Springfield’s Hammer-Fired XD-E Goes Big-Bore with .45 ACP Model

Springfield Armory is updating the hammer-fired XD-E with a new model chambered for .45 ACP. The XD-E is a polymer-framed single-stack pistol designed for every day carry. It’s slim and light and affordably priced, too.

“The new XD-E .45 gives customers exactly what they asked for,” said Springfield Armory CEO Dennis Reese. “A no-compromise pistol that offers multiple safety modes for peace of mind no matter how you choose to carry.”

The XD-E is the latest expansion of the XD lineup, although it’s pretty radically different. Unlike the other XDs, the E-series is hammer-fired with a manual thumb safety and decocker. The rest of the guns are striker-fired.

Shown here with a flush magazine with pinkie extension. (Photo: S.A.)

One advantage of hammer-fired pistols is that they can be easier to rack and load compared to striker-fired guns. With the hammer cocked it takes less effort to rack the slide.

This means that these guns combine the time-tested controls of a double-action semi-auto with the modern construction of striker-fired pistols. The XD-E can be carried in single-action with the hammer cocked with the safety on or in double-action with the hammer decocked.

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And the construction really is modern. In addition to its polymer frame and ergonomic grip, the XD-E has a fully ambidextrous magazine release and left- and right-handed safety and decocker levers.

With the flush baseplate and 6-round magazine the XD-E .45 offers maximum concealability. (Photo: S.A.)

Like the other single-stack XDs the XD-E has a high-visibility polymer fiber-optic front sight and contrasting white dot rear sight. It also has a loaded chamber indicator, oversized cocking serrations and an accessory rail for lights and laser sights.

The .45 ACP model has a solid standard capacity of 6+1 rounds with a flush magazine and 7+1 with an extended mag. The extended magazine offers a full four-finger grip and so does the flush mag with an optional included pinkie extension baseplate.

For now the .45 ACP XD-E comes with a black frame and matching matte black slide assembly. The slide and barrel are forged steel with a hardened Melonite nitride finish. It has a 3.3-inch barrel.

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The 7-round mag also provides a full grip and best-in-class capacity. (Photo: S.A.)

The .45 ACP model is about an inch wide, a little wider at the controls, and just under 7 inches long. It weighs 23 ounces unloaded with a magazine and measures only 5 inches tall with a flush magazine. The extended mag adds half an inch to the overall height.

So far the XD-E series is following the XD-S pretty closely. Like the striker-fired original, the hammer-fired models first came out in 9mm Luger with the .45 ACP soon after. Hopefully down the line we’ll see .40 S&W options along with 4-inch models like the XD-S.

In .45 ACP the pistol is priced in line with the XD-S with an MSRP of $566. Street prices should be around $500. Springfield also partnered up with Viridian to offer a laser-equipped model for just $33 more.

There aren’t a lot of compact and contemporary hammer-fired single-stacks out there today with double-action/single-action triggers. The XD-E series really stands out in a market flooded with striker-fired options.

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About the author: Max Slowik is a writer with over a dozen years of experience and is a lifelong shooter. He has unwavering support for the Second Amendment and the human right to self-defense. His ambition is to follow Thomas Paine, as a journalist by profession and a propagandist by inclination.

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  • Mark ,Sr. January 6, 2018, 8:26 pm

    looking forward to trying out both the 9mm and the .45. Looking to rent and shoot both before shelling out $500.00 +.for either. Shoot and handle like i expect, i’ll own ’em both.! Safe,Secure,and Well Represented In Louisiana!!!

  • Matthew Perkins November 25, 2017, 3:29 pm

    Let me start by saying I’m retired infantry. I currently work in a gun store and would say im pretty familiar with firearms. I have sold more XD-E’s than I can count. They have multiple safety features and are MUCH easier to rack, making it a hit with anyone who lacks upper body strength. I have carried an XDS 45 for the last few years and am really considering changing it up now. All I can say is don’t knock it until you try it.

  • Randy V. November 24, 2017, 9:00 pm

    Great article about a great new gun from Springfield. It always amazes me to see most negative comments come from people that have never shot the gun, can’t afford the gun or can’t have the gun (and for all 3 I’m sorry). The fact is, all it will takes is one time in a shooting range to convince you the XD-E is in a league of it own. I’m a 1911 guy for over 40 years (and still in love) but, my CC choice for the last 3 years has been the XD-S 45. Bar-None the best shooting CC gun “I’ve” ever shot … until now. Shot the XD-E (9 mm) a month ago and in less then an hour I owned it. No, I don’t work for Springfield. All I’m saying is try it, you just might like it. PS… Just for the record, my wife is 5′ 2”, 115 lbs, (boy am I in trouble) and has no trouble shooting this 9 mm, and shooting it well. Beware Bad Guy’s.

  • Guido November 24, 2017, 8:17 am

    Hello, Max
    Great review of what appears to be a winner of a CCW. Looks like a good option for wifey, too. Finding a semi-auto that is actually small enough for the women to carry is half the battle, finding a small one that they are able to manipulate (such as racking the slide) is truly like looking for the Grail.
    The only question I have remaining after your review is, do the “E” models use the same mag’s as the striker-fired versions of the same caliber?
    The best,

  • Joseph Welch November 24, 2017, 5:59 am

    Buddy, if you call $500 affordable then GA pays you too much. An expenditure for the average working class man or woman is no small matter at all. For me, it’s unobtainable without a 6 month layaway being on disability. And I’m a target for thugs because of my condition and because of medications I have to take. I thank God for my Ruger SR 9 C and my Armscor 206 revolver. The Ruger was affordable used with a layaway and the Armscor the same. It’s a shame most gun dealers won’t do more than a 60 day layaway and the ones offering 12 month tend to charge more than manufacturer suggested retail. I’d give my first born child for an affordable Springfield. Alas, all I can do is hope for a miracle winning one of the GA giveaways.

  • Mark N. November 22, 2017, 12:53 am

    “A perfect fit for both new shooters…” Really? A 3.3″ compact .45 cal for new shooters? I have a compact 9 mm that is a bit too much for new shooters, and my 4″ 1911 is harder to control than that (and I have a “thing” for small .45s.). I have a hard time agreeing that this is an appropriate firearm for a new shooter. But I want one. Too bad I live in California.

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