Springfield’s SAINT AR Pistol Now in .300 BLK!

The SAINT AR Pistol in .300 BLK.  Round out this package with a suppressor and you have one helluva home defense tool.

Springfield Armory this week rolled out the SAINT AR-15 Pistol in .300 ACC Blackout!

This new addition to the SAINT lineup comes with oodles of features, including a 9-inch Melonite treated CMV barrel, patent-pending free float handguard, nickel boron-coated GI single-stage trigger, pinned, low-profile adjustable gas block, Accu-Tite tension system and an SB Tactical SBX-K forearm brace.

This SAINT pistol weighs only 5.9 pounds and measures just 27.75-inches long, making it aptly suited for home defense and CQB environments.

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Obviously, the upside to getting a SAINT in .300 BLK is the extra oomph it delivers over the lighter 5.56 NATO round.  That additional power or energy comes in real handy, especially in a compact platform that sports a 9-inch barrel.  In that configuration, the 5.56 doesn’t have enough barrel or runway to reach its ballistic potential.  Downside is .300 BLK ammo is typically more costly and may be harder to find.

The MSRP for the SAINT Pistol in .300 BLK is $989.00.  Same cost as the 5.56 version.  So, the choice is yours?  Will it be a SAINT in 5.56 or .300 BLK?

For more information visit Springfield-Armory.com.


  • CALIBER: .300 AAC Blackout
  • LENGTH: 27.75″
  • WEIGHT: 5 lbs 9 oz
  • BARREL: 9″ CMV 300BO w/ Melonite® Treatment, 1:7 Twist
  • GAS SYSTEM: Direct Impingement Pistol-Length Gas Port w/ Adjustable Gas Block
  • TRIGGER: SA Proprietary, Nickel Boron Coated GI Style
  • SIGHTS: Not Included
  • TRIGGER GUARD: Bravo Company
  • PISTOL GRIP: Bravo Company Mod.3
  • HANDGUARD: M-Lok Aluminum SA Proprietary T6 Type III Hard Anodized Aluminum
  • BUFFER ASSEMBLY: Carbine “H” Heavy Tungsten Buffer
  • RECEIVER EXTENSION: SA Pistol T6 Type III Hard Coat Anodized Aluminum
  • BOLT CARRIER GROUP: Enhanced M16 Melonite® Finish, MPT, 9310 Steel Bolt
  • MAGAZINE: 1 – 30 Round Magpul PMAG
  • CASE: Soft Pistol Case
  • MSRP: $989.00

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About the author: S.H. Blannelberry is the News Editor of GunsAmerica.

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