Tom Selleck Quietly Resigns from NRA Board of Directors

Tom Selleck will remain a member of the NRA but leave the directing up to other members of the board. (Photo: Selleck/Instagram)

One of the most recognizable faces of the NRA is stepping down. This year Tom Selleck will leave the NRA board of directors for work reasons. He served as a member of the board for the past 12 years and gained membership at the age of 8.

As an actor he’s done a lot to represent the NRA as a public and steady supporter of gun rights. As a member of the board of directors of the NRA he’s done a bit less.

“He has nothing to do with policy,” said Selleck’s publicist Annette Wolf. “He’s never been active on the board or anything the NRA engages in. He’s almost always been a silent board member.”

“Tom Selleck has stepped down from the board of the NRA due to his work schedule,” she continued. “Mr. Selleck remains a member of the NRA.”

While he may have participated little on the board, Selleck has done a lot to promote the NRA. His popularity drew memberships and donations, and he personally donated firearms from his TV and movie projects to the NRA Museum over the years.

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Selleck donated this Shofield from “Crossfire Trail” to the NRA Museum. (Photo: NRA)

Some people might see this as Selleck distancing himself from the gun rights organization. Others will think he is making room for new leadership on the NRA’s board of directors.

Last year former president and current board member Marion Hammer called for a ban on bump stocks for rifles. Her support for new forms of gun control shocked NRA members and gun-rights advocates.

Actions like these have led many gun owners to believe that the NRA, or at least some of its leaders, were weak on Second Amendment issues. Or worse, that they were willing to scare gun owners into raising more money for the NRA by increasing the likelihood of future forms of gun control.

There has been a rise in tension between these softer members and so-called “gundamentalists” of the NRA. Hammer even called them “the enemy within.”

Adam Kraut, a prominent gun rights attorney, is one gundamentalist running for membership on the board of directors. As a member of the Firearms Policy Coalition and Firearms Policy Foundation, Kraut has proven to be a Second Amendment purist.

Last year many fresh faces were added to the NRA board including Ronnie Barrett of Barret Firearms, Magpul’s Dwayne Liptak Jr. and Smith & Wesson shooter Julie Golob.

What’s your take on Selleck stepping down?  Also, what do you think of the growing rift between 2A purists and the old guard?  

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About the author: Max Slowik is a writer with over a dozen years of experience and is a lifelong shooter. He has unwavering support for the Second Amendment and the human right to self-defense. His ambition is to follow Thomas Paine, as a journalist by profession and a propagandist by inclination.

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  • Gary Greenbush March 13, 2020, 6:41 am

    At 81 i’m a life member and WAS a fan of Sellek. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. 🇺🇸🦅

  • William October 25, 2018, 2:02 am

    I was a member of the NRA for one year. During that year, I thoroughly enjoyed reading each and every issue of America’s 1st Freedom. What I didn’t like was being bombarded weekly with mail asking me for money, money and more money. The NRA could have save lots of money on paper, ink and postage by not begging me for contributions.
    I never renewed my membership after that year, too much junk mail.

    • Ron Cullen March 20, 2020, 8:02 am

      I whole heartily agree. Way too much mail from the NRA.

  • chance September 24, 2018, 4:44 pm

    From what I know of Selleck, he was a guy who was a strong supporter of the 2nd amendment and not afraid to take a stand on that. The emphasis is on “was”. We all know that it’s no longer politically correct for anybody in the liberal Hollywood scene to be pro firearms, at all! I’ve watched him weaken and waffle over the last decade as he’s fallen victim to all of the liberal pressures. The “you’re either with us or against us” mentality that is sweeping politics. Long gone are the days when Democrats and Republicans could disagree on some issues and still come together for the good of the Country!

    I imagine Selleck is worrying about his waining future as a star and actor – knowing that if he wants to continue working he’d better toe the party line! He just showed his “True Girt” or, actually lack there-of, as he slinks off with his tail between his legs, quietly kissing the asses of the Hollywood elite and the likes of Feinstein while he’s at it! It’s a sad state we’re in! And, even as a Life Member and supporter of the ILA, I fear it will continue to get worse and worse.

