bond and stock bubble has come from. When you print money at zero interest, everything is just too cheap.

What I will get into a bit, yet again, is what the financial guys miss. In their overall financial sustainability equation, they plug in the planet, it’s resources, and even it’s ability to sustain life as “infinity.” There are monetary costs to using resources of course, but there is no “planet tax.” I know it is the American way to thing in such terms. As Rush Limbaugh has said I’m sure thousands of times, you can barely even see civilization from space. We are tiny bugs on a giant planet, and the party can just go on forever without any effect whatsoever. But is that true, or is it something that we have been led to believe?

You have probably heard these referred to as contrails, or more recently, “chemtrails” and called a conspiracy theory. They aren’t a theory. They are a recognized field of science called Solar Radiation Management, meant to block to sun to slow down global warming, and they happen over every country of the world.

As a committed gun toting capitalist right winger, it was difficult for me to swallow anything that even smacked of “global warming,” or “climate change,” so I am somewhat grateful that I don’t have to convince you of anything today. And I don’t really care what you believe regardless. This article in being put inside my prepping column intentionally, within the framework of alt-currencies, intentionally, so that only the people paying attention will bother to read it. Then you can do your own research and reach your own conclusions.

Have you noticed that the sun is way hotter on your face these days than it used to be? Have you noticed the sun is no longer yellow or golden, but pure white? Have you noticed that it is way hotter than it should be most of the time, except for small periods of cold usually involving precipitation? And have you noticed all of the white lines in the sky that come from airplanes, and how they tend to flatten out and slice up into a wave pattern, nearly ever day?

As I have written before here a few times, we as the freedom loving right winger community have been fooled regarding our dying planet.

We are not just warming. We are boiling, and those white trails are not “contrails,” but a field of climate science called “Solar Radiation Management,” among other names. The word “chemtrails” was invented by Dennis Kucinich when he proposed a bill banning the weaponization of space and other technologies, and for some reason the world stuck and has been used to corral the sheep as a “conspiracy theory.” But if you search for solar radiation management in Google, you’ll find that it is normative science to block the sun using clouds, to reflect the light energy back into space. Dane Wigington at has a brief overview, but if you Google SRM geoengineering, you’ll find a lot of stuff as well.

If you bother to click over to one of the links at Geoengineeringwatch, you’ll find that the planet is warming at a much faster pace than Al Gore ever predicted, and even though the climate capitalist scams are indeed scams, it doesn’t change that the planet is boiling over, literally. This is a blowhole in Siberia where the permafrost has melted and giant frozen methane deposits blow huge craters out. Google arctic methane.

It would be great if the idea of cloudcover to block the sun was working. But even though there is evidence that spraying has been going on since the 40s, we keep getting warmer and warmer. Now we are stuck in what appears to be a hopeless feedback loop as warmer and warmer water feeds its way into the arctic, melting the glaciers and releasing frozen methane from the ocean floor. This methane is creating a greenhouse gas layer far more effective and hopeless than anything that is coming out of your car tailpipe. Google arctic methane hydrate arctic if you want to learn more.

So why does it get really cold sometimes? Isn’t this evidence of a coming ice age? Didn’t they catch those scientists gaming the numbers to make it seem warmer than it was? Didn’t global warming pause? Isn’t global warming itself an Al Gore carbon credits hoax? Well yea, but not how you think. If anything, the temperatures have been gamed to the downside. Check it yourself. When it is unseasonably warm, check your own thermometer against what it says on TV or your phone.

Everyone got some bitter cold this year, and even some cold temps in spring. But they were short lived, and surrounded by unseasonable heat. They do this by dumping nucleus materials that absorb water and dump it, in wet heavy snow or heavy rain.

But it did get pretty darn cold in some places this winter. Isn’t record setting cold evidence that we are progressing into another ice age? If you were in one of these regions, you can probably answer that question yourself, without even knowing the science behind it. Right before the cold snap and/or record snow it was unseasonably warm, right? Then afterward, very little if any snow stayed because it was unseasonably mild again, right? If you noticed, the weathermen developed a new lingo this year where there is a warm side and a cold side to every storm. And now the storms are named, because there is rarely any snow accumulation without a big storm.

Those in charge of the coverup make it temporarily colder with a process called “ice nucleation.” You can usually see it on the radar maps for all of the winter storms. There will be a band of moisture from either the Great Lakes or the Gulf of Mexico, leading right to where the cold is taking place. All of those tornadoes in Florida and Texas, formerly unheard of during the winter, spin up because of all the energy they use to evaporate the water and drag it north using radio waves.

The Chinese admitted to ice nucleation technology in 2009, but most Americans will still call you a conspiracy theorist, even though mistakes like this Colorado storm that killed 10,000 cows happen every spring and fall when they overdo their cooling events.

