Review: Galco’s Ankle Glove for the Sig P365XL 9MM

If you are like me, you pay attention to gun stuff on movies and television, and often find yourself asking: does that really work?

I’ve had that experience when viewing ankle holsters in films and television shows. The holsters always look kind of cool–undercover narcos and all that–and the method certainly keeps a handgun out of sight.

But is a specific ankle holster really workable? And, in general, is this a feasible way to practice concealed carry?

I had the chance to find out recently when Galco Gun Leather announced a new version of its Ankle Glove holster, this one specifically made for the SIG P365XL, the excellent 9MM from SIG Sauer with a SIG Romeo1 red dot already attached. I had the SIG on hand and asked Galco for a holster for testing and eval.

Galco sent it.

Galco’s Ankle Glove made for the SIG P365XL (bottom), paired with the optional Galco Calf Strap (top).

I wore the Ankle Glove with my SIG P365XL for several days, around town and around my home. The pistol was loaded with 12 rounds of Sig Sauer Elite Performance V-Crown 9MM, a self-defense round loaded with a 115-grain jacketed hollow point bullet

I wore the Ankle Glove with and without Galco’s Calf Strap, which wrapped around the top of my left calf muscle, with a strap attaching the Strap to the Ankle Glove to provide the ankle rig additional support.   

McCombie wore the Ankle Glove and Calf Strap for several days to test out the rig.

The Ankle Glove features a wide, breathable neoprene ankle band with hook-and-loop closure. The sheepskin padding between the steerhide holster and ankle help make this a very comfortable fit, even after many hours of wear.

Sheepskin padding between the steerhide holster and the user’s ankle make for a comfortable, breathable fit.

The Glove also sports a reinforced thumb break for a speedier draw, plus detailed molding for solid firearm retention.

The Ankle Glove’s reinforced thumb break provides a speedy draw.

Yes, the Ankle Glove works as advertised, holding my SIG P365 securely and surprisingly comfortable. True, it took some time getting used to a weight on my left ankle, especially when I walked and that weight, initially, made it feel like my whole foot was going to slide too far forward. But it didn’t.

I’m right-handed, so I attached the Ankle Glove to my left ankle, with the pistol inside my ankle and the butt facing back. Once I got used to the feel of this setup, I practiced drawing out the P365XL. The thumb break popped apart smartly and the pistol came out smoothly.

The Sig P365XL came out of the Ankle Glove smoothly.

I had to wear pants with a fairly large calf diameter. My blue jeans, for example, were way too tight in the calf and ankle area to allow for easy removal of the SIG, plus the tighter fit made the holster and handgun very obvious.

Ankle Glove under the pant leg on the Right of the photo, no Glove on Left leg. Roomy pant legs recommended!   

The Calf Strap that Galco sells separately does work to further secure the rig and reduces any bounce. I would recommend it for anyone wearing the Ankle Glove who plans on doing a good deal of walking. It did ease down on my calf muscle after a time and needed to be slid back up. And the Calf Strap did become uncomfortable after an hour or so of wear.

That discomfort is the tradeoff for such a rig. You need to secure the Ankle Glove and Calf Strap tight enough to stay in place, but not so tight as to cut off blood flow and to make the tissue below the strap and glove ache. Which can be tough to accomplish, especially if you are moving around a good deal. In such cases, readjusting the rig from time to time is necessary to reduce discomfort.

While the Ankle Glove performs as it is supposed to, for me it’s strictly a back-up carry option to my main waistband carry. Though a secure and discreet way to carry, the Ankle Glove holster is very difficult to access when standing. Even when sitting, you have to bend forward, lift your pant leg with one hand and grasp the pistol with your shooting hand. Then, you have to raise your body and aim the pistol. All of which takes considerable time.

Actually, if an attacker knocked you on your posterior or you went to your knees? The Ankle Glove would be perfect for drawing your weapon for protection from further assault, with the pistol and holster at the right height and angle for easy access.

A perfect position for drawing your pistol while wearing the Ankle Glove: on bended knee.

If you need discreet carry and do a good deal of sitting, the Ankle Glove would be a good choice. Whether your first choice for main carry or backup? That’s up to the carrier.

Suggested retail for the Ankle Glove is $130.00, while the Calf Strap sells for $24.00.  Both are quality made items and will last through years of use.

For more information visit Galco Holsters website.

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About the author: Brian McCombie writes about hunting and firearms, people and places, for a variety of publications including American Hunter, Shooting Illustrated, and SHOT Business. He loves hog hunting, 1911’s chambered in 10MM and .45 ACP, and the Chicago Bears.

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