    What troubled me even more that Selleck’s slinking away, nose up the asses of the Hollywood elite, was the trailing messages about the Board of Directors in the NRA – listing the new inductees. It appears to me that you have to be “somebody” to sit on the Board of the NRA! A normal citizen, a life-long supporter of the mission of the NRA, as a staunch supporter of the 2nd Amendment, a career professional Wildlife Biologist and life-long hunter, I would think that the NRA would not only allow people like me to sit on the Board, I would expect that they would encourage it, recruit from average NRA supporters in our country. But they don’t. If you aren’t “somebody” you don’t count – yes, send us your money – but don’t expect to rub shoulders with us – you aren’t part of The Club!

    I’ve been an NRA member off and on my entire life (I’m in my 60’s now). I first joined as a teenager. Yet, throughout my life I’d become disillusioned when, after sending in my annual dues, I’d get bombarded with incessant demands for more $$, more $$, more $$! Take what we give you and do something good with it! Don’t keep trying to shame us into sending more and more money! So, I’d get disgusted, not send in my dues the following year, then a year or two later I’d realize that if I didn’t continue to support the NRA, there was really nobody else out there (with any real power) to stand up for the 2nd Amendment! So, I’d send in my dues again and the cycle would repeat itself!

    About the time that Feinstein and Obama rose to power I realized that I needed to do more, even knowing that the NRA was a money-grubber, I stepped up to the line and became a Life Member, at the Endowment level. WE have to continue to support them or this country will be lost! But, this is to ANYBODY from the NRA elite who might accidentally read this: Remember your damn roots! Remember what you stand for and who pays for you! You’re falling into the trap of becoming just another money-grubbing political action committee! Allow some regular Americans on your Board of Directors. You’re becoming a closed club of elitists and that will result in only one outcome – you’ll quickly loose all connection with that which you purport or represent!

  • missourisam September 24, 2018, 1:03 pm

    While I think Tom Selleck is one of the better actors of our time, and I watch Blue Bloods, some of the scripts he has accepted of late have caused e to lose respect for him and his commitment to the second amendment. The writers of that show have on many occasions expressed opposition to to private gun ownership. I would not have uttered some of those lines no matter what I was paid, but then that is just me.

  • SB September 23, 2018, 10:28 am

    First of all I would like to state that there are a lot of people out there that can be considered “the salt of the earth”! They are living in single wides, and if they are really fortunate a d wide! What ever ones perceived social status, many brothers and sisters are consumed with providing the best quality of life for their family that they can provide. They are strong supporters of A2 rights and the constitution!!!!!!!’ If what has been stated about the monies that is being spent on those running the NRA is true? Do you really need all that money your being paid? Do you own luxuries that you can really do with out? I bet that there are a lot of patriots out there that are not accounted for because of various reasons. Can those who are in charge of running the NRA with are membership monies donate some of their monies that is provided in part by members to grow our numbers? Don’t let the NRA turn into the political BS as our government has turned into. Your asking for donations from the people that are the salt of this earth are a waste of members monies. You are excluding people with the same ideology from membership. Show our government by reducing inflated salaries of officials what can be done?????? Put your money and beliefs where your mouth is…..
    All was built on the backs of the people that are considered the salt of earth. Please just remember , your actions are yours!!!!!!!

  • Sly September 22, 2018, 10:25 pm

    I guess he thought he better resigned before he is caught up in the NRA laundering Russian money from The Kremlin and sending it to Trump scheme, maybe he’s looking out for his reputation. I wonder if he went to bed with the little female spy Putin sent to the NRA

  • Frank Johnson September 22, 2018, 4:40 pm

    Oh, i see now. this sites “moderates” comments. Very “1984” of them. I’m outta here permanently.