Knowledge of this technology should have gone mainstream in 2009. China did over 2 billion dollars of damage to Beijing with a manufactured snowstorm, and they came right out and admitted that they shouldn’t be messing around like this anymore. Right here in the US, in Colorado, yet another off-season surprise snowstorm killed off 10,000 cows.

Nucleation doesn’t always involve ice. Sometimes they spray collector particles that act as a desiccant, sucking up available water and dropping it as heavy rain. Right now we are in our third week here in South Florida of daily torrential rains. They start dumping the nucleation chemicals overnight, then they stripe early morning, spreading them out, then the clouds slice up with a wave pattern, and it starts to cloud over, then it pours violently. It is interesting because I can tell when the rain period is coming because my feet start to crack, and because a ton of people wear sandals and flip flops here, I’ve looked around, and a ton of people have seriously cracked dry feet. It isn’t just me.

Sounds like science fiction right? Well if you take a look at some of the links collected at There is a huge network of climate intervention transmitters all over the world at this point. It is normative science, not fiction. But the American people are being kept from learning about it. As long as they can keep “average” temps within reason, and you forget that yesterday was 75 degrees in March because today is 35 degrees, the game will continue.

Article continues below video…

[Above is a short clip of CIA Director John Brennan explaining Stratospheric Aerosol Injection which is another fancy name for “chemtrails.” They refuse to admit that these programs are operational, but all you have to do is look up.]

That brings me to Bitcoin, or cryptoscurrencies in general, but mostly as to how they relate to gold and silver. Because if you believe that if it is **only** a financial crisis is coming, collapse speculation might be a way to get rich. That is why you can’t turn on conservative talk radio, or open a conservative news site, without some ad for gold and silver. Any financial disruption is a wealth transfer event, and people who are correctly positioned can do pretty well. Will the government print money into oblivion, making the dollar die, or will there be financial asset destruction so bad that having any cash at all will allow you to grab everything up at a discount? If you plug in the planet in as infinity, those are the only questions you need answer.

That is why I am including this for those of you who are actually paying attention. You’d have to have been living in a cave for a decade to not know that something is coming. But is that something purely financial? Are you going to be clinging to your roll of silver rounds or bag of pre-64 coins while you starve to death. Are you going to “invest” in Bitcoin or other cryptos hoping that you’ll get a windfall when the financial system comes down, and it is coming down. There is an army of conservative and alt media out there trying to convince you that you will be able to product yourself with alternative currencies, but I don’t think this is the case. If you have a nestegg, put it into food, not gold, if you possibly can.

Remember when clouds were shaped like sheep and pandas? Now they always end up slicing up into radio wave patterns, so that they can be flattened and moved around by the geoengineers.

The ice nucleation coverup of the true temperatures is meant to delay a global pandemonium that would happen if the truth got out about what is really going on with the planet. And though I try to not be so “Pisa” about it, to me it looks like things are starting to come unhinged. It has become normal that India and Iran have days over 120 degrees. Now the US Southwest is scheduled for the same temps. The arctic ice cap kept melting this year when it was 24 hours dark. The now famous seed vault in Svalbard, Norway flooded a couple weeks ago, because the water temperature there is approaching 30 degrees above normal.

We were breaking heat records here in Florida right before all of this rain, and it was originally scheduled to last only 3 days according to the banking cabal owned Weather Channel. As I write this it is downpouring three weeks later, after we woke up to a sky full of expanding white trails getting sliced up by radio waves, and I woke up to dry cracking feet.

When the reality of the planet uncaps to the masses, I think it is going to get really ugly. But as I said before, it isn’t like I have an inside track on when this will occur, or if there is a plan to let the world down easy in a step by step process. I actually personally ordered and sent President Trump a copy of Dane’s informational DVD and reference book, and I sent one to Rand Paul as well. Who knows who is really in charge of the spraying and the long term plan? I just know it isn’t me, and I have no idea why it all continues behind the public’s back. Albert Einstein said that the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over and expect different results.

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The most common reaction from people to whom all of this is foreign is usually “why would they do this to themselves?” I wish I knew, because those in charge, you would think, are also breathing the aluminum, polymers and other materials that they use in the spray. Why do you think Alzheimers and autism are off the scale? Aluminum disrupts the central nervous system, and for kids, it even has compound toxicity with the mercury in the vaccines. Study after study comes out linking aluminum to neurological disease, yet we never hear about it here in the US through the mainstream press. The elderly among the cabal, and the children of the cabal, you would think also will be exposed to these risks.

