Prepping 101: Timing the Collapse

Charts like this aren't going to tell you how long you can wait before you begin planning for either a major war or a financial collapse, or some kind of black swan event like being invaded by little green men from mars.  But there are some people who you can  follow who will at least get your head into the games that are being played on the world stage, and it is worth your time.

Charts like this aren’t going to tell you how long you can wait before you begin planning for either a major war or a financial collapse, or some kind of black swan event like being invaded by little green men from mars. But there are some people who you can follow who will at least get your head into the games that are being played on the world stage, and it is worth your time.

Can you believe it has been over a year since I started this column? If you are a new subscriber, you may have missed some of the seminal early stuff, so I would go into the archives and read some if you have the time. There is more information here than you’d find in years of subscriptions to print mags, and hundreds of hours of surfing survival blogs, which are both mostly full of fluff geared towards advertisers. From the start this column has taken a hard look at actual survival without the benefit of modern society, but we began with the question, why should we do this?

Going in, I tried to have no assumptions. The best case scenario is that somehow we get out of this downward spiral and find a way to a peaceful thought revolution. A century of banker ownership of our financial system has now governed above any principles for which we thought America stood. And it is time to take it back. Prepping, to me, is merely an acceptance that our generation screwed up, that it is mostly too late to do anything about it. Our educational system has been bought and paid for by the socialist/communist left. The liberty minded among us have been co-opted by the Sean Hannity et al. media bought and paid for by the war profiteers. And those who have woken up just look like a bunch of paranoid crazy people. Just ask our families.

If there is a “support group” for Preppers, it is probably best found on Youtube. There are a number of video blogs below that are more audio podcasts than videos, but I find them easier to keep track of using the Youtube subscriptions tab than it would be to visit a bunch of different websites. Best of all, to me they are something I can periodically post to my Facebook or email to friends and family and say “hey, this is why I’m freaking out with the survival stuff.” The sound asleep among them will say “then stop watching that” as they flip through their Netflix reality shows and get the low down on the latest Kim and Kanye tiff. But once in a while, if you take a thoughtful approach as to how you send them and how you frame it, one of them will say “hey I didn’t know that our government hasn’t actually produced our money for over a century,” and you will gain one more thoughtful mind in your corner.

Timing the collapse down to a switch that determines when you begin preparing isn’t going to happen. It should have burned down in 2008, and we have only gotten deeper into this giant hot mess since the taxpayer funded banker bailouts. Every day that we don’t see a “black swan” event is another chance that you have to begin, whereas yesterday you did not. There may never be a black swan event, because there is now so much scrutiny over events like Sandy Hook and the Boston bombing. It could just end up being…

The Gradual Collapse

Have you seen the unemployment numbers lately? What about the inflation rate? Hey did you hear that the Nasdaq hit $5,000? All of these numbers have been faked and gamed for years now. Some of you have probably heard of John Williams at He is one of very few people who have taken the time to explain how the government has changed their method of calculating things, and sometimes even gone back to revise the old numbers to the new method. This is not unlike the reverse think government of the Big Brother book 1984. In that book, the main character’s job is to rewrite old newspapers to reflect current thinking, and yes it is twisted. The fun doesn’t end there though. From Benghazi to the IRS scandal to Fast & Furious to the newest immigration amnesty the current administration has taken liberties with its constitutional bounds that spell nothing but brazen abandon. People who aren’t worried that they got caught know something that you don’t. It doesn’t matter. Here are some podcast videos that I follow trying to figure out if this thing is going to collapse abruptly, or just slowly fade its way down.

X22 Report

Youtube Channel
Dave can be a bit monotone and even repetitive, but his 45 minute or so videos are much better than Good Morning America a few times a week.

Peter Schiff

Youtube Channel
This guy used to have his own radio show so he is very polished, but if you want to talk “no bs,” he is your guy. I am not sure that you will hear some of his insights from anyone else, but he is also a regular talking head on the financial news channels as a “contrarian.”

SGT Report

Youtube Channel
I find these interviews very selective and very high quality, and the host is extremely well versed on the events of the current situation. You will find some overlap with other channels, but the guests will focus on different things.