  • Frank Johnson September 22, 2018, 4:39 pm

    This is a test, since none of my comments seem to ever appear…

  • Tony Guzman September 22, 2018, 11:25 am

    I\’m a Life Member of the NRA because they defend the 2A as written. The \”soft/compassionate\” members need to go somewhere else, perhaps their own compromising organization. This is typical liberal \”infiltrate, nudge and shift\” plan that they used to destroyed the Boy Scouts and other staunch American values organizations. Fundamentalists unite and make the stand! THE CONSTITUTION MEANS WHAT IT SAYS, THERE IS NO OTHER INTERPRETATION.

  • Waite Ligon September 21, 2018, 11:41 pm

    Lot of good discussion and exchange of ideas, but the one thing that must remain foremost in our minds is a staunch support of 2A. Whether it is the NRA, GOA or any other positive force for 2A, that must be where we rally and stand together as patriots and purists. Selleck may not be the perfect board member, but he has never hurt the organization. Let’s all remain solid in our support of the founders intentions in our support of the originalist version of their astute foundational documents!

  • Rollin L September 21, 2018, 8:04 pm

    Tom Selleck may be a good man, and may have done much on behalf of firearms owners, but so long as he is a ceremonial member of the board, he serves no purpose there. Board members should actually be involved and active. The number of Board members who rarely or never show up to meetings is eye opening. We need the Neal Knox philosophy back in charge. But Wayne LaPierre, Marion Hammer, John Milius and others deliberately got rid of the Knox team many years ago, because they don’t like Board members who won’t surrender like they do. From the NFA of 1934, to the GCA of 1968, to the Hughes Amendment of 1986, all the way to today’s proposed regulatory re-definition of statute with regard to bump stocks, the National Rifle Association has willingly capitulated and sold out gun owners consistently. Each of these actions has the NRA fingerprints all over it. It is not about “compormise,” because that dynamic requires both sides to give a little. The other side never gives anything, but thanks to the NRA we have given up much. So where Mr. Selleck stands on this no longer matters. But LaPierre, his 7-figure salary, Marion Hammer and her $300K a year salary, they need to follow Mr. Selleck out the door.

  • George III September 21, 2018, 8:00 pm

    Selleck is typical of the Hollywood crowd.,’go along with the crowd until your ‘Cronies’ criticize you” then drop ;em like a hot rock! NRA should be very careful in placing these people in such places in the organization. They’ll change positions on any subject when the water gets hot, just like politicians. real sad!

  • George Bill September 21, 2018, 7:36 pm

    It’s his life, he gets to make his own decisions. It’s really no ones business

  • Tree September 21, 2018, 6:40 pm

    Bump stocks have nothing to do with the 2nd Amendment.. There is no reason for them except to get around the automatic weapon clause.. Its like a scope.. An add on.. Not necessary to own or have to fire any weapon..

    • Frank Johnson September 22, 2018, 4:35 pm

      The Second Amendment doesn’t say, “…shall not be infringed, except for automatic weapons or anything that simulates such.” So, perhaps in your view rifle stocks of all kinds, and scopes, and lasers should be exempted from the Second, and allowed to be outlawed at will?

      • Kalashnikov Dude September 25, 2018, 2:09 pm

        Amen Frank!

    • Busterdog October 24, 2018, 6:56 pm

      I agree with your opinion on bump stocks. Why do some have to push the limits to have something such as a stupid piece of plastic that makes a semi-auto into a defecto automatic rifle? It ranks right up there with the supposed pistols which in reality are really AR15 type rifles with a shortened barrel and no shoulder stock. Why continue my push the envelope of legality? It’s items like those that will come back to bite you in the ass in the long run folks!

  • DavidC September 21, 2018, 6:19 pm

    I think a lot less of Tom Selleck now, by his dropping out of the NRA Board ! I guess he needs more time to make more commercials to target elderly home owners, of whom I am one !

  • Penrod September 21, 2018, 4:38 pm

    ‘Assault Rifles’: yeah, I understand people are bothered by the misuse of the term when applied to semi-auto rifles, but I am far more bothered by the implicit assumption they make: it is OK to ban REAL assault rifles.

    Think of this: whenever we say AR-15s are OK BECAUSE they aren’t assault rifles, we are saying that real assault rifles are bad and may be banned.

