Best AR Light Out There? SureFire’s Scoutlight Pro – SHOT Show 2020

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SureFire is rolling out a new line of weapon lights called the Scoutlight Pro series with both visible light and dual white light and infrared models. The Pro series works with standard SureFire accessories like filters and tape switches.

The Pro series is launching with five models, with two full-size scout lights, two mini scout lights and one high-output Dual Fuel model. The full-size and mini lights are offered in both visible light models as well as infrared and white light output models.

All of the new Pro lights mount directly to guns with a modular mount that works with Picatinny and M-Lok handguards and other components. The mount is adjustable and swivels allowing users to rotate the lights into position tightly against their firearms.

Once in place the mounts can be tightened into position to prevent the lights from moving around. Like other SureFire weapon lights, the Pro series is constructed with lightweight and impact-resistant alloy bodies sealed with O-rings to ensure water resistance.

The visible light models, including the Dual Fuel Scoutlight Pro, are particularly bright with outputs up to 1,500 lumens. The standard Scoutlight Pro outputs 1,000 lumens of light while the Mini Scoutlight Pro throws 500 lumens of white light.

The Dual Fuel model is the brightest with a rechargeable SF18650B lithium ion battery producing 1,500 lumens at peak brightness, but is still capable of providing 1,200 lumens of white light running on 123A power cells.

The infrared and white light models produce less light and are intended for use with night vision. They put out 350 and 250 lumens for the full-size and mini models respectively.

Pricing is competitive with MSRPs at $299 for the visible light models, $319 for the rechargeable Dual Fuel light and $429 for the infrared Scoutlight Pros. Retail pricing will vary and is typically less than MSRP.

SureFire is working on more than just tactical lights for rifles and shotguns, they’re also in the everyday carry market with weaponlights for pistols. This year they’re also showing off their new XR series of compact lights and light and laser sight combos for handguns.

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The new XR1 and XR2 are rechargeable units with interchangeable battery packs that are designed to be the same width and length as the accessory rail on a Glock 19. That makes them ideal for use on a huge range of self-defense handguns.

The XR1 and XR2 produce 600 lumens of light for around an hour of use. The XR1 is the basic light only model while the XR2 combines a light with a green light laser sight. Both use a cartridge-style battery pack that can be swapped out and charged independently.

The Pro series is in production with lights available now while the XR series will be available starting in the second quarter of 2020. The expected MSRP for the XR1 will be around $300 while the XR2 with the laser sight will be about $450.

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