SIG Celebrates More than 1 Million P320 Pistols with Unique Commemorative Edition

SIG has now made over 1 million P320 pistols, crossing the threshold in 2019. (Photo: SIG)

For more information about the P320 and its many variants, visit the SIG Sauer website.

SIG Sauer is celebrating the manufacture of its first million SIG P320 pistols with a unique commemorative edition handgun. SIG produced its millionth P320 last year and took time to produce this standout one-off pistol.

“In 2019, the SIG Sauer P320 reached a historic milestone when the one millionth P320 was created,” said SIG. “To celebrate, SIG Custom Works created this one-of-a-kind P320.”

“Featuring hand-cut granite grips to commemorate its birthplace in New Hampshire, ‘the Granite State,’ scroll engraving with 14-carat gold inlay, an all metal high-gloss polished frame, and a unique serial number #58H1000000,” they added. “SIG Sauer thanks all of the individuals who made this historic milestone possible!”

Inside the polished frame and engraved slide is a simple P320 fire control unit. (Photo: SIG)

The polished alloy frame makes the granite grips stand out brightly, while the gold inlay and scrollwork adds a degree of old-world class that ties the new design to SIG’s heritage.

The millionth pistol is based on the full-size P320, with a thin curved trigger and a plain dust cover without an accessory rail. Even though it’s a display piece without a doubt, it still has night sights like so many P320 pistols meant for duty and self-defense.

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SIG produced four similar pistols for the Sentinels of the Tomb of the Unknown of the U.S. Army in 2018. Like the four Sentinel pistols, the millionth P320 is polished to a mirror finish in addition to the inlay and flourishing.

For more information about the P320 and its many variants, visit the SIG Sauer website.

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