    The 2nd Amendment explicitly ties civilian weapons ownership to militia activities. That means the Constitution protects the right of the People to keep and bear MILITARY grade small arms. Not weapons which mimic the appearance of military rifles: the real thing, suitable for defending the country by militia, either organized or unorganized militia.

    I hope we get past the nomenclature quibble. Until the feds banned new Class 3 weapons for civilians in 1986, just about anyone could afford an entry level weapon, or even several. Now they are toys for the rich. I’ll argue that the NFA 1934 is flagrantly unconstitutional (as are the state bans) but even if you think I’m wrong on that, the flat federal ban on new Class 3 weapons certainly is: the 2nd Amendment clearly protects our right to keep and bear military arms. Today that means select fire and full auto weapons, not merely AR-15s.

    • Kalashnikov Dude September 25, 2018, 2:11 pm


  • Grover Francis September 21, 2018, 3:51 pm

    God Bless the NRA and the 2nd Amendment

  • Chuck Thomas September 21, 2018, 2:21 pm

    Actors & career politicians are folks who make their living by being good at pretending to be people they are not.

    Professional role-players may not be the best pool for patriotic organizations like the NRA to pick from..
    Civic apathy among the silent moral majority is directly responsible for the decades of political corruption we’ve experienced & the leftist anti-american takeover of several states.
    Public records provide hard evidence against public servants who have violated their oath of office employment contracts.
    The majority of public servants in both parties are selected & elected by the Cartel of Special Interest Lobbyists who feed-off contracts funded by taxpayer dollars, pay-for-play-government has eliminated representative government. A look into government records on spending will validate that representative government in every state has been replaced by houses of political prostitution.
    Since the birth of America it has been citizens civic & constitutional obligation to fire rouge public servants. President Trump was elected to cleanup the swamp we have failed to act on.
    The leftist democrat party has launched it’s 2nd civil war against america, Trump will fail unless patriotism & civic pride in america is revived.. The above observations & facts are result of a senior citizen who has been a constitutional activist in for nearly 5 decades.
    Nothing will change for the better until citizens enforce personal accountability over rogue public servant employees..

    • Ron Cullen March 20, 2020, 8:11 am

      What’s his name made the swamp even worse. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • jjkarn September 21, 2018, 1:02 pm

    What irks me about the NRA is the hypocrisy. They scream “the Liberals are coming for your freedom! Defend your freedom!”, then they go and promote or support new gun control measures like GCA ’68, FOPA ’84, bump-stock bans, etc. They parade around Class III toys on NRA TV, and say “look how cool we are,” while supporting restrictions that keep those same items out of the hands of their members. If you are serious about “protecting your freedom,” do it by supporting GOA or JPFO. If you donate to the NRA, you might as well give your money to EveryTown, Brady, or MAIG.

    • ArvadaDude September 21, 2018, 9:33 pm

      I’m not sure your correct on everything you state here. NRA has made a very strong stance on the 2nd amendment. No one listens to what the other organizations you list have to say …. The anti-gun groups were chanting F*** the NRA! (not GOA) I would bet on a horse that has a history of winning.

      • Kalashnikov Dude September 25, 2018, 2:13 pm

        Winning for who ArvadaDude?

  • Buzz ALPERT September 21, 2018, 11:47 am

    The truth hopefully comes out with the passage of time and after serving on the NRA board I think it would be prudent to seer if Tom decides to further comment on his resignation. I am a former Marine infantry sergeant and though I don’t hunt I have been a target shooter and plinker since I was 17. I am 80 now and a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment. I am convinced that all of us must stand together and not allow any infighting if we are to prevail and maintain our rights of firearm ownership in this great nation of ours. I am not suggesting that any of you compromise on what you believe in, relative to gun possession, but with all the killings by criminals in our society this is not the time to stand divided. Many decent law abiding Americans see no reason to own a gun, but apparently they do not understand the evil forces that took guns from private citizens in Europe under the rise of dictatorships like Hitler, or what has happened more currently in Australia. We, the gun owners of America, are the final line between democracy and anarchy and if push came to shove I feel in my gut that Tom Selleck would stand with us. It is important to those of us who feel the 2nd Amendment is critical to our freedom find that sacred middle ground where no wins everything or loses everything so we keep our gun ownership and protect our Constitution. And though I am not an NRA member we owe the NRA our thanks for getting us to this point in time—with our firearms and concealed carry. There is only one United States of America. We are the beacon of light to the whole world. Without us things would be very different. Stand together ladies and gentlemen even though sometimes the situation is not perfect, but we can prevail if we clasp hands, stand firm and find common ground. God bless America and as we old Marines say, Semper Fi.

