SIG Sauer M400 Tread Coil Now Available Fully Decked Out

SIG Sauer now offers the Tread with everything you need to take it to the range. (Photo: SIG)

When many companies are offering their rifles in “optics-ready” configurations, SIG Sauer is going in a different direction with their popular Tread series of AR-pattern rifles with the new M400 Tread Coil. SIG is also expanding their line of Tread parts and accessories.

The updated Coil-edition M400 Tread rifle comes complete with a ROMEO5 Red Dot optic and a handful of other factory installed accessories to make it range-ready out of the box. It also is a great value with a suggested price of only $999.

“The hallmark of the Tread brand is combining innovation with value and offering consumers premium SIG SAUER products at an extremely affordable price point,” said SIG Executive Vice President Tom Taylor. “Just like its predecessors, the M400 Tread Coil combines innovation and value. This rifle is unique because it comes with a factory-installed red dot optic, making it ready to go right out of the box.”

“The M400 Tread Coil delivers the freedom to have an enhanced Tread rifle right from the store with a very advantageous price that make this an exceptional value to the consumer,” he added.

The Coil uses an enhanced lower receiver with ambidextrous controls and comes with a match-grade trigger, standard. (Photo: SIG)

For less than $1,000 the Coil package comes with the base rifle, a 13-inch lightweight modular M-Lok free-floating handguard, the optic and riser, a vertical foregrip, a front sight rail and a SIG Matchlite match-grade two-stage trigger.

Like the original Tread rifle the Coil model is direct-impingement, chambered for 5.56 NATO and comes with a 30-round Magpul magazine where available. The Coil has a 16-inch stainless steel barrel with a satin finish and a 1-in-8 twist, a low-profile gas block and a three-prong compensating flash hider.

And also like other Tread-series rifles the Coil comes standard with ambidextrous controls including the charging handle, safety selector and magazine release. The Coil also uses an enhanced lower receiver with integral quick-detach sling swivels at the rear extension.

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With all of the accessories including the magazine the Coil weighs just 7 pounds which makes it light and handy.

The M400 family of AR-style rifles has always represented a solid value coming out of SIG and the Tread Coil builds on that nicely. While there are a lot of options out there in the world of ARs this is a great package for any shooter looking to just buy a rifle without having to shop around for parts and accessories in order to complete the gun.

The fact that SIG also offers Tread components for sale separately is a great move for anyone who already owns an AR or two and would like to get a taste of SIG’s style without having to buy another firearm.

And the Tread components are competitively priced as well, with handguards at $149, barrel nuts and sight mounts at $29 and the Matchlite 4.5-pound two-stage trigger at $119. For more information about these and other SIG products and accessories, head over to the SIG Sauer website.

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    A friend and I both purchased one yesterday. Just waiting for the Sig Pro Store to inventory them in. Hould be in hand Monday.

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      Lol that peals off…just a sticker.

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