Top 8 Concealed Carry Accessories at SHOT Show 2018

With over 1,600 exhibitors in attendance showing 7 million pounds of gear, there are a lot of new products for legally armed citizens at the Shooting, Hunting, And Outdoor Trade (SHOT) show. If you choose to carry concealed, you might be interested in some of the new concealed carry gear we found this year. Here are a few items that peaked our interest.

Crimson Trace New Laserguard Pro for Glocks

Glock Crimson TraceCrimson Trace has a new Laserguard Pro that fits a variety of Glock models. The Laserguard Pro offers both a 150-lumen tactical light and either red or green lasers depending on the model. The new LL-810/G will fit Glock Gen 3 models 26, 27, 29, 30, 33, 36, 39 and Gen 4 model 26, 27, 29, 30 and 33 pistols.

MSRP: Begins at $279 for the red laser model.

XS F8 Night Sights

XS F8 SightsXS has been known for their Big Dot V-ramp and oversized front dot sights. Now, they’ve combined the best of both worlds, traditional notch and post design for precision and a large front dot combined with some optical tricks on the back for speed of sight acquisition.

The new F8 sights have a larger than standard front posts that contain a huge orange photo-luminescent dot. The dot not only is bright during daylight, but it also picks up light so that it continues to glow as you transition indoors. When in dark conditions, a center Tritium dot glows green. The rear sight has a “U-shaped” notch. That directs your eye to the top of the sight which is the part that needs to line up with the front. It’s another little detail that contributes to speed.

MSRP: $142

Para Claw CQD Watch

para claw watchIn the “just because you can in America” category is the new Para Claw CQD Watch. That latch on the bottom of the band hides a spooky surprise in the form of a 1.5-inch hawkbill blade. There are handle grooves on the blade to give you a firm grip and serrations on the thumb ramp. Oh, there’s also a quartz watch that’s water-resistant to 170 feet.

Price: $119.99

Shield Sights RMS-C

Shield SightsIt’s only a matter of time before optical sights on handguns, even carry guns, are as common as scopes on rifles. Yes, back in the day, all those iron rifle sight shooters poo-pooed the idea of putting a piece of glass on a fightin’ rifle. Well, opticals are getting better every month and now Shield Sights has a new compact model specifically designed to fit compact carry guns like the Smith & Wesson Shield, Glock 43, and others with no overhang over the slide.

MSRP: $425

Remington Golden Saber Black Belt

Remington Golden Saber Black BeltWhile parts of the new Remington Golden Saber Black Belt bullets look familiar, like those iconic spiral hollow point cuts much has changed. This one has a black “belt” around the core of the bullet to provide some mechanical assistance to keep the lead core and copper jacket together in extreme hard barrier scenarios. The band also serves the purpose of making the jacket hourglass-shaped which also secures the lead core. Finally, the base below the band is the driving section which engages rifling, so the bullets ease into the barrel aligned, presumably for improved accuracy. That shorter driving band area also reduces friction which aids velocity. It’s available in 9mm Luger, 9mm Luger +P, 40 S&W and 45 ACP.

Miguel Caballero Tank Top

Miguel Caballero tank topMiguel Caballero makes all sorts of bullet-resistant clothing that looks like everyday wear. You’ll find windbreakers, heavy coats, vests, and even shirts. New this year is the Bulletproof Tank Top. It’s certified for NIJ Level II, so it stops up to 9mm and .357 Magnum. The tank weighs 800 grams or about 28 ounces.

Clinger V2 No Print OWB Holster

Clinger No Print Wonder OWBClinger’s No-Print Wonder is fantastic for IWB carry of guns with full-size grips. That’s because the combination of one Kydex belt mount and an opposing flexible leather mount literally draw the grip of your handgun close to your body. I’m amazed at how well it concealed a full-size 1911. Now the company offers a V2 model that converts to an OWB holster with the same “no print” benefits.

MSRP: $69.99

New Galco Holsters for Springfield Armory 911 .380 ACP

Galco HolstersGalco has three new holsters for the Springfield 911 .380. The Tuck-N-Go is a traditional, minimalist IWB holster while the Stow-N-Go offers touchable functionality with a discreet belt clip. The company has also released their leather Pocket Protector with a rough exterior and leather “hook” to help the holster stay in the pocket as you draw.

About the author: Tom McHale Literary assault dude writing guns & shooting books and articles. Personal accountability rocks!

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  • tgiv March 10, 2018, 7:04 am

    Agreed, CT LL-810 light/laserguard for subcompact Glocks 26/27/33 is most welcome after a long stall
    but until their SOP holster partner BladeTec provides a plastic holster, shopping for ANY kind has been fruitless thus far, even the custom builders are stalling. So forget what type carry holster & certainly options like leather, et al. … for HOW long? As shopping options appear, please post these ASAP from your catbird seat that we don’t have. Your news is much appreciated.

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