    • Darryl McDonald September 21, 2018, 6:01 pm

      I wholly agree with you sir.

    • Dave September 24, 2018, 10:57 am

      I,ve never heard it said better.Semper Fi back to you.I was not a marine but I spent 25 months in a line company,rifle platoon,U.S. Army Infantry { one tour in Korea],and we are of one opinion on this matter.

  • horace September 21, 2018, 11:43 am

    NRA became less about constitutional gun rights and more about building up portfolios of management under Wayne Lapierre….I did not like direction he too NRA nor his luke warm support of gun rights. NRA has sold us down the liberal political river several times in last few years. I remain a member only in hopes it will revert to it’s true charter but will not donate a penny to their money gobbling machine.

  • DK Deuel September 21, 2018, 11:11 am

    I’m confused! Is Tom Selleck your house slave? Is he your indentured servant? Does he have to get your permission before he makes a personal decision? I kinda think not. The guy has a family, a full time job, and he’s tired of holding a national level position in a major civil rights group…Oh, I forgot, he’s also 73 freakin’ years old. How many of you tactical ninjas will be able to keep up with him in forty years when you’re that age? You all bitch and moan because politicians take a job and never leaves, but you choke on Selleck because he calls 12 years enough…get a clue. I never cared for Hammer, she’s too blue blood Republican for me, but I never threw a two year old tantrum over her, I just soldiered on as a member and I’ll continue doing so. The NRA has made mistakes in the past, trust me, they’ll make more in the future…BUT THEY STILL DO A GOOD JOB OF DEFENDING THE SECOND AMENDMENT. So we lost bump stocks, we’ll live past them, Tactical Chic will take a hit for a while until the next creative mind puts out the next innovative tool, that’s life. Moving forward, I pose a simple thought for you all…Why we stop eating our own, find common ground, and move forward.

    • Michael September 22, 2018, 1:14 am

      You said exactly what I was thinking. Selleck has his own life to live. He’s been a member of the NRA for 65 of his 73 years. No one has any right to question him.

      • berferdt September 25, 2018, 3:43 pm

        I concur. It is his choice to make. Who is qualified to tell us the details if his life, and his plans for the future? He knows better than any of us what his personal situation is, what changes are happening in his health, etc. Those are things we need to look at as we age, and often not our favorite thing to share with everyone.
        If he sees the need to step aside, bravo for him seeing it, and for having the good sense to do so. Too often we see people hanging on past their ability to contribute meaningfully.
        If there is any question about the current management in the NRA, go find Neil Knox and ask his side of the story . . . but nonetheless, the current NRA is our best, if quite imperfect, friend.

  • Steve Fogler September 21, 2018, 10:46 am

    We had better support ALL the 2nd Amendment organizations out there. ALL OF THEM! Not supporting the NRA is like the conservatives who “punished” Bush by not voting in his second term midterm elections and gave the show to Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi – how did that work out? Better idea is get off your dead butt and contact the NRA and tell them what you expect and how you will VOLUNTEER TO HELP them. I am sick and tired of people who want to “punish” the NRA because of some perceived grievance instead of contacting them with your SOLUTIONS!!!! We need all the help we can get.

  • Will September 21, 2018, 10:34 am

    Even if it’s the right thing to do, if you give in at all the gun grabbing media see it as a sign of weakness and just push their agenda that much harder. You can’t negotiate with them, their agenda is confiscation and nothing else matters.