My answer to the insanity is really Dane’s answer. Look back through history and see what humanity has done to itself in the quest for money and power. I actually know someone whose father worked on the Manhattan Project, and who witnessed a nuclear bomb exploding from only miles away. He died of cancer, and there is a special cemetery for his unit. The lines of graves expand by dozens of rows every time the son visits the father’s grave, because they are all dying of cancer. Likewise for those exposed in the sarcophagus cap for the nuclear accident at Chernobyl, which is still being covered up to this day, and who knows what Fukushima has done to the Pacific, because the destruction of the ozone layer by the H.A.A.R.P. technology was already causing headline making dieoffs before 2007. But you have to go to an “end times” website to even find links to this stuff. Someone, or even a lot of people at the top know what’s going on, but the general public is kept in the dark.

A cancer never intends to kill it’s host. All it wants to do is grow and consume. Dane uses that explanation a lot in his weekly radio show at, of which I am a devotee. Is this what’s happening? Do they think science will bail us out in time? Do you? I think you better have some food under your bed, just in case.

The Value of the Cryptos

Let me ask you something. If I had $2,500 worth of Etherium, would you swap me one Bitcoin (currently $2,484) for it? Half of you just said no and half of you just said yes. It doesn’t matter.

If you had two ounces of gold (currently $1,255), or 150 ounces of silver (current $16.75), would you swap that for one Bitcoin?

Aha! So that makes you think a little more right? Then the question becomes, why did I buy the metals? Was it because you had some cash that you didn’t need and you were afraid of hyperinflation because of all of this money printing? Was it because you have a lot of money in a lot of investments and $2,500 isn’t that much to you as a risk with a big potential reward?

Ultimately the value of any currency is whether someone will sell you something for it at all. With the cryptos, in America, the ability to swap real goods for even Bitcoin is nearly absent. At this point the velocity money of the regular old US dollar is at generational lows. Everything is stopped. Storing your money in cryptos instead of under the bed may make huge short term gains, but how will you know when to get out before reality comes crashing in?

Because I have to tell you, Bitcoin might go to a million dollars this year, and it might implode into nothing. I could have bought Bitcoin under $10, and I could have bought it again around $600 when I started to really pay attention. I also could have “mined” it from the very beginning, which I’ll get to shortly.

Gold and Silver most likely will not have such violent moves as Bitcoin, because the power structure needs the prices to stay down in order to maintain order in the financial system. The price of both metals is heavily manipulated, and has nothing to do with demand. I’m not getting into that here.

To continue, on the cryptos, the real question you need to ask yourself is twofold, before and after the collapse.

Before the collapse, like now, if say you owned a car dealership and someone wanted to buy a new Ford truck with Bitcoins, would you take the Bitcoins? Perhaps, because theoretically you could flip them into cash, and you’d probably get more than the asking price in a straight trade. But would you take Etherium? Ripple? (#2 and #3 respectively in market cap) Would you take Litecoin or Dash, both over one billion dollars in market cap? Probably not.

There are over 100 cryptocurrencies with official market caps over ten million dollars today. And that is from a list of over 800 of them! Each of those currencies has a professionally made website, informational videos, and lots of chatter on the alt currency boards. There is an army of people out there who are trying to convince you that their currency solution is better than anyone else’s. The market cap figures in many cases are just the price that some person at some point recently paid for one coin, multiplied times the amount of coins issued.

And in that mess, there is no guarantee that Bitcoin or that anyone else will win. But with Bitcoin especially, there is very strong evidence that the alt-currency will be a player in the financial system going forward. China has taken a mostly hands off policy, but they have eliminated some derivatives markets that had sprung up there. In the US, supposed leakers from the Federal Reserve have come out saying that there is a plan to bring Bitcoin into the global financial structure, and the bankers have introduced Ripple, which is purported to be an alternative to the Swift money transfer system.

Right now may be the ground floor on the cryptos, or it may be the top of a bubble that got way too serious way too fast for the technology. Bitcoin has all kinds of problems with scalability for small transactions, so much so that there is a new market for transaction fees just to get your transactions processed on the block chain. And I’ll get to mining below. But suffice it to say that Bitcoin has guaranteed that a bunch of smart tech savvy Chinese people hold most of the coins. Most of America has not yet taken any cryptos seriously, and Bitcoin is in its third technology bump, where whole floors of mining machines have been thrown away in China, only to be replaced with the newest tech.

The Post Collapse Alt-Currency Trade

After the collapse the value of the cryptos, or gold and silver for that matter, is far less complicated. If you had a three years expired can of Dinty Moore Beef Stew, would you swap it for a Bitcoin wallet purported to be worth a million bucks before the grid went down? What about a gold coin? Or a chest of gold coins?

So whether you think it is worth it to buy a cryptocurrency today really depends on your financial position. How sure are you about your world perspective? Your collapse perspective?

