SIG Sauer Says ‘The Nightmare is Back’ with Three P-Series Classics

“The Nightmare is back” with these P-series classics. (Photo: SIG)

SIG Sauer just announced a new lineup of Nightmare pistols with their distinctive two-tone styling, saying “the Nightmare is back.” The new Nightmares are all “Classic” P-series pistols including a P220, P226, and P229.

The three new models join the 1911 Fastback Carry and P938 Nightmare pistols, rounding out the series with updated favorites. The Nightmare series features black slides, frames, and grips with satin nickel highlights.

All three models feature SIG’s black Nitron finish on the slide assembly and a few other components and black Hogue Classic Contour SL G10 grips with bright nickel controls. The triggers, hammers, decocker, slide catch, takedown levers and grip screws all have the satin nickel finish.

These guns come out of the SIG Custom Works department and ship with a Custom Works Negrini pistol case, Custom Works challenge coin, certificate of authenticity, and two magazines.

Apart from the G10 grips and black-and-silver styling, the new Nightmare pistols have all of the features people have come to expect with the modern P-series. All three are double-action, single-action handguns with decockers and lightweight alloy frames.

All three have SIG Rail frames and stainless steel slides and carbon steel barrels. The P226 and P229 are chambered for 9mm Luger and the P220 is chambered for .45 ACP. One nice upgrade over standard P-series pistols are the sights. All of the Nightmare pistols come standard with XRay3 day and night tritium sights.

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The P220 and P226 have 4.4-inch barrels and the P229 is more compact with a 3.8-inch barrel. The P220 is a single-stack with an 8-round capacity while the P226 and P229 hold 15+1 in 9mm. The .45-caliber P220 is slightly narrower at 1.3 inches wide versus 1.5 inches wide for the P226 and P229 and weighs less at just over 30 ounces compared to around 34 ounces unloaded for the 9mm pistols.

SIG has not released pricing details but shoppers should expect to cover a premium for Custom Works guns. Additionally, these are a limited edition so when they become available, they’ll move quickly.

SIG’s Custom Works shop has been busy this year with a number of hot new releases including a first-ever alloy-framed P320 AXG and discrete P320 Fire Control Unit for builders.

For more information about these and other SIG Sauer products and accessories, head over to the company website.

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  • david walker October 24, 2020, 6:31 pm

    have a full size 320 9mm but the fire control is the older type. can the new fire control work in the older model and what can i expect by putting the newer control fire control into my current gun

    tks in advanced


  • Ken October 23, 2020, 10:37 am

    Nice to see a classical line of Sigs without a rail. Otherwise… just another marketing technique.

  • Fal Phil October 23, 2020, 8:12 am

    Heh. Thomas Tusser was right.

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