Skoped Vision: New Universal Adaptor Goes the Distance – SHOT Show 2018

A must-have for any shooter.

One of the most innovative products that I saw during the SHOT 2018 Range Day was the Skoped Vision cell phone adapter from Phone Skope. The Skoped Vision adapter lets you look through your rifle scope like normal, but also allows you to attach your cell phone and record your sight picture. The Skoped Vision unit is compatible with your existing PhoneSkope case and adapter.


During Range Day I had the pleasure of getting to sit behind a Skoped Vision equipped rifle. The unit did not appear to change the eye relief, and the additional lens did not degrade the image of the rifle scope.

Check out Clay’s footage from earlier this year on a prairie dog hunt.

For us journalists that write about long range shooting being able to record and present our data is very important. If you have a high degree of skill and do something extraordinary with a cheap rifle, I have found that people tend to doubt your results. Having a Skoped Vision adapter recording creates another level of integrity. I think that Hunters that want to re-live the excitement of a hunt would also find this product appealing.


I will be testing the Skoped Vision adapter as soon as they are available. I am working on a technical article about shooting 6.5 Creedmoor out to 2,000 yards. I plan on recording my shots with the Skoped Vision adapter. This product is going to retail for $149.99.

For more information about Phone Skope, click here.

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  • Marcus January 24, 2018, 10:02 pm

    This would be perfect on my Vortex Ar Red Dot. I hope they are working on one of these for red dots. I would love to run and gun with this!

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