Springfield Armory XDS 4.0 in .45 ACP Now Shipping

Beside the original XDS, the difference is easy to see.

Beside the original XDS, the difference is easy to see.

Springfield Armory XDS 4.0 in .45 ACP

The Springfield Armory XDS 4.0 in .45 ACP is shipping now.  The hard hitting compact is easy to conceal, accurate and easy to handle. The .45 ACP 4.0 is the latest in the XDS line.  There are now 9mm and .45 ACP versions available in 3.3 and 4 inch configurations, and .40 S&W isn’t far behind.

Springfield expansion of their XDS line is aimed at filling in all of the possible gaps for those who want to carry concealable pistols that fire heavier rounds.  Where most manufacturers are filling in the bottom end with pocket sized .380s, the XDS appeals to those who would rather have more stopping power.  With their single stack magazines, the guns are slim.  Yet there’s still enough grip to hold, which makes controlling the .45 ACP easier.

We’ve recently reviewed the XDS 4.0 in .45 ACP (and it is still riding on my hip).  Get down to your local FFL and check one out.  If the other versions of the XDS are any indication, they’ll be flying off the shelves.

Retail pricing on the XDS 4.0 line should stay in line with the rest of the XDS pistols: $500, or $550 for one with a stainless slide.  The pistol will ship with a nice case that’s cut to hold all of the extras: a magazine holder, a OWB holster, the pistol, a manual, a lock,



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  • Otis Goodlett May 27, 2014, 4:00 pm

    My question hasn’t gotten any response from Springfield, yet. But maybe, you already know the answer.

    Since both pistols are pretty much one and the same, will Springfield be offering a conversion package for the XDs 3.3 to an XDs 4.0. It seems like a practical idea to me, and I would definitely be interested in purchasing. Thanks

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