The Value of the Cryptos

To really understand the cryptos, you have to understand how money is created, and it will absolutely blow you away we do it here in the US. I have a page with all of the “Hidden Secrets of Money” series from Mike Maloney here on GA, and #4, “The Biggest Scam in the History of Mankind” is at the top.

Money is supposed to be a store of value. If I have a field of potatoes, it is highly unlikely that I’ll find someone with a Ford truck who wants that whole field, in exchange for his truck. So we have money. I swap my potatoes for money, then I swap the money for his truck. As a spoiler, most of the street money in the US is created out of thin air by the banks in the form of home, car and student loans. It is called fractional reserve banking.

Some cryptos out there, like Ripple and Steem, are purchased from the original developers who have “backed” the total value of the unites with their initial investment. Some, like Steem, are earned by some kind of input from you. I think the benefit in this is dubious, because to me it is clearly a result of zero or near zero interest rates. Being able to borrow at zero or close to it has resulted in giant wads of cash sitting out there with no place to go that will turn a profit. This has funded record stock buybacks by corporations, and the biggest worldwide financial asset and real estate bubbles in history. But if you know those things are going to crash, what can you do if you are sitting on tens of millions in cash, and you already have three homes a yacht and a garage of Ferrari’s? Start a business that creates it’s own currency, in hopes that you’ll gain dominance and finally “make it.”

The more notable cryptos, like Bitcoin and Etherium, come into existence by “mining” them. In theory, the mining process is what they call “proof of work” so that the currency is earned into existence, rather than borrowed into existence like the US dollar and all the other Central Bank currencies. This makes it also so that the currency can’t be destroyed, as our money is when a loan is payed off.

Etherium is moving at some point to a “proof of stake” system, where you have to own the currency to be able to mine it effectively. This moves it from proof of individual work, to proof of owning a company of sorts, that can hire workers in a pool to do the actual mining. It’s pretty nifty, but when you back up and look, it’s really just a sham, because there is no value inherent to begin with, unlike the Biblical metals gold and silver, and commodity metals like copper and lead.

Mining Cryptos

I just purchased this Bitcoin miner on Ebay for under $100, because it is oldtech and nobody wants it. You can no longer mine Bitcoin or even Etherium with your home computer. They require either a graphics card processor or a specialty ASICs chip to reach cost effective in the grand hashes per second schema. I am learning the blockchain methodology with this machine so I can teach it to my kids. My methodology is hope for the best and plan for the worst. Perhaps science or our loving Creator will bail us out of this one, but also perhaps not.

If are really smart, and you had a time machine that could take you back to 2009, Bitcoin mining might be a good venture for you. (That goes double for those of you itching to comment below live from your mom’s basement.) But otherwise, that ship has pretty much sailed. Originally Bitcoins could be mined from a home computer. The CPU of the computer crunches on the block chain and eventually solves the puzzle. But as the Bitcoin flow eventually slowed to what is now a crawl as part of the algorithm, equipment and electricity costs came a big part of the big picture, as did competition.

Your success with the mining cryptos is set by the total mining pool, and what percentage you occupy. Efficiency is measured in “hashes per second,” and the total power out there is something like 10 figures north of millions. A good mining device is in the gigahash per second realm.

Right now mining cryptos is in it’s third generation. At first you could mine competitively and cost effectively with regular computer CPSs. Then all of the miners switched the GPUs, which are in high end graphics cards. Now they all use ASICS, which are task specific chips made just for efficiencies in hashing specific cryptos like Bitcoin. These days few people are even mining on their own, because it could be months, even with good hardware, to get one coin. Therefore most people join pools, so that they see their account rise daily, even if that rise is .000012 BTC.

There are other cryptos that are specifically made to take these barriers away, like Verium, which can only be mined by computer CPUs, and there is a downloadable Windows program to start mining Verium right now.

But can you buy anything for Verium? Not that I have been able to find. Likewise for everything but Bitcoin, and even that is rare. Online gaming, web hosting, and other nonphysical assets you’ll find for sale in BTC, and you can swap them for dollars in the exchanges, but try to buy a gold bar with one, or a can of Dinty Moore.

I think the crypto craze is about collapse speculation. They can’t have people continue to buy silver because the world supply is very low and would have already run out if not for stop gab measures, and nobody is supposed to know that. Gold is much more plentiful, especially due to the coverup of major discoveries going back to 1912, but if gold starts to rise, people spook. So all of a sudden we have a new prettiest girl at the ugly girl ball of valueless fiat currencies, the cryptocurrencies, and it is double the price of gold. Plus you can get in at the bottom floor of hundreds of new currencies based on block chain technology, and make a fortune.

Good luck with that. Dinty Moore cans are roughly 400 calories per dollar. Freeze dried survival food is usually under 200 calories per dollar. Where do you think all of the “smart money” is going?

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