SIG Sauer Introducing the P320 Custom Works Fire Control Unit

SIG will now offer P320 FCUs in Custom Works Gold. (Photo: SIG)

SIG Sauer just announced the availability of a product that’s been since day one a stand-alone, the SIG P320 Fire Control Unit or FCU. This serialized assembly is the heart of the P320 pistol and has broad horizons ahead.

On top of that, it’s not just a vanilla P320 FCU, it’s a Custom Works FCU with an enhanced, skeletonized flat-face trigger with a gold finish to match the subframe. SIG’s modular P320 design lets FCU owners take different slide assemblies and grips and convert their pistol into something smaller or larger or chambered for a different cartridge.

A P320 FCU is a firearm with a serial number. While it’s not really functional by itself, people can order parts kits separately to build them into whatever kind of firearm they want.

The easiest way to do this is to buy a SIG Sauer X-Change kit from SIG or any of SIG’s distributors. And the aftermarket for P320 components is just as big, and getting bigger every day.

Right now there are companies producing complete SIG-compatible grip frames and slide assemblies that bring a lot of style and features that just aren’t available using factory SIG parts. But the future for the P320 isn’t just pistols, it’s carbines, too, and who knows what else.

At least one company has toyed with the idea of a P320-based intermediate cartridge rifle, Fire Control Unit. With SIG’s design, it’s possible to buy an FCU, build it into the right gun today, then a completely different gun tomorrow.

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It’s also likely that more than a few SIG P320 owners have extra X-Change kits and other parts that could use a brand new FCU, too. While some retailers offer P320 FCUs separately, this big push by SIG is what P320 fans have really been asking for.

With a suggested price of $299 these FCUs are a little on the high side, but in-store and online pricing is typically less. Right now the market price for a standard FCU is around $200, and that doesn’t include the SIG Custom Works tweaks.

Now that SIG is gearing up to ship P320 Fire Control Units sold separately, the aftermarket for P320-compatible hardware is positioned to take off in a lot of new directions all at once.

For more information about guns, parts and accessories, head over to the SIG Sauer website.

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