  • Scott Riggs September 21, 2018, 9:44 am

    I have enough regard for Mr.Selleck to put a positive spin on what he is doing, I am a very positive 2nd amendment supporter and I think that we need active participation among our board members and we need to be relentless in keeping our gun rights whole, which means no compromise and no sacrifice of the slightest gun right’s I personally have no need for Military style assault weapons but my brothers and neighbors may, My views are they should be able to make that decision on their own, My family thinks that is funny for me to feel that way as I am ex Military and hold an expert rating in all weapons of my service period & I am former Law Enforcement, More interested Cowboy action shooting as well as the belief in one shot one kill type shooting…
    If we don’t hold to our guns so to speak we will find ourselves with the same restrictions Australia is under with their bought and paid for Govt officials.. Hillary Clinton wanted us to be under the same strangle hold Australia is under, Thank God she is not sitting in the ”Center seat”

    • JERRY ZOPP September 21, 2018, 1:20 pm

      I like your comment.

    • kimberproSS September 21, 2018, 2:40 pm

      I agree with your comment as well. I just wish you would eliminate the term “Assault Weapon” from your vocabulary. That is a political term developed by slick Willy Clinton to marginalize the AR15. Thanks to that term, may other firearms are lumped into it, hence politically making them broad brush additions to anti-second amendment haters. My 2 3/4 in. pocket knife is an assault weapon if I choose to walk down a street in DC and stab to death an innocent jogger. The assault is the sick human behind the weapon. My AR 15 and AR10 are defensive weapons.

    • Darryl McDonald September 21, 2018, 6:06 pm

      Semper Fi delis sir. And oorraahhh for your truth to fact. I salute you for your service.

  • DAVID MILLER September 21, 2018, 9:41 am

    HOLLYWOOD $$$$

  • stephen stewart. September 21, 2018, 9:12 am

    Dr Motown, Good point to ‘Jeremy’. Just where are you sending money to NOW to support OUR gun rights? I think your statement is ignorant. If it wasn’t for the NRA and all they do to protect YOUR rights, we’d all be in the same shape that gun owners in Australia are. Bet you don’t give a penny to ANY progun group. What a turd!

  • stephen stewart September 21, 2018, 9:11 am

    Dr Motown, Good point to ‘Jeremy’. Just where are you sending money to NOW to support OUR gun rights? I think your statement is ignorant. If it wasn’t for the NRA and all they do to protect YOUR rights, we’d all be in the same shape that gun owners in Australia are. Bet you don’t give a penny to ANY progun group. What a turd!

  • Jim rizzo September 21, 2018, 8:27 am

    Something doesn’t wash!!!!

    “He has nothing to do with policy,” said Selleck’s publicist Annette Wolf. “He’s never been active on the board or anything the NRA engages in. He’s almost always been a silent board member”

    …so how did it interfere with his work schedule!?

    • Mike September 23, 2018, 6:05 pm

      So, his inactivity is harming an organization in which he believes needs ACTIVE members who are in a position to take the hard line on gun-control issues w/o it materially affecting their livelihood(s), and by stepping aside he makes space for them? How is that harmful? Did you forget him facing down Rosie O’Donnel’s b.s. years ago? He’s past retirement age and prefers to simplify his life; more power to him. Maybe he’s embarking on another Western movie-making project which will continue to further promote the values of armed independence which made this country great, and just can’t be bothered w/ NRA political maneuvering?

  • roger shortt September 21, 2018, 8:27 am

    Tom , stepped on the board to further his career, and is stepping off to peer pressure from his so called friends.
    Lets see …. Annette Wolf states, “ Tom was never active or part of the policy “ And she ( i guess) continues to say
    Tom needs more time…. Ok. Perhaps Ole Tom needs a new Publicist , cause not spending time on a subject then requiring
    more time from resigning a subject doesn’t make 2+2 = 4. I guess it’s ok to tell lies to cover ones cowardly motives.

