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Kickstart Your Gun Shop With GunsAmerica!

There is no resource more powerful than GunsAmerica to build your brick and mortar gunshop business. Whether you are a small mom & pop shop, a single large store, or a big chain of large stores, GunsAmerica’s Dealer Services tools will take you to the next level. We have proven it! Everyone one of the tools in the toolkit that is GunsAmerica Dealer Services will bring more buyers through your doors, leverage more sales per customer, and encourage repeat visits.

Sell Online or Stay Local and Don’t Sell Online

GunsAmerica is now split into “National Ads” and “Local Only Ads,” and this can be somewhat confusing if you associate GunsAmerica with “internet gun sales.” But GunsAmerica, since oh about 2007, has been about “using online to sell more guns,” and those gun sales are in your store. We discovered that a large footprint on GunsAmerica resulted in a lot of customers walking through the door, so we built a suite of tools to capitalize on that fact.

In 2016 we removed all of our aftersale fees from local sales within 50 miles. That goes for “National Ads” that sell locally, and “Local Only Ads.” You may already have seen this, and you saw that we limit our “Local Only Ads” to 5 per seller. With the packages below you can bust that limit if you want to go Local Only, and we also have packages for gunshops that want to sell national as well in a big way.

Better Than Direct Mail, Radio & TV Ads

This is the Customer Connect map on GunsAmerica. It is inventory driven, so you show up when you have the gun, or if you signed up for distributor feeds to take orders.

Do a search on GunsAmerica. Pick something easy like “glock” or “remington.” Do you see this map at the top, that’s on the right here in this email? If you don’t, try changing your zip code to 77055.

That map is what we call GunsAmerica Customer Connect. It is a local advertising system for stocking gun dealers that just here on GunsAmerica will expose you to tens of thousands of local gun buyers every month. It costs $99 per month to be on the bottom of the map, and $199 per month to be on the top of the map. Additional benefits are explained below.

We have now launched our first “Partner Connect” maps. Some have been temporary tests, and there is a permanent installation at SCCY Firearms. If you go to one of their product pages you’ll see our dealers on the map. If you don’t see it, again, change your zip code to 77055.

All Partner Connect maps will be available to our GunsAmerica Customer Connect paid gunshops for no additional charge, and you don’t need a “code”.

If You Have a Partner Code

If you registered on GunsAmerica specifically to be on the SCCY map, or some of the other maps we have in the works, please make sure you have all of your seller and FFL details filled out, and go to the Customer Connect Local Settings page to enter your code.

Partner Maps are FREE, individually. As they come online this coming year (all of the major manufacturers have said yes), each manufacturer and their reps will be given access codes for each specific dealer on their dealer list. Many of the major distributors will also be given these codes, for the individual website maps, like you see on SCCY. You have to be a stocking brick and mortar dealer to be in the program at all.

Subscribing to our $99 or $199 Customer Connect package will give you access to the 1 – 5 Million buyers who come to GunsAmerica each month (the ones local to you), and all of the local buyers to all of the partner websites as well. You do have to sign up for each website, but you do not need to fetch and input each code.

GunsAmerica Discount Packages & Local Advertising (SIGN UP)

This is where we go back to the question, do you want to sell National and Local, or just Local Only. At GunsAmerica Dealer Services we offer a number of combination packages. The signup page can seem very confusing, so check the explanation out before deciding if any of them fit your gunshop.

  • GunsAmerica Trusted Seller – This is our legacy GunsAmerica discount package and it still costs only $49 per month. Trusted Seller reduces your National aftersale fee to 1% from our base 2%, and it reduces your minimum fee on guns from $20 to $10. It brings your GunsAmerica aftersale fee down to where it was in 1997. How’s that for inflation deflation? You also get 50% off of listing upgrades, and some other cool stuff you’ll find on the accounts page.

    With a free Basic GunsAmerica account or a Trusted Seller account, you can fetch the codes to get on all free Partner Connect maps.