Events, Past & Present

Did you know that the Swiss surprise de-pegged their currency from the Euro a little while back? It was such a big event that several of the world’s leading currency trading firms went out of business, or needed bailouts. If China had done that with their Yuan/Renhimbi, it would have brought down the world economy overnight. Did you know that China, India and Russia have been stockpiling gold for many years now? Did you know that there is a new world banking system, world wire transfer system, and world bailout fund not involving the US these days? Did you know that the US shale producers are in deep trouble due to the lower oil prices? Inflation, deflation. Gold. Silver. War. Staying on top of things is really hard, but these are a few that I think feature the real thinkers, and even when they are wrong, at least you understand the world around you a little better.

Greg Hunter – USA Watchdog

Youtube Channel
Greg used to be a CNN personality in the late 90s and now he trying to repent by using his interviewing skills to bring to light a lot of people who do a lot of research. They don’t all agree, and I think Greg attempts to bring as many perspectives in as he can. He also has a family who thinks he’s nuts, so from a support group perspective Greg does plead with his guests a lot “when is this actually going to happen?”

Finance and Liberty

Youtube Channel
Elijah Johnson is really just a kid, but he gets a lot of good interviewees, and in the interim, he re-posts videos from other less popular channels that are usually pretty good.

Graphs and Trends

I am not sure that it is possible to actually predict a date that the whole thing is going to burn down, but ultimately we are all just statistics, and history will look back on this time in light of the history we are probably in the process of repeating.

Mike Maloney

Youtube Channel
We’ve already included Mike in a couple articles here, but if you haven’t looked into his stuff you may want to do it now. The problem with Mike is that he is a savvy capitalist and he always leaves a little off that he wants you to pay for, but his free stuff is inciteful regardless. He has quite a record of predicting hiccups in the past.

Charles Nenner

Free One Month Trial + Discount Subscription
I am going to include a video of Greg Hunter interviewing this guy because I find it interesting. Charles is a fairly regular talking head on the financial channels because his trend forecasting fuels a lot of short term investors. I subscribed to his information for a couple weeks and it is interesting. But what I find more interesting is that he predicts big picture trends of a huge war this decade, and a big collapse next year. We’ll see I guess. When I let them know I was including them in this article they offered an extended one month trial to you guys, and you don’t have to give them a credit card or anything for the trial. Jump on that! I didn’t extend into a paid subscription because I don’t have the time to jump investments in and out of short term highs and lows, but it is for sure interesting stuff.

Harbingers of the Collapse

We have been lied to so many times by so many people at this point that who knows what to believe. The deeper you dig, the crazier you are going to feel when you start to believe what might or might not be the actual truth. I will come out of the closet and admit that I have thought Alex Jones a complete fraud after Sandy Hook when he wasted a great opportunity to expose a coverup, and instead ranted on screen with a nobody on CNN. For over a decade he has made the face of truth seekers look red, angry, and obsessed to the the sleeping masses who need no convincing that we are nuts. I am actually convinced by this video that Alex Jones is a creation of Time Warner meant to keep truth seekers busy in the corner while the mainstream media chugs forward to the reality TV StuporBowl sheep. But that’s just me. 😉

The Corbett Report

Youtube Channel
James Corbett is an interesting guy. Some of the more macho (ie. Prozac infused moron) commenters here have noted that he comes across as something of a smug nerd, but if you slow down and listen to him, James makes a lot of sense. His approach is “open source,” so whether it is Alex Jones or a nut job on more of the fringe websites, he’ll take it all as input and see what can be verified. What I like about James is that his perspective is freedom first, and that government doesn’t by any natural right have inherent authority over us. We choose to be governed, and that choice is being very much abused these days. As you will see, James also brings out good things that are changing for the better, but they are mostly fallacies like Bitcoin.

We Are Change

Youtube Channel
Luke Rudkowski is most famous for the “Loose Change” documentary on the inconsistencies of 911. These days he tries to stay on top of a lot of the surveillance state issues facing American the world today, and of course he questions all of the major media circuses surrounding the “terrorist” incidents we see in the news these days. Almost 15 years since 911, it is still the most relevant event of this generation, and it set in motion a lot of what has to be undone right now if we are all going to survive this mess. If you have any doubt that you can be your own media outlet in hopes of waking up your family and friends, Luke is a great inspiration. All these years later he is still a bit rough around the edges, and it makes him more effective.

If you keep up with these guys even part time you’ll find others who you may want to follow. For instance this is this guy Jim Willy, aka “The Golden Jackass” who claims to have “inside sources.” A lot of people claim inside connections, but his predictions in particular have been impossible to predict without them.

