Recover 1911 Grips and Holster

Want to add a light to a 1911 with no rail? Recover has you covered.

Want to add a light to a 1911 with no rail? Recover has you covered.

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The HC11 holster with retention. You can use any light with this combo.

The HC11 holster with retention. You can use any light with this combo.

Recover – HC11 Holster for the 1911

1911s come in a million subtle variants. These guns are easily customized. But customization is expensive, so most of us settle for standard issue single actions, even when they don’t offer the options we really want. People buy 1911s that look and feel more like 20th century war relics than modern fighting handguns. But what do these gun owners do if they want to mount lights or lasers?

We covered the Recover grips for the Beretta M9 and 1911 as a way to update an old-school work horse. The grips bring both platforms up to par with a lot of today’s railed handguns. But the Recover grips add bulk to the guns–bulk that make it hard to find a holster. But not anymore.  Recover has released the one missing piece to the puzzle.


  • Patent pending Frame Locking System with universal railed accessories.
  • Currently available for standard 1911s that use a Recover CC3H grip and rail system
  • Available in Active or Passive Lock.
  • Available for right-hand or left-hand draw
  • Warranty – 36 Months Free Exchange with proof of purchase
  • If you already own the original CC3 grip and rail system, they currently offer a free exchange to upgraded CC3H grips when you purchase the HC11 holster.
  • MSRP – $59.99
Press the lever to release.

Press the lever to release.

Note that the finger is left on the frame, and doesn't fall into the trigger--which is the common gripe about some retention holsters.

Note that the finger is left on the frame, and doesn’t fall into the trigger–which is the common gripe about some retention holsters.

What they are

These holsters are unique. The secure hold is created through retention on the frame of the handgun instead of the trigger guard. As such, these holsters have a much stronger hold on the gun and also (in theory) are more secure than a standard holster. Beyond the added strength and safety, these holsters also feature a universal fit that accommodates nearly any light or laser you can attach to the Recover’s rail.

The clip grips nicely. No complaints there.

The clip grips nicely. No complaints there.

Using the Holsters

Wearing the HC11 is much like wearing any other holster. It rides on a paddle system with adjustable cant that makes wearing the holster comfortable and adaptable. The clip on the HC11 is secure during the draw and flexible in carry. It never rubs you wrong, nor does it get away from you when you are going for the gun.

Drawing form the HC11 is as easy as drawing form any other retention style holster. Depending on the model you purchase you will either have a button to depress or just a quick snatch to perform to draw the gun. Holstering is slow–a bit slower than with a standard formed holster. As you insert the gun into the HC11, you literally have to push the gun and its light through a set of rubber flaps. It’s not as hard as I make it sound, and it becomes second-nature once you get accustomed to it.

The holsters make carrying the Recover system as easy and reliable.

The holsters make carrying the Recover system as easy and reliable.

In the end

In the end the HC11 is a unique and innovative holster that fits well with the rest of Recover’s other products. It is somewhat revolutionary, I think. Would it be my holster of choice?

If you own a 1911 without a rail and find yourself wanting more, these grips and holsters are not only a great option but one of the very few on the market. It is all about money. While I’d rather carry a 1911 with a rail in a custom holster built specifically for my gun/light combination, that could break the bank. Recover offers fully functional options that will add tremendous potential to the gun you already own. And the price is totally reasonable.

The whole system together brings a whole new set of possibilities to a standard 1911.

The whole system together brings a whole new set of possibilities to a standard 1911.

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  • FinsII November 29, 2015, 8:24 am

    I installed one of the rails and a light. Love it

  • Gunnybo November 24, 2015, 11:50 am

    I bought a CC3 grip system for my Delta Elite. I saw a Recover holster that the 1911 with upgraded CC3 grips would fit into. The company told CC3 holders that they would upgrade the old CC3 grips free to allow the holster to hold the pistol using an active retention system . They did what they said they would and the holster worked great. I have a LASER attached and the pistol slides in and out the holster with ease. I also picked the active retention system holster that a press of an index finger releases with ease. I am not a passive retention advocate, but I understand that personal protection requires a swift draw which the recover passive retention gives. I agree that a light attached to any gun makes you a target as would a LASER, which is a no brainer. The holster can be adjusted with an allen wrench supplied by recover to change the angle of the gun for a personal comfortable draw. There are gun owners and experts that will disagree with my comment. I can only give facts that my experience gave.

  • Tj2000 November 23, 2015, 3:43 pm

    It’s interesting that even in our department that some of the guys like the flashlight attached to the firearm. I say that because when I went through the academy they demonstrated several ways to hold and shoot with the flashlight in your weak hand.
    I like when we do low or no light qualifications we turn on the flashlight just for a second to acquire the target then its off when we shoot. I had an instructor tell me that the bad guys will shoot towards the light and if it’s attached to your gun odds of getting critically hurt are high.
    I know they look tacticool but it would be difficult to draw rapidly with our type of holsters.

    Just my $.002

    • Freddie November 23, 2015, 11:42 pm

      Years back, I was told the same thing. Hold the flashlight away from your body.

  • Rocky November 23, 2015, 2:07 pm

    It is my considered opinion, that flashlights, or anything else, semi-permanently mounted onto a carry pistol, are an unnecessary impediment to reaction time, awkward and redundant (excepting certain small, unobstructive lasers).

    IF, you happen to have a pistol with a rail under the barrel intended for accoutrements, (most M1911A1 clones do not) you can easily carry them in your pocket and install them in seconds, when needed, leaving the weapon maximum slick for the fastest possible draw, in a dangerous, emergency, life threatening situation. Anything less could be life shortening.

    • Bill November 23, 2015, 4:08 pm

      Are you kidding,
      IT seems That the 2 people did not See the Biggest problem with the Pic…
      This picture should have never been Used,
      Te Fool Must be A Newbie , LOL
      Great Pic for teaching how To never Hold A 1911 and others.

  • Archangel November 23, 2015, 1:30 pm

    So, it’s just a camera and a wireless transmitter, and it seems like what is the unique part is it has a real nice setup for the shot placement identification and manipulation, no, wait, it’s just screen shots taken after each shot.

  • Mike November 20, 2015, 11:31 am

    Very nice! Just put this at the top of my xmas wish list.

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