SIG’s Amazing Rangefinding Binoculars: KILO3000 BDX – SHOT Show 2019

SIG Sauer is expanding their Electro-Optics offerings with a new addition to their Kilo series of rangefinders with a set of electronic binoculars. Like the other rangefinders, the binoculars can wirelessly pair with several of their scopes using SIG’s BDX – Ballistic Data Xchange – system.

What sets the binoculars apart from most of their rangefinders is their ease of use and their range. These 10×42 binocs go toe-to-toe with the highest-end Kilo rangefinder rated to 3,200 yards. Under the right conditions they have been field-tested well beyond 4,000 yards with reflective targets.

Using the BDX system, the KILO3000 binoculars can reliably range non-reflective targets out to 3,000 yards, and use that information to calibrate SIG Sierra3 riflescopes. These scopes have OLED reticles that can be calibrated using a smartphone to provide up to 25 different ballistic solutions at a time.

The idea is that you tag your target with the binocs, pick up your rifle, look down the scope and right on the reticle is your holdover marked to match your rifle and cartridge dope. The KILO3000 has a .250 millisecond response time and refreshes four times a second.

Using the binoculars alone the KILO3000 can provide a “lite” shooting solution out to 800 yards. The binoculars can be paired with a Kestral for a complete shooting solution as far as the binoculars can range given the shooting conditions.

The KILO3000 requires an Android or iOS device to pair with other devices, but the payoff is high. Kestrel meters can measure air temp, wind direction and speed, humidity, altitude and more, and combine them with custom ballistics tailored to specific loads and bullet types to provide a very complete shooting solution.

With SIG, it shows up right on the reticle. The KILO3000 has a suggested price of $1,439 with real-world prices closer to $1,100.

If that’s out of your reach SIG currently has four models of rangefinders at lower price points. They have a 6x20mm model for $299, a 6x22mm for $479 and two 7x25mm models at $599 and $959. BDX Combos, including a rangefinder and a scope, start at $839.

For now, SIG is offering the KILO3000 binoculars as a stand-alone item, but it’s possible that they offer combo sets in the future.

For more information head over to the SIG Sauer Electro-optics devision.

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  • johnnyraygun February 7, 2019, 3:28 pm

    Firearm technology just makes us better and safer shooters. Love the future for firearms.

    Stop the Trumpstock ban.

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