Steyr Arms Is Importing Incredible Anschuetz .22LRs with a Tactical Look—SHOT Show 2014

anschuetz02Steyr Arms

Steyr Arms imports Steyr rifles and handguns, Merkel and Anschuetz. They had a variety of standouts at the range before the SHOT Show officially kicked off. While everyone else is jumping on the bullpup bandwagon, Steyr can rest easy knowing they’ve got it down. Yet the rifle everyone was talking about wasn’t a Steyr. It was an Anschuetz. A .22LR. And this modern sporting rifle just may make some precision shooters think twice about tacticool .22s.

anschuetz03To be perfectly honest, I could care less what a .22 looks like, as long as it shoots straight. I’m not one to dress up a rimfire rifle in tactical gear. It is nice to have that option available for training (when you can actually find .22lr to train with), but I’m not so picky. But the Anschuetz RX22 is quite handsome. And the accuracy from these rifles is on par with what you would expect from the catalog of a company that caters to biathletes and competitive shooters.

Steyr is making some big claims for this rifle: 55 shots in under 2MOA from 50 meters. That’s solid accuracy, but incredible dependability, and it takes the Anschuetz .RX22 out of the novelty field, for sure. This is the type of rifle you can sling across your back while skiing. Pack it full of snow on when you fall. Shake it dry and shoot. The ergonomics are familiar enough to anyone who has shot a full-sized tactical rifle. Yet the accuracy will set it apart from the pedestrian rimfire rifles.

anschuetz04anschuetz01The gun is available in a variety of finishes. The prices, depending on options, range from $895 to $995. They’ve just begun selling in the States, so keep your eyes peeled. When we shot the RX-22 at the range, it had been through hundreds of rounds. The dry Nevada range was cold and dusty, yet the rifle fired accurately and reliably every time we pulled the trigger. What more could you ask for?

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