  • Robert September 21, 2018, 8:14 am

    I didnt renew my nra membership.i wont renew my nra membership.
    Dont budge or give an inch to gun grabbers.
    Nra let them have week gun grabbers show up on nra doors and say we want all semi autos banned and no big hi power calibers either.the next want be leaving us with black powder arms,bow n arrow.
    We pay hard earned money for items like bump stocks.we are told turn them in or face big trouble. Now if i buy then simply give cause the law says that,i say thats stealing.
    No more nra if thats how they stared working.

    • Therealgoose September 21, 2018, 8:38 am

      OK. So we dump LaPierre, NRA, Trump, and the justice department. Then what have we got? I’ll tell you what we’ve got. A fractured, disgruntled, wounded bunch of 2nd amendment thumpers who stand to lose to a well structured, oiled, machine of antis backed by millions of dollars that doesn’t come out of their own pocket. I don’t like the way this was handled one bit either! And I’m holding my nose with the rest of you purists, but, We all hang together or we all hang separately.
      As having run a statewide sportsmen’s caucus, and having been privileged to set behind closed doors, what seems like betrayal is often not the case! To borrow a phrase from the movie Oh Brother Where Art Thou, “We’re in a tight spot here, boys!” Watch the nightly news on whatever station you want. Many states and municipalities have already passed draconian laws, some even banning Assault (their term not mine) rifles and magazines. We have got to get smart and vote. That’s the only way we’re going to stay on top. Even though his views are conservative, I have a friend who always votes for a third party because he says it is his right,. I’ve explained to him that when he votes that way he’s voting for both main candidates, but he continues to waste his vote “to send a message” as he says. We have got to be smarter than that. You can think that the NRA and any other group that appear to you to be acquiescing are selling us out, but that is not always the case.
      We’ve got popular opinion against us, news media against us, the east and west (populace) coast against us, lying congressman, many state and local committees, town boards and legislatures against us and on and on. The movement of the school kids and the attention the media is giving them has hurt us bad, And they know that. They have managed, in the general public’s eye, to put gun owners, and pro gun organizations as being the bad guys, blaming violence and shootings on them (US)! It is no longer a matter of “truth will win out in the end!
      If my back is against the bluff and I’ve got a lion in my face ready to eat me, if I have a ham bone, I’m going to throw it to him if I have to, to keep him from eating me and worry about what happens when the ham bone is gone later. Maybe someone will drop me a rope, but the point is, we’re in the battle of our lives and being fractured will only insure we lose. I’ve got family and close friends (not shooters or hunters) who have always been sympathetic to the 2nd amendment, and even some of them have bought into the “weapons of war” and “the NRA is bad” crap. Remember, most people who are uniformed, will go with the flow. JM2CW..

      • Darryl McDonald September 21, 2018, 6:22 pm

        This is the message that needs to be put in some stubborn asses heads. I agre,we either stand together as wolves. The “ pack” mentality is what is going to win out here. We all can see the gun grabbers are running in a pack. So why can’t all these pro second people see it’s going to take as defending while holding to our larger and better prepared pack to defeat these sheeples. I hope we can get the ignorance out of the way of our own to see this. We as a group hold more voting power than our opponents. Proof is we put Trump in,so we need to finish the job and put a end to Pelosi and her propaganda machines.

      • Macdaddy September 21, 2018, 10:51 pm

        That was well said.

  • robert September 21, 2018, 8:06 am

    I don’t see a problem with him stepping down. At least, there’s currently nothing we can read into it, but of course time will tell. In the meantime, particularly if he really wasn’t very involved as board member, it’s great that he’s leaving room for someone who might wish to truly be active and involved in that position. I plan on voting for Adam Kraut, who’s consistently advocated for unadulterated 2A rights support, and who’s spoken about that openly in his appearances online and in public. We certainly don’t need any wishy-washy types in there—or potential traitors!

  • Earl September 21, 2018, 7:51 am

    Have never been a fan of “bump stocks” from a shooting aspect but thought we should have put the ownership of bump stocks under the 1934 Firearms Act in exchange for making suppressors a “yellow sheet” approved purchase. The suppression of noise is more valuable to me than seeing how fast I can empty a magazine. Was not a believer in “suppressive fire” vs “aimed fire” in 1970 and am not today.

