Prepping 101: $20 Tripwire Booby Traps/Perimeter Alarms Fire .22 Cal Blanks & 209 Primers – Video Review

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Steel .22 Blank Alarm Mines $20-$25
Aluminum 209 Primer Alarms – $20-$25 Ebay

In many ways I wish the collapse would just get here, but most of me hope it never arrives at all. I’ve been doing this column for 3 years now, and I never thought we’d make it this far. I am praying that this whole Trump thing isn’t a Trojan horse, and that he is going to gradually change the power structure, and the end game for whatever clan of oligarchs ends up running things. We have been on a collision course with reality for decades, and it is all coming to a head now.

This idea I first covered in October of 2014, and as I explain in the video, that was the start of a healthy business for the guy who came up with it originally to sell on Ebay. He is still making them exactly the same way, and for the same price. But since then some copycat products have come along, using 209 primers instead of .22 cal blanks. I don’t have a great loyalty to one or the other, so I went through both of them to show you how they compare. Either of them are a great buy.

A word to the wise, for those of you who don’t watch the video all the way through. Booby traps are illegal in the United States, and any explosive trapped within a confined space is considered by BATFE to be a pipe bomb, and it is a Federal offense.

I personally would buy the .22 blank mines. The 209 primer is not made to be out in the weather, and those nail gun blanks are made to withstand job sites, where they could be left in a building without a roof and get rained on. You could seal the 209s with wax or even paint maybe, but why bother?

Getting someone to walk through your trip line is a whole other story, and I touch upon this subject in the video. If you are building an early warning system with these mines, you really will only have one shot at catching your intruder. If he sees one wire it’ll tip him off to be careful, so plan your trip wires well, and don’t use monofiliment like I suggested in the first article. The green military wire is nearly invisible.

Be patient if either of these guys have some delay in your order. Nobody gives away free publicity to the degree that I do on this column, so even when I warn an Ebay seller, they seldom understand just how much stuff you guys are capable of buying. You’ll get your stuff. The important thing is to get the order in, because we could see the large cracks any day now. Trump has been quietly firing US attorneys and arresting some of the organizers of the brownstone pedophile operations. From what I’ve read more than a 1/3 of the US congress could be arrested, as well as Obama himself. There is a war going on behind the scenes for the future of our world, and we’re all in the crosshairs. I wouldn’t head to the bugout location yet, but I’d make sure you have a tank of gas.

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