South Dakota U.S. Senator Mike Rounds Visits Silencer Central Facilities

(Photo: Silencer Central)

Sioux Falls, South Dakota – May 3, 2022 – Silencer Central, America’s largest silencer dealer, had the pleasure of welcoming United States Senator Mike Rounds to their facilities on Friday, April 29th. Senator Rounds commits his time in office to promoting issues that protect veterans, rebuild military funding and protect the Second Amendment from extensive regulations.

Senator Rounds met with CEO Brandon Maddox to discuss how Silencer Central’s business has impacted his constituents in South Dakota as they bring about business and work opportunities in the firearms space. Silencer Central has helped drive the state’s economy by bringing jobs that directly impact economic growth. During his time in Sioux Falls, Senator Rounds emphasized his support of funding the e-Forms process which allows for law-abiding consumers to purchase suppressors legally and without lengthy waiting periods.

“Senator Rounds is a dedicated legislator who is serving South Dakota in an important capacity,” said Brandon Maddox, CEO of Silencer Central. “He makes time to see how our state’s economy is impacted and how it can grow. Having his support, as well as the support of others in Congress, means that Silencer Central can continue to legally distribute suppressors and change the hunting game for everyone.”

Silencer Central delivers silencers directly to customers in the 42 states where silencers are legal. The shipping process has revolutionized the way suppressors are sold and allows for customers to streamline their purchasing experience by cutting out unnecessary hurdles to silencer ownership. 

Customers can buy direct from Silencer Central at the event. For more information, call 888-781-8778 or visit

About Silencer Central

Silencer Central started its illustrious journey in 2005 as South Dakota Silencer, an events-based business, created with the goal of reaching the underserved hunting and sport shooting market by simplifying the silencer ownership process. It became Dakota Silencer, and finally rebranded as Silencer Central after expanding its simplified process in August 2020 to all 42 states where silencers are lawful. Silencer Central makes it simple to purchase a silencer by managing the entire buying process for the consumer, providing a free NFA Gun Trust, offering interest-free payment options, and shipping directly to their front door, once approved.

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