  • Joseph Vincent September 21, 2018, 7:16 am

    The NRA is the most important Gun Group and we need all other gun group members to also join the NRA , just for one year, let America know how important the second amendment is to America . And let no members of the NRA board or directors ever make a compromising statement that could be used for more gun control ! There is no reason for compromise !

  • Phildru September 21, 2018, 7:10 am

    Well, maybe it’s time for a second uprising as happened in Cincinnati led by Neal Knox. The Firearms Coalition was formed by him and currently run by Jeff Knox. Ms. Hammet is getting soft.

  • Tony Mullican September 21, 2018, 7:01 am

    Load it with Hogg hunters….its David season

    • Kane September 21, 2018, 11:13 am

      You are probably an agent provocateur since any supporter of the 2A should avoid making such a reckless post.

      • JERRY ZOPP September 21, 2018, 1:32 pm

        I agree, Kane. The right to own a gun is one thing, to kill or not to kill is quite another, and has nothing to do with guns, unless that happens to be the “tool” you use.

  • Christopher Kennedy September 21, 2018, 6:19 am

    Sorry to see Tom Selleck leave the NRA board. His name recognition alone gives the NRA “street cred”. On the other hand, he is getting up there in years, and perhaps it is time to make room for a more active, idealistic youngster to serve.

  • Dr. Strangelove September 21, 2018, 5:50 am

    Let the purists take over. Compromise is a one-way street to the leftist gun-grabbers.

  • mark l bowen September 21, 2018, 3:59 am

    Not buying it. The publicist is trying to protect Selleck by trying to distance him by saying he has nothing to do with NRA policy. Have always been a big fan of Selleck, but this is just the 21st-century version of McCarthyism. Tow the lefts radical party line or get blacked balled.

  • Wesley F White September 21, 2018, 3:38 am

    The forces of liberalism and globalism will never be content until all the underpinnings of our great country’s democratic and constitutionally protected freedoms are swept away. Last month they focused on guns – with the help of the NRA’s own Rodney King, Marion Hammer. Her position distilled down was simply “can’t we all just get along by giving in on this one issue”.

    The problem with Ms. Hammer is that she fails to understand that the NRA’s capitulation on bump stocks serves as political and, perhaps, legal precedent for anti-gun groups in the future. Bump stocks yesterday, maybe high capacity mags tomorrow, and ammunition sales restrictions soon after.

    And why stop with the Second Amendment? Next month the focus may be the First Amendment and censorship of internet content, or the tax-exempt status of our churches.

    Don’t call me a purist, call me a realist.

  • Darryl Collins September 21, 2018, 2:57 am

    Though not hearing much from him as a board member, just knowing he was a devout nra sec. amendment supporter makes you feel proud to be associated with the NRA

  • Jeremy September 20, 2018, 8:49 pm

    I’m not yet a member of the NRA; and definitely won’t be until they prove they are a no-compromise 2A defender, which they currently aren’t.

    • William Crenshaw September 21, 2018, 7:54 am

      Jeremy, so you’re not going to help support the 2nd amendment by not being a member of the NRA until they prove something to you? Maybe you need to get on board, join the NRA and help to further strengthen the NRA’s no-compromise members. Doing nothing is doing something and in this case is doing the wrong thing. Do the right thing and join the NRA asap so all can hear your no-compromise support!

    • Dr Motown September 21, 2018, 7:59 am

      OK, then tell us which “no-compromise” gun rights organizations receive your membership donations

      • Miltex September 21, 2018, 9:47 am

        Gun Owners of America represents to people. The NRA is more and more just for the firearms makers. That’s where they get the most money. I am still a member of the NRA but the GOA is so far the best organization to protect my rights as a individual. Join the GOA and let the NRA know they had better get back to basics or lose the backing of the everyday little people that made them what they are. IMHO.

        • JERRY ZOPP September 21, 2018, 1:37 pm

          “Right on!”

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