Why are they letting this information out? Why not ban it from Youtube the way they have with most of the Sandy Hook documentaries? Because they just don’t care what we understand or don’t understand. Our numbers are too few, and they know exactly who we are with the very mature spying program that came of the Patriot Act post 911. The brazen nature of it all is what scares me. It just says that they know something that we can’t know, and I find that terrifying.

Some of this stuff is overwhelming if you have never been exposed to it before, but at some point the above commentators have to assume that you have watched some of their back catalog. In those back catalogs you’ll find everything from banking to Malaysian jetliners, and it may be worth sacrificing season 5 of Game of Thrones to see if you can figure out just how you and your people are going to survive the truth that is eventually going to overtake the “normalcy bias” that we all live in today. As George Carlin once said, “It’s a big club, and you’re not in it!” Winter is coming.

Oh, and for the record, I love life and would never think of killing myself, and I love my family. Suiciding the truth tellers has been all the rage these days. Hey, I’m just a crazy conspiracy theorist right?

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  • Rob March 16, 2015, 10:30 pm

    Wow! So much paranoia mixed with anarchy? I still believe in the USA because my life is an example of how to come from extream nothing with no chance to success with family and fortune after repeated attempts and failures and more repeated attempts and failures. Keep trying and quit blamming the USA. Be ready. Always be ready. My 1911 is my favorite, my Mossberg 12 gauge pump is my primary, but my 380 is my everyday. Our kitchen garden, canning and water resources will sustain us through most interuptions in supply lasting a month or three. No one can prep for forever. I have faith in Americans.

    • Russ March 19, 2015, 12:03 am

      Good attitude Rob.
      I would contact your state Militia if you need info. on bad times, or were willing to help out and be with like minded Americans.

  • william mcclure March 16, 2015, 8:04 pm

    Anyboby got a nice semi-auto for carry?

  • Roscoe J Wiley March 16, 2015, 8:02 pm

    You and the crew still can’t get over the Obama Derangement Syndrome and all the stupid that goes with. If and When the proverbial shit hits the fan you’ll be a little too busy to worry about socialists and Muslims. You didn’t really think you were gonna hunker down and protect this little fantasy with some idiot pop guns. Read some history.

    The first thing that’ll happen is the guy who sold you all your precious stuff will come back with friends. As many as it takes. You read about these happy places with warlords, guess what, all you pinheads ain’t gonna be one.

    Live a clean honest life, teach your kids, grow a big ass garden(can’t hold a gun and a hoe at the same time) participate in the political process, volunteer, remember how lucky you are.

    Make new friends and listen to something other than what you’re obsessed with now. There have been bankers since the beginning of time. The first one was named Bob, not Rothschild.

    You need a gun or two to hunt, a gun or two for protection, that’s it Sparky. Melt the rest down into farm implements. I read farm papers as I’m a farmer, you cannot believe the number of guns these idiots stash away and then when they crump all to auction for the next hoarder. Yer old lady is just goin along pal, the armory gets sold in a country second.

    Sorry I went long. I’m with you shoulder to shoulder when you really need it. Until then, thank that guy who feeds yer lame ass it’s a lot of work but it’s what we do.


  • Zeke March 16, 2015, 5:06 pm

    Yea a controlled collapse is coming, but what is going to collapse? Probably it will be the food and water supply, If you have the means to protect what you have you may survive. Standing in a bread line is more likely then standing in line at a bank to get your investments back. Scraping off a few chunks of silver or gold to get water for your family is not going to happen but trading
    a few rounds of ammo for a gallon of gas is more may.
    We are the sheep! some sheep have teeth, but the flock will never be able to over throw the den of wolves that control things.
    and I’m not talking about the government. 98 percent of the people in government are part of the heard of sheep we call society. The 1 percent of the very, very rich are the wolves that control it all. No matter how many AR15’s the sheep have
    we’ll never get a shot, they will all ways be out of reach. There are two economies, theirs and ours. we will never exist in theirs, they will all ways control ours. There will be a time when the wolves will realize there are too many sheep, killing off
    the sheep in every conceivable way will be the order of the day. What will it take to kill off 7 billion sheep? Shortages will
    cause the sheep to fight among them selves. Famine, disease and in-fighting is how the wolves will control the sheep, this is
    the “collapse”. There’s nothing the sheep can do about it… because if they did… they wouldn’t be sheep any more.

  • Jeremy March 16, 2015, 3:03 pm

    X22 report could almost be a part of the RT Network. Dave is practically a Putin apologist. He says a lot of things over and over again, but I can’t help but feel like he is sitting in a recording booth somewhere in Mother Russia as part of an anti-America propaganda machine. He also says some things that are not verifiable and many times will sensationalize to get a reaction. That said, I do listen to him a couple times a week to keep up on most current events. More than that and it sounds like a broken record.

