Team Yackley Joins Lucas Oil Pro Staff Team for 2016

The Yackley Bunch!

The Yackley Bunch!

A family that shoots together stays together!

That’s especially true for Team Yackley, the five-member family of competitive shooters, who have recently linked up with Lucas Oil Pro Staff Team for the 2016 season.

If the name Yackley sounds familiar, it’s probably because you’ve heard it before — right here on GunsAmerica!

Becky Yackley, wife of Mark Yackley and mother to three sons: Tim (17), Sean (16) and Andrew (11) is a regular contributor to GunsAmerica. She’s in the process of writing several series for the website, one on kids and guns, and another on competitive shooting. You can check them out here:

Yes, we’re proud of the Yackley clan. And it’s great to hear about them linking up with the Lucas Oil Pro Staff Team. The Yackleys are the real deal. Last year alone, they produced a national championship, two world championships and a bronze medal and 11 first-place finishes!

Here is a brief snapshot of their backgrounds and individual specialities within the shooting community, courtesy of Lucas Oil:

Mark, a Wisconsin State Trooper and firearms instructor, competed on a limited basis in 2015 while finishing his latest active duty tour at the Pentagon with the U.S. Marines Corps.

The multi-talented Becky was part of the world champion IPSC Shotgun team and in addition to several High Lady finishes in 3 Gun events also finds times to continue to be one of the sport’s leading photographers, writers, television personalities and instructors as well as mother to three rising stars.

Tim, the oldest of the trio, was the national champion in the junior division at the prestigious Bianchi Cup, the junior world champion at the NRA Shoot, a bronze medalist at the IPSC Shotgun World Shoot and the overall winner of the three-day Blue Ridge Mountain 3-Gun event. He spent part of his winter teaching alpine skiing and is training for the World Action Shooting Championship in New Zealand in November.

Middle son Sean is a proficient speed and long-range shooter, as his win in the Colt Speed Steel Event at the Bianchi Cup attests. He has an interest in building bows, arrows and crossbows and did some fur trapping with younger brother Andrew during the winter.

Andrew, who is the character in the family, has the main role in a series of safety videos aimed at young shooters that the family is working on. He is developing into a tenacious 3 Gun competitor and was the only 11-year-old to take part in six major matches in 2015.

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About the author: S.H. Blannelberry is the News Editor of GunsAmerica.

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  • DRAINO May 9, 2016, 6:30 pm

    AWESOME!! Love it!! Look forward to the articles they put out, especially on the topic of kids and guns. Guns really can be family fun for everyone. Eat that, you liberal democrat anti-gun twerps!

  • Pierce Colman May 6, 2016, 11:56 am

    w0000T! Go Yackley’s!!

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