Savage Embracing 300 PRC with Four New 110 Rifles at Four Price Points

The four updated 110 rifles now chambered for 300 PRC. Two of these are also available in left-handed versions. (Photo: Savage)

Savage Arms just announced four updated models of some of their most popular bolt-action rifle lines in 300 PRC, or Precision Rifle Cartridge, the long-range hunting and target round. They each come in at a different price point, too, appealing to a wide range of the shooting market.

“The 300 PRC has opened up new possibilities for extreme long range shooting,” said Savage Brand Manager Jessica Treglia. “There’s no better platform for the round than a Savage. With their AccuTriggers and AccuStocks, Savage rifles offer the rugged stability needed for reliable accuracy at any distance.”

All of the updated 300 PRC rifles use the Savage 110 action dressed to suit different roles. The new 300 PRC offerings include a 110 Long Range Hunter, a 110 HS Precision, a 110 Precision and a 110 Elite Precision.

Pricing for the new rifles starts at $968 for the Long Range Hunter and top out at $2,149 for the Elite Precision. The HS Precision and Precision models run $1,284 and $1,499, respectively.

Many shooters liken 300 PRC to a more modern .300 Winchester Magnum. (Photo: Hornady)

And there’s good news for southpaws, too. Savage is also building 300 PRC 110 Precision and Elite Precision rifles in left-handed models as well. Left-handed rifles are priced the same as the right-handed versions so there’s no lefty tax for these guns.

The 110 Long Range hunter is the most basic model with a traditional-style grey synthetic stock. An AccuFit stock, it can be adjusted with inserts to change the cheekpiece profile and adjust the length of pull. It comes with a set of swing swivels installed and a medium 26-inch barrel.

The 110 HS Precision still uses a conventional stock but it’s contoured for bench rest shooting. It also has a slightly shorter 24-inch heavy-profile barrel.

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The 110 Precision and Elite Precision are chassis versions with heavy-profile target barrels. The Precision has a 26-inch barrel while the Elite model has a 30-inch barrel.

The Precision model has a carbon steel barrel and a Cerakote flat dark earth chassis while the Elite Precision comes with a stainless barrel and a grey Cerakote finish. Like the synthetic stock rifles, the Precision is more of a field rifle while the Elite Precision is set up for shooting off a bench.

All four models and their left-handed variants have 20 MOA single-piece scope rails for long-range shooting and use the Savage AccuTrigger trigger system and 5-round AICS-pattern magazines.

The Long Range Hunter and HS Precision weigh about 9 and 11 pounds without optics while the Precision and Elite Precision weigh around 11 and 15 pounds.

If you’ve been considering a rifle in the accuracy-oriented 300 PRC chambering, well, Savage has a little something here for everyone. For more info, head over to the Savage Arms website.

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