  • Customer Connect Premium Local – This is an intentional skip over Customer Connect Basic, to explain the way Premium works with Trusted Seller. For $199/mo, Premium puts you on the top of the map, and you get all of the Trusted Seller discounts. We created this package as a cost effective way to make the most of Local, but also have the discounts available to sell National.
  • Customer Connect Basic Local – This $99 per month package was created primarily for gunshops and big box stores that don’t want to deal with shipping firearms ever. It gives you the GunsAmerica Customer Connect map, our Editorial Map (see this article on the Century PW87, and you can sign up for Partner Connect Maps without having to fetch a code.

    REMEMBER that all of the maps are driven by INVENTORY. If you have the gun listed for sale, either posted by hand or through our Bulk Upload utility, it will show the potential customer that he can go buy it locally. Finally there is an online solution built to sell the guns you have in the store FIRST. And the manufacturers themselves, with GunsAmerica of course, will drive those customers into your gunshop.

    Distributor Feeds (48 Hour Guns) – If you notice on that PW87 article, and on the SCCY website, several dealers are showing up that don’t have the gun in stock. We use what we call “48 Hour Guns” as a backup, tapping the inventory of several distributors, including Sports South, Lipseys, Davidsons, Bill Hicks and Zanders. We are 100% inclusive, and bringing more distributors in as the data has become available. Any monthly paid account at GunsAmerica gives you access to 48 Hour Guns, and when you sign up for a Partner Connect Map with an access code, you will be able to sign up for the 48 Hour Guns for that manufacturer even with a free Basic GunsAmerica Account.

    Brochure Mode – Some gunshops, and especially big box stores, aren’t looking to spend a bunch of time on back and forth email and the phone with endless tire kickers and bottom feeders. Likewise keeping track of a separate credit card payment and order system. And don’t forget, ultimately we are trying to get buyers in your store. If you are signed up for a Customer Connect package, you will be able to put your ads into what we call “Brochure Mode.” That completely hides Add to Cart, Live Checkout, and even Message Seller. Bulk upload your inventory from your POS, and see how many local buyers you can hook. Of course it is better to have Live Checkout enabled, so that you can take advantage of impulse buys, but each to their own.

  • GunsAmerica Platinum Access – This $999/mo account is made for large stocking gun dealers who are going to do a lot of business here, and don’t want to deal with individual aftersale invoices. It includes Premium Local , so you will be at the top of the map.

GunsAmerica Live Checkout – As mentioned above, GunsAmerica membership includes free access to our direct credit card charging system called Live Checkout. We do not take the payments. You do, through your existing credit card merchant account. Most likely you will have to sign up for an inexpensive internet gateway like, but if you are already taking online payments elsewhere, most likely your gateway settings can just be plugged directly in here. We also have access to merchant services providers who specialize in gun shops and online gun sales, so please contact if you want some help with it.

There are dozens of gunshops out there with GunsAmerica Live Storefronts making money from both the Local and National market. Some examples are Two Rock Arms, Texas Saw Dust, Best Shot Range, Robertson’s Trading Post, and our oldest, going back to 2007, The Exchange, at

GunsAmerica Live Storefronts – If you need a website, or your website is old and dead, or even new and dead lol, check out GunsAmerica Live Storefronts. Our completely automated websites were created specifically for the needs of the local brick and mortar gun dealer. You can update your website with current inventory using the same Bulk Upload that you use for GunsAmerica. We work with graphic artists and custom developers, so you can get exactly the look you want, with the powerful automation features you need. Prices start at $39.95 a month.

You’ll see the Live Storefronts link on your GunsAmerica Dashboard under Dealer Services. Feel free to sign up and test it out using some standard templates without ever having to buy anything. Just keep in mind that custom design is available, and it doesn’t take away from any of the automated convenience of adding pages to your site, updating inventory/distributor feeds, or taking orders.

Please, Please, Please Contact Austin at GunsAmerica Dealer Services! ( – GunsAmerica is an extremely advanced application that was built specifically to bring buyers into your gunshop. It is difficult to convey the scope and breadth in an email, and there are things that we completely left out, like our Tactical Nuke program. Plug into GunsAmerica. Get started! And please let us answer any questions you may have. GunsAmerica is bringing the entire gun industry into the 21st Century, and we might as well get started with your gunshop right now! -team@ga

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