SureFire 500 Lumen Upgrade – Same Runtime – SHOT Show 2013


Flashlights may be one of the less exciting products to talk about, but if you have ever used a 500 lumen SureFire, there is plenty to be exciting about. THEY ARE LIKE LIGHT SABERS. And now SureFire has upgraded their Defender, X400GN, and X400V flashlights from 200 lumens to 500 lumens with no loss in runtime. Also check out the video for their new “teal green” lasers, which is a pretty gutsy color to advertise in a male dominated market, specifically because according to their own SureFire research, teal green is what the human eye works best with. SureFire products aren’t cheap. These lights will be in the $500+ range, but our experience has been that when you compare relative costs to the Chinese copies, SureFire is 5 times brighter, 5 times more durable, and give you 5 times less problems, at roughly 3 times the cost. And here is an extra tip. Those red SureFire batteries that you can buy from SureFire or even on Amazon in 12 packs last twice as long as Energizers. We use them exclusively on all of our 123A devices.

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  • Armytek flashlight April 15, 2013, 10:06 am

    Nowadays there are a lot of flashlights which impress with their quality and performance. Many companies produce various LED flashlight and sometimes we think what light is better or even the best. As for me, recently I have had an experience with Armytek company and its products. A month ago I purchased Armytek Predator 670 lumens and happy that this light met all my needs. The price is not high, about $110. It’s good for this well made light. It’s multifunctional light. Variety of modes attracts me because I can choose any mode I need (for home, walking, my car, camping).

  • JD MAK January 20, 2013, 5:33 am

    Where price is concerned, there is a point of diminishing return on any product, regardless of performance. Relative costs cease to have any relevance when you start talking about flashlights in the price range you describe in this post. A special operations unit may be able to justify such an expenditure, but this type of hardware is way above the means of the average firearms enthusiast. This is for hardcore operators or flashlight fetishists only.

    • bluejacket January 20, 2013, 3:32 pm

      Point taken, but as with all new products, they debut at a high expense. Just wait a year, and also a competitor will supply something similar which will bring prices down.

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