    Also check out Hiberniason. A very good prepper channel

  • Happy Joe March 16, 2015, 2:59 pm

    I don’t understand why people always like to say that we have choices in what the government does to us. We don’t have one choice when it comes to the government. We are owned slaves. The filthy rich own us! They dictate to us the way things will be and we obey. If the rich and their government wants to send our jobs overseas we have nothing to say about it. They just lifted the protective tariffs that insulated us from the outside world and that was that. Now we either have rich people or very poor people and not much in-between. When the rich and powerful decided through that illegal black Muslim we will only be able to work a 28 hour week (because of some medical benefits program or something) and at minimum wage, that is how it will be. No one ever asked me what I wanted! No one ever asked anybody that I know what they wanted. No body asked me if I wanted my tax dollars to support Israel. No body asked me if I wanted the border opened to anyone that wanted to move to america. No body asked me if I wanted my tax dollars to go to supporting illegal criminal type people (wetbacks). No body asked me if I wanted my tax dollars to support all the wars the filthy rich start so “We The People” can shed our blood so they (the filthy rich) can consolidate there new world order empire. I believe the elections are already decided before the election takes place and the computer is programmed to give “We the People” a real show at democracy at work. This government stuff is just like a movie script it is already planned and the script is written before the elections take place. “We the People” have nothing to say about it. They (the filthy rich) make it so we receive a good show at government; ‘of the people and by the people’ but no one really has a say in anything (just the rich). Its all up to the of “gods of the new world order”. They tell us the way it will be and that is the way it is. PERIOD! The is NO democratic process that actually works! It’s just a shame, a type of pre written movie. The government officials are just actors in the filthy rich’s on going government play. They remain in office as long as they follow the script the filthy rich’s script writers write and don’t add anything to it like the truth or some heretical thing like that. Obama was picked by the gods of the new world order because he was totally obedient and he was black. They didn’t even check to make sure he was born in america or not, they just appointed him president after a phony show of the democratic process. Once there was a question about his legal status no one seemed to do anything about it. They just made speeches and eventually the media shut up about it and it all blew over.

  • wolfpack-bravo March 16, 2015, 1:06 pm

    I will admit right now that I have not taken the time to watch any of the videos.
    To get ready for whatever is coming, lay aside food, water filtration, incest in precious metals, lead and copper, and try your best to get yourself out of debt, especially your house. Don’t let them take your shelter.
    Oh, and don’t forget the proper private party purchased tools to use with your precious metals.
    Never register, never surrender.

    • stefan Smythe March 16, 2015, 3:13 pm

      I’d be a careful with that “incest in precious metals.” Sounds a little kinky.

      • wolfpack-bravo March 16, 2015, 4:47 pm

        Ha, ha!!! Auto correct can be such a pain!! Of course I meant invest. 🙂

        • Russ March 18, 2015, 11:38 pm

          That was kinda funny.
          The proper tool should be a PDW.
          Your most precious metal will be lead.

  • 4x4moses March 16, 2015, 12:00 pm

    As you have hinted, none of these commentators are 100% accurate in their predictions and observations. But the key is to gather as much information as possible, sift/sort/verify, and make informed decisions about how to prepare for whatever comes along.

  • Ken March 16, 2015, 9:29 am

    The Alex Jones/ Bill Hicks theory is laughable. There is no real proof that he somehow “converted” to Alex Jones. You have to ask the big question about why would the CIA go to such lengths to do so. Jones was a virtual nobody during the early 90s. They woudl have been much better off starting off from scratch with a new personality. The whole thing is just lame and seriously damages the credibility of the entire alternative information quest.

    If the NWO wanted to keep it’s moves quiet for better implemenation then the exploding popularity of Infowars is certainly not the way to do it.

  • Stefan Smythe March 16, 2015, 6:44 am

    I watched the Jones/Hicks video. I graduated from both, but in days earlier I listened to a lot of Hicks and a lot of Jones. I don’t think they are the same person. In fact, I would say the person making the video is more likely to be a CIA disinformation propagator. But you might be right? I used to think Jones was actually Sam Kinison. We are all pretty far out there. In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.

  • Stefan Smythe March 16, 2015, 4:06 am

    Check out Jim Willie’s “Golden Jackass.”

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