Seekins Precision Releases New Rail System, Clamps, Mounts & More – SHOT Show 2019

Seekins Precision now offers several quick detach options for MLOK handguards

Seekins Precision has its roots deeply embedded in precision shooting. Founder Glen Seekins started his company out of his garage by building parts he needed as a precision shooter. What was available at the time simply didn’t meet his standards.

Since that humble beginning, Seekins Precision has grown swiftly because of their focus on quality and precision. It comes then as no surprise that this year Seekins has released new accessories for the precision shooter.

The MRAS is a dovetail rail that attaches to the bottom of an MLOK handguard

This year Seekins has introduced a quick detach system for use with bipods and other accessories that shooters wish to attach to their rifles. The Mounted Rail Attachment System, or MRAS, is a section of dovetail rail that mounts to a gas gun handguard’s MLOK holes. Once mounted, the MRAS serves as quick detach platform for a variety of accessories. The MRAS is offered in short or long lengths to suit user preferences. Prices vary from $60 for the 3.2-inch version up to $89 for the 10.5 inch version. These are available now.

The pinch-to-move MRAC allows the user to quickly adjust the placement of accessories such as this bipod.

The Mounted Rail Attachment Clamp (MRAC) is the other half of the system, and where the quick detach feature resides. The user pinches two spring-loaded levers on the MRAC to attach, detach, or adjust the position of the accessory. Accessories attach to the MRAC by way of MLOK slots. The MRAC is available now for $109.

The MRAC attaches to the MRAS. The scallops in the MRAS serve as anchor points.

Another family of accessories being released by Seekins Precision this year is the Rapid Variable Locking system accessories. These are pinch-to-mount attachments such as a thumb rest/barricade assist ($39), a universal bipod mount for both Picatinny and Harris styles ($59), a quick detach sling socket ($39), and a simple rail section ($59). There is also a RVL version of the MRAS ($59). These are available now.

Anyone who has shot in PRS or 3-Gun competition knows that customizing accessories for different situations (when allowed) is a critical necessity. These new products from Seekins allow shooters to customize on the fly while maintaining the precision needed to win.  For more information visit

The Rapid Variable Locking system accessories are independent pinch-to-move accessories

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About the author: Steve Gaspar has been writing for gun and hunting publications for over 20 years. He is an avid hunter, staunch 2A supporter, and occasional 3-gun competitor. His favorite outdoor activities are calling predators and shooting suppressed rifles.

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