Remington RP45 is Now Available!

The much-anticipated RP45 is here!

Remington announced this week that the RP45 and RP45 Night Sight are now available for purchase nationwide!

A striker-fired, polymer-frame pistol, the RP45 is the “man-size” version (to use Clay’s words) of the company’s RP9.  “Man-size” because it’s the same gun only that it’s chambered in .45 ACP instead of 9mm.  We all know that 9mm is weak sauce.  LOL.

The full-size RP45 features a 4.5-inch barrel, a height of 5.56-inches, an overall length of 7.91-inches and one of the smallest grip circumferences in its class. Interchangeable backstraps (small, medium and large) ensure that the pistol will fit just about anyone’s paws.

With a 15+1 round capacity, the RP45 is a solid duty gun or home defense option. Purchasers will receive two double stack magazines.

The RP45 Night Sight comes with 3-dot tritium sights, for those that want the upgrade right from the factory.  Instead of having to mess with aftermarket sights.

The pistol sports a “smooth single action trigger with a crisp tactile reset.”

Features and Benefits:

• Two double stack magazines, one of the highest standard 45 Auto mag capacities
• Smallest full-size grip circumference, fits 95% of all shooters
• Ambidextrous Slide Release for improved control for left and right-handed shooters
• Smooth single action trigger with a crisp tactile reset
• 3 Dot tritium night sight (night sight model only)
• PVD coated stainless steel barrel for greater accuracy and durability
• Standard Picatinny rail
• Interchangeable back straps (Small, medium, and large)
• Optimized grip angle for reduced felt recoil and points instinctively
• Rear sight fighting surface
• Tactile loaded chamber indicator

MSRP for the RP45 is $418.  MSRP for the Night Sight version is $504.  I’ve seen several listed on GunsAmerica in the $320 to $390 range, depending on whether the user wants the tritium sights.

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About the author: S.H. Blannelberry is the News Editor of GunsAmerica.

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  • Kurt Feltenberger April 13, 2018, 11:21 pm

    It’ll be at CDNN for less than $300 by the end of summer. More junk from Remington…

  • BRASS April 13, 2018, 10:26 am

    Remington entered a crowded market with no presence by them for many decades late in the game. The product positioning had to be difficult. What can they make at a price point where they can recoup the cost of new tooling and parts plus development and still make a profit, at least enough to justify the costs?
    Remington spent a lot to enter the pistol market at time it was already crowed with established players and other new players were already primarily pistol makers.
    That’s got to be tough.

  • Michael Keim April 13, 2018, 6:08 am

    Will it work as well as the R51 did when it was released?

    • Scotty Gunn April 13, 2018, 6:22 pm

      Better, they will recall it only once, rather than having to buy them all back.

  • Will Drider April 10, 2018, 6:24 pm

    Does the Ambi Slide Release actually work? It did not work worth a damn on the RP9: too flimsy and it bent/flexed but did not release the Slider when right side “Ambi Slide Release” was depressed.

    • S.H. Blannelberry April 11, 2018, 9:43 am

      We’re getting one in for review. Stay tuned Will.

    • Jake April 14, 2018, 1:08 pm

      I have a number of ambi slide release pistols and almost none of them work easily. I have an RP9 and it doesn’t work worth a darn either.
      As far as the rest, it runs like a champ, eating everything I have fed it with zero malfunctions. Works with 18 in the mag and one in the chamber too. Very accurate.
      It has a good but unusual trigger, reminding me more of an excellent AK trigger than a pistol. I find the grip a bit small and too smooth.
      It wouldn’t be my first choice but it is reliable and it will hit what it is aimed at.
      I look forward to the review.

  • jdmo April 10, 2018, 5:35 pm

    who is going to stand behind these products as remington works its way through bankruptcy?

    • Mike April 13, 2018, 9:03 am

      Hey jdmo, you don’t know how bankruptcy re-organization works? The company is honoring everything. Even